Volks SD13 Clothing Help

Aug 27, 2017

    1. I have a SD13 Volks boy that I'm looking to expand his wardrobe..
      The issue is, when I buy him pants, they fit in the leg area, but not in the waist!
      I have two pairs like this and it's driving me crazy, trying to find a pair that will fit right.
      I'm half tempted to buy 70cm clothing for him from Alice Collections since they would hopefully fit his waist better.. (Despite the longer leg issue)
      I have considered buying directly from Volks to resolve the issue.. But that's a little bit too costly and a slim variety from what I've seen.
      I was curious for all other Volks owners, where you purchased their clothing??
    2. Those pesky SD13 boys are pretty rotund around the waist. I'll name off what I've had success with:

      +LUTS Senior Delf clothing. SDF are a bit taller but not too tall. They are also pretty thick around the waist, and some of their clothes are moderately priced.
      +Dollmore 1/3 size clothes. I've always had pretty good luck with dollmore. They're not as fancy or nice looking but for some generic pants they have always done the trick. I've ordered 3 pairs from them.

      As a side note, I notice if I get things that are designed for SD17 they tend to fit even if they are a little long. I buy my boys boots anyway so I hide it. My two cents, sorry I do not have more recommendations. I typically try to find one great outfit for a doll and then I stop looking lol!
    3. Thank you so much! Your help is greatly appreciated!! I'll have to try Luts and Dollmore!!
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    4. TTYA and TATA are both really good for SD13 boys too.
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    5. Thank you so much!
    6. What about Iplehouse YID clothing? I've never had a Volks boy but the YID boys are generally larger than normal SD boys.
    7. I'll have to check on the measurements but I'll try that too! Thank you so much for the idea!
    8. I don't have a volks, but I had a similar problem. I asked in Alice's collection if they could modify the waist of a skirt I wanted and they did it with no extra cost. As they indicate the measures of their clothes, you can see which ones would fit and what others should be modified. This way you wouldn't have to buy an outfit meant for a 70cm doll. I hope it helped :)
    9. That's wonderful! I knew that smaller companies like on Etsy would potentially do that (depending on their guidelines and all), but never really thought that a bigger company like Alice would as well!
      Thank you so much for the information!
    10. Sadol makes clothes for SD13 boy.
      Rrabit, Tatas Paradise, Freedom Taller, Dollheart, Code Noir. Those are some of the store I've shipped at for my SD13 boys. Mind you when I tried pants from. Sail made to fit Volks SD13 bodies they were too small. ; ;
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    11. Sorry to post here, but I'm in a hurry!

      I really need to know the ankle measurements of a SD13 girl body.

      Thank you very much!
    12. Which SD13 girl body are you looking at? It would help to know the company or to have a link.
    13. Volks SD13 girls have 7.5cm ankle circumference. I hope that helps!
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    14. Sorry, I meant the "original" SD13, by Volks XD

      Thank you so much :*