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Volks SD13 boy Eden

Jan 20, 2009

    1. I was searching for more info on the mysterious gentleman and i think he is not that quite popular. I love his clothing and i don't know if most won't agree with me, i think his default make-up is very random and a change can make him look a lot better.

      If there is any owners of Eden who want to share pictures or if there is a thread with people who own him already, i will love to see it. I thin he is very interesting and with some change he will look perfect.

      I will like to see the opinions of some users about Eden. :?
    2. I have a Eden & I adore his default. His coloring, IMO, looks much better in a different wig. I stuck mine in a dark wine red wig & that's all it took :) Here's some photos I did a while back, see what you think:


      ETA: Just thought I'd mention that I LOVE his nose :XD:
    3. Thanks for your pictures Purgatory. He looks awesome and i am happy to see people who like him too. He looks perfect with that wig.
    4. I have him too. He is my first bjd and and I love him. I will try to post his pics tom :D
    5. Eden was my first Volks doll. I love him. I bought him so I could knit sweaters for a Volks 13 boy. I did not care for his wig and changed it out. I just started to knit a vest for him and plans for an Aran sweater and a Nordic design as well.

      But I must say I love the quality of this guy. I ordered him sanded and blushed him and did his nails myself. Volks did a great job on him. His clothes are outstanding and those shoes! Wow!
    6. That's great to be heard. I think Eden is one of the most mysterious and beautiful volks sd 13 boys. I am so happy to know you are enjoying him :)
    7. That sweater is 10 kinds of awesome! It looks great on him :D
    8. Eden is like Garnet. You have to see him with another hair and in person. I like the dolls who are unique always and for me Eden is unique. I love how your Eden looks dollwest.
    9. Thank you, glad you like my Eden. I adore him! I have a blond wig for him too and it gives him a totally different look.

      Can anyone suggest a place to get tennis shoes for this size of boy? I bought some on ebay from releaserain and while they fit my girl SD 13, SD 10 and Narae girls, they are too small for Eden. I had planned to make some jeans for him. And yes, the wonderful shoes he came with will work with jeans, but I would prefer a more casual shoe. I did not realize the guy has such big feet! Thank you in advance!
    10. I think Brightfires had it right; he's not your usual 'pretty boy', so perhaps his appeal is not readily visible. But those of us who do own one know just how awesome he is :) His outfit is awesome, but my Aiden never wears it, as it's not his style. So Korben, my F-26, has received it! I'm torn about the Eden default wig, as it's really awesome, but I'm not sure if I'll ever use it...
    11. Glad to see more "chatter" here now! I love seeing everyone's Eden in their own, unique style. They look wonderful! I agree, the wig was my least favorite thing. But I am not a fan of long, long hair on my guys, as you can tell. I thought of selling it or cutting it but so far it has remained in the package.

      I found a gal on the market place selling tennis shoes for this size. So I hope they fit. I would love do make him jeans and give him a more casual, guy look. And I still have more ideas about sweaters, my main passion!
    12. What happened to all the photos on this thread?
    13. Doll photo sharing has been moved to the BJDopedia. Here's the link to the [thread=275188]Eden thread[/thread].
    14. I hope just because the photos have been moved to another place in the forum, that this wonderful thread does not get abandoned!

      I must make one thing clear, the link set up by the mod shows me as the one starting it. I did not. It was nice the moderator gave me credit, but she set it up. I guess because I had the most photos posted that I got the honor.

      Since we are allowed to have links to the photos in our posts, please keep posting and put your photos in the new thread. I love seeing how everyone envisions their Eden.

      Eden is my only Volks boy. And he will probably be my only one. He is so big! I do not know what others do with even bigger dolls! I had to buy another curio cabinet and take out one of the shelves just to set him in.

      And, of course, I had to get Crystal and Emma to stand beside him. I want Liz but she is way too pricey on the secondhand market.

      Also, please check out my link in my signature if you are interested in any of my knit patterns. I know most don't knit or are as obsessed like me, but take a look!
    15. dollswest: so the thread doesn't get abandoned, I have an Eden on the way [Valentine gift to myself xD] I really REALLY love the knit sweater and vest you made for him!! *0* He looks wonderful..i hope one day you'll take commissions for clothing~~ :aheartbea

      Also to keep discussion going, I noticed on the Volks page, Eden came with 16mm eyes...has anyone tried him with 14mm?? I think default eyes are a tad big for my taste, but there are hardly any Eden pics out there I was wondering if anyone could show me!

      I'll be sure to post Sebastian when he arrives!
    16. Dybbuk - that is so nice that you treated yourself to a wonderful Valentine's Day present. Eden is a great choice. I was thinking about the eye size. I think you are right. Smaller might look better. I just have been afraid to remove the eyes since they are hot glued in. I have read in other parts of the forum how to take them out, but am just afraid to try it. A smaller iris would give him a totally different look, probably make him older looking. I hope you try it and take a photo for us all to see. Maybe, then, I might get brave enough to try it!

      I do have more outfits planned for him. I have to jump from doll to doll to keep up with them all. And I must admit I get bored so I am glad I have a variety of sizes, ages and styles that I can try out.

      I want to make Eden slacks, a turtleneck and trench coat next. He is on the "wait list" so he must be patient!

      Anyway, looking forward to your Sebastian!
    17. dollswest: hehe couldn't resist bringing him during Valentine's~ x3

      I've taken out the eyes out of my Amakusa boy and it really is an easy process...xD Sebastian is not coming with eyes, so that saves me the trouble, but I'll be sure to post him in the different sizes. ^^ Something tells me 14mm will look better in him.

      Ah, a turtleneck with a trench will look so good on him! *.* I hope you'll post pics whenever you get around to that, I still keep fawning on that sweater you knitted him x3
    18. :D Yesterday I bid a Eden on Yahoo JP....

      I really like this boy....

      but his wig style is so strange...>_<
    19. xbxhome: Yay! More Eden lovers~~ x3 I really hope you win your boy, and I agree..the wig does nothing for his sculpt D:
    20. Aquila came home today after a quick sprint after the mailman. (I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy anyways.) It was so worth it! I love him. I have tons to do to him (wig, eyes, faceup, body, and clothing), but he's already loved.