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Volks SD Shinku owners outside of Japan?

Sep 17, 2007

    1. How many LE SD Shinkus have left Japan?

      It's been awhile since Shinku was released by Volks, and I thought that a a few must have found their way abroad...
      But the only Shinkus I can find on DoA are Ria-Ria's - still in Japan - and PonyGery's as the only non-Japanese Shinku!

      Does anyone know of non-DoA Shinku dolls outside of Japan - or do you know of some shy DoA member who has her but hasn't posted about her?

      Or is this Volks girl really as rare as that...?
    2. according to Angel Den, very few were made and of the three releases (if you count After Event as one seperate release) only one had any definitive number... I'd be surprised if there were more than 250 in existence. :O of course, I don't know this for certain and I'm just speculating. :]
    3. Oh, Shinku's a very limited doll, there's no question of that...

      But considering how often she pops up on Y!J, and how we all buy from Y!J, I'd think more Shinkus ought to have made their way outside Japan...
      At least five dolls or something like that!
    4. Can it be true, is she so rare outside Japan....? :roll:
    5. I don't know if this helps, but there was one yahoo!Taiwan forever. I am pretty sure that one was being sold from Taiwan too, not just on there but being sold from Japan.

      I think that if there are a few outside of Japan, maybe they are in Asia. Plus other US owners may not be on these boards. I tried to get super rare Volks dolls before I was a member here so it is very possible that she is in the US or even Europe, but just out of our sight. ^_^
    6. Ponygery brought one to the first NY dollpa, and she lives in the US.
    7. Well I might not own the Shinku headmold, but I just bought the official Shinku outfit and body on Y!J. She has an F-03 head (four sisters, sleeping) and is pureskin I believe. She is at the Rinkya warehouse and I am doing a payment plan, but once she is in my possesion I plan on taking tons of pics. Hope this helps, a little at least!



    8. So noone has been able to locate a SD Shinku outside Japan, except of course PonyGery's sweet girl, already mentioned in my initial post....?

      And my husband's, of course.

      I can't help thinking that there must be another Shinku or two slipping below the mighty DoA radar... She can't be that rare...! :o
    9. She was hard to get even in Japan I think if I remember correctly ria_ria got her from Y!J second market not from an event
    10. Please keep this on topic - I'm not asking about Shinkus for sale (one little diva in this household is quite enough, thank you :lol: ) nor am I asking about Shinku cosplays...

      The question I am asking is merely this: which Volks Shinkus have found their way outside of Japan?
    11. Oh i'm sorry D:
    12. I'm sorry for bringing this back up, but I started getting curious about the Volks Shinku again. Before, you could simply search for her on the Volks archives, but she's not there anymore which I thought was weird.

      So! Anyone on this site have a genuine Volks Shinku? And if so, can you post a picture of her or at least the Volks promo pic of her? Thanks! :)
    13. There are at least three people on the DoA who have got (or at least used to have...) a SD Shinku - ponygery, ria_ria, and The Dragon, the last of these being my dear husband.

      The Dragon's girl has been very camera shy for some reason, and we haven't got many - or even very good - pictures of her...


      Here's Hitomi amongst our other dolls, in a dark wig, wearing black and standing behind the unoa.
      That's before she got her proper wig...


      A closeup of her from around the same time, she has since acquired her proper eyes and wig...

      If you are looking for Shinku in her default glory, the Shinku-page in Angelden's Super dollfie Database is always best.
    14. I know there's at least one Shinku in Korea.