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Volks SD Owners Club USA Registration #2 Open

Dec 1, 2005

    1. SD Owners Club USA Registration (second registration period started.)

      For anyone who missed the first round. :grin:
    2. And just when I thought I would have to spend a while waiting before Chiara could be registered...

      The only concern I have is..can a doll be registered with two owners? My beau and I got Chiara together, and while I could easily register her to just me, I would like to have both our names on her.
    3. Wait, it's only for USA and such? Waaa! Surely they could do an overseas membership, which still gave people access to all the online stuff, but nothing through the post? :(
    4. I would recommend sending a polite little note to Volks telling them that you would love to register your doll but that you are in another country.

      I suspect they originally limited it to North America because they were using it as a way to get all the US owners on a list for the reception invite. Volks is impressed by people's love for their dolls, so it is possible if they see a need they will open it up.

      8) Just my geeky suggestion.
    5. I am confused. Are you supposed to register every doll you own? I have some Volks dolls already and just bought two from the volksusa store. The dolls arrived today and came with one laminated Volks ID card. The card has a number written in. Is that my ID number and does that mean I am already a registered owner? Can I add my other dolls to the owner list under that same number or how does it work?
    6. From what I understand, the card you received is just a points card. The Owner's club is another thing entirely. Only reason I say this is because Karisu was signed up on the Owner's Club when it was open the first run, but she got a card when she came to the store..

      Karisu, can you clarify if you're out there?
    7. Hmm So what is a points card? What does it mean? I wish they would have sent some explanatory information. There is a sheet in the box with the dolls explaining their exchange and return policy, but nothing about the card or the owners club. [​IMG]
    8. I asked while my large bag o' goodies was being rung up - the people at the store told me that the laminated card I received is related to the store and purchases made there, not to the online registry. :) I dunno what "points" are involved, but they ask you to use your card on future visits - they put in the info & your name comes up on the cash register. :) (A friend who got a laminated card at the opening did that the day we were there.)
    9. It says on it that it is a Volks ID card for 2005. So it is not the same as laminated card that they say they will send you when you join the owners club? Still not sure what my card is about and about the owners club, do we submit each doll we have seperately and what does it mean that to renew membership next year it costs $10? That is per owner, not per doll I assume. [​IMG]
    10. Yes, you can register all your dolls in one email!
    11. You can search here:


      but they haven't updated it in over a week. They seem to update it in batches, just be patient...
    12. I don't think that's the case. A number of people, myself included, have their websites listed despite having several different types of dolls on their site.

      Out of curiosity, I tried to view your site and got a dialogue window saying the connection was refused. It could be Volks tried to "check" your site (to make sure there wasn't any questionable content) and got the same message and that's why they didn't include it.

    13. Leave it blank. I only filled out this line for dolls I bought directly from Volks or a Volks-affiliated dealer. I think they leave this line out of your listing anyway if it doesn't say Volks or a Volks dealer.
    14. Here's the link so you can search, and at the top right I think there's a link to the registration page ^^