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Volks SD13 Four Sisters no longer standard - what will take their place?

Jan 10, 2006

    1. I was browsing on the Volks Japanese site today, and I noticed that the SD13 Four Sisters have NOT been made pureskin releases: here's the SD13 listup, and they're now sold out! Nono13 didn't make the cut from old standard release to new body version, either...

      Right now the standard pureskin releases are Syo, Link, Yori, and Mimi13. Would anyone like to guess who they're going to make into a standard model next? It looks to me like Volks has done one of two things in the past - create a new mold that was never limited, and make that a standard release; or make a very popular limited release (like SD 4 sisters) into a standard.

      Wouldn't it be great if they made a Lucas standard? (I don't think they will...but it would be cool.) I'd like to see a new boy besides Link and Syo.
    2. ooo, a new boy. :3

      And wouldn't it be funny if it were Madoka? ROFL, all those hiiiiiiiiigh Y!J costs...for nothing... xD~

      I wonder what Volks is up to!
    3. Oh no! I am really sad! It seems like they are taking away all the molds I like best! I prefer the anime like molds, not the more realistic molds. I mean, i look at realistic real people all day long!!!
      Anyways, maybe they will make a dream or sleepy standard? That would be nice.
    4. Can I wish upon a star for a Liz or Emma like girl!?:sad:
      Or a F-20 boy!? :cry:
    5. SD16 girls?
    6. CECILE!! lol I know it'll never happen...but I just have to wave my banner! My lonely little banner...XD
    7. You made me a happy person by posting this. *gives you a cookie*

      Oh yeah it'd be great to have Lucas as a standard! :drool
      Their most popular limted releases...hmm...There's already a new cecil, Scarface Cecil so we can cross that mold off. Konoe, Shirou etc are part of a series would be kinda silly making one of them a standard. Honestly all I can pick out is Lucas/Chris/Sweet dream Lucas. Which would be fantasitc! But they took off the girls, so a new girl mold maybe? Madoka was a popular limited release. OOOOOOOH ANAIS. Oh dear Lord I can dream.
    8. I could have sworn they had made sd13 4 sisters into pure skin after they started selling pure skin dolls. After all, they did sell the 4sisters SDs in pure skin.
    9. I remember when they first released the new standards, Mimi wasn't included in the SD10 standards. But then they released her at a later dolpa as a standard. Maybe they're planning the same for the 4 sisters 13 headmold.
    10. Hmm, Volks didn't release a standard doll this past Dolpa. They usually do too. Who knows, they might do it with the upcoming Freshman Fair/Spring Fair or next Dolpa. They do need to have more standards tho. I really miss seeing the 4-sisters in both SD and SD13 form.
    11. OMG you are not alone! I want Cecile!!! , Ceeeeeccccccilllllllee!!! >_o
    12. I'm really sad that the Sister13 head is gone from the standards. It's one of my all-time favourite heads and even though my Snow girl is on her way as we speak, it really sucks that the mold will be so much harder to get in the future. :(
    13. Well, maybe they're waiting until the next Dolpa to introduce the pureskin release of the SD13 Four sisters? That would be nice, too.
    14. If its Lucas I'll have to fall off a cliff! *wants* I hope they create an all new boy, with classic styling. If not, I'll save some money...

    15. I think that makes the most sense, that Volks is just waiting for a later date to re-release them in pureskin. Of course, Volks doesn't always make sense... XD
    16. Maybe since you can get them through FCS they figured they'd been standard long enough?
    17. LOL, looks to me like they may still be continuing their tradition of "anime-ish" heads (look at LE Cindy - and SD13 Mimi regular edition still has that incredibly tiny nose & mouth thing going on), but for people like myself who really prefer the more realistic heads, I hope Volks will continue to accomodate us as well... ^^
    18. Standerd Cyndy is my dream
    19. m(_ _)m oh please, dolly gods, let Volks release a standard Cyndy. *pray*
    20. Cecile! I would not be adverse to that!