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Volks SD suwarikko bodies: do they pose better?

Dec 3, 2005

    1. I know that someone posted in their LJ a while ago (lj username thundermew, post is here) about how the MSD suwarikko body posed much better than the normal pureskin body, and I was wondering if those of you who have the SD version of this body find it to be true also?
    2. I think the only difference between the standard and sitting bodies is the weird hip joints, but I could be wrong.
      So, they can do their kneeling pose, and maybe a couple of other neat things, but I don't believe that they're that much more posable in their arms or whatever.
    3. I think that the difference for the MSD bodies is that (apparently) the old MSD bodies were specifically made so that the doll would sit on the ground and lean back on his/her hands--they couldn't really stand or sit on their own at all without wiring. Seph has a page about wiring the old MSD body here: http://rapture.sephdraven.com/misc/wired/index.html

      Since then, though, Volks has improved their MSD bodies so they can stand and sit and etc. In the post you linked to, all the poseability comparisons were done via the legs--so I'm guessing the arms were pretty much the same?

      Not sure about the SD bodies, though. It looks to me as if the only difference, again, is that L-shaped groove in the legs that lets them sit "cutely". *shrug*
    4. My SD Liz definitely has more posability in the legs... She can bend her legs to about a 45° angle, whereas most other SDs can only bend to around 90°. She can do the splits sideways (but not back to front), and can sit with her legs together or apart as much as you want, and of course she has the cute sit where her legs can bend out to the sides while she sits flat. She can also sit on her feet while kneeling pretty well.
      She does have a waist joint, but it seems more limited to turning from side to side rather than leaning forward or backwards. Her arms and everything else seem to be normal. I did notice however, that she does have a bit of limited posability with her neck/head. She can't look up very easily, but it could be because my Liz is strung pretty tight.
      I really think she's a wonderful girl, and she's very comfortable to hold and sit with^^

      I hope this was a bit helpful. I tried to describe things as best I could without a bias. XD

    5. Ah thank you Forest of Falling Leaves! That's a really nice description of it ^^; I was expecting the arms to be the same, so I was wondering mostly about sitting/standing/kneeling positions ^_^ I'm so smitten by this body, and I want to learn everything I can about it before investing... ^^;

      Other people who have this body and want to add information, feel free!
    6. I'll add my 2 cents :)

      The posing is better in the legs as already described. I find the legs flip about a bit more than an average SD. That is about the only downside. I personally prefer a jointed waist so the swarri body fills that desire for me. That being said, the MSD version is much nicer IMO. I can't really explain why other than the SD version is a bit more difficult to manipulate. But I eventually got accustomed to it.

      I hope you can find one. I think with all the new releases of the swarri body it should be easier to obtain. It is worth it for that waist joint :)