Volks SD13 Heath discussion

May 5, 2005

    1. Hey guys! ISn't that new SD 13 Heath gorgous! I dont usually care for the volks dolls but DANG I love that one!!! He's not even an elf and I am already thinking..."how can I get my hands on him" hehehe. He has such a sexy, cool look to him doesnt he?
      how many did they make? too few I am sure.
      lordy lordy..what a sexy boy.
    2. Whew... good luck getting him! ^^; He's a popular one around here, to be sure... but, then again, I suppose he's not so much hard to obtain as he is expensive. *_*

      I've wavered so many times on him already... I loved him when I saw the Volks promo pics, then I saw the auction pics and I thought I could do without, then I Photoshopped an auction pic and I wanted him again, then I decided that I could do without, then I saw the Avvelenato custom and wanted him again. T_T;;; Fortunately, he looks a bit too much like my Chiwoo and Lucas for me to seriously consider pursuing him, so I've finally come to rest on "don't need him." He sure is gorgeous, though! I still want his wig...

    3. He is totally hot stuff! If you want to drool, go to YahooJP and look at all the closeup pics in the auctions! Yummy... That's what really pushed me over the edge in deciding to get him...
    4. He's gorgeous. In fact if he had snow skin then I'd try to snap him up ASAP. I guess it's sort of lucky that he isn't snow skin as I can't really afford him at the moment.

      Kalmia, where did you see that Heath custom?
    5. Wow that custom Heath is amazing :o His headmold looks so much like Madoka
    6. Thanks for sharing the link to that site. The custom Heath is stunning! :D

      I really like the dark wig on him. I plan on putting black wigs on my own Heath when he arrives.
    7. [​IMG]
      I really really adore Heath!

      I'd been hoping for a long time that they would do a masculine, serious looking doll that would match well with Madoka, and also a new SD13 doll designed by Kyon... and he looks like something out of a romantic costume drama XD~

      I agree, there's some really great pictures of him on YJA right now. He's popular, but for some reason, there are more of him on YJA than any of the other dolpa 13 dolls, so those of you who want him, maybe your chances are a little better. ^_-
    8. I'm crossing my fingers that Volks will give us a chance at getting him online the way they did with Isao v.1. That was very cool that they gave a lot of international buyers a chance to get him.

      not that I'm thinking about Heath...oh no, not at all... :blush
    9. I still think he looks like Treize from Gundam Wing which peversely enough makes me want him even more. Serious doll lust.
    10. ...same here, I'm looking(drooling?) over Avvelenato's custom Heath...(omg,omg,omg,)
      I want him soo badly! :cry:
    11. Oh, I know. He's so handsome! I've only ever liked one Volks boy before (Isao), but I really do like him! :D
    12. If I correctly read her intro sentence about Heath, Avvelenato too describes him as a male-version Madoka. :)
    13. Holly crap you're right! XD I hope someone gets a Heath and dresses him like a Treize... That would look so awesome. But then you'd need the g-boys too... I wonder what the others would be in doll terms.
    14. I just got my Heath and he is wonderful. I won't be able to post pics for a while...

      But wanted you to know this. He seems more correctly proportioned than my other Volks boy Jack (F-16 head). I have LOVED my Jack, but now when you put them side by side Heath makes Jack look REALLY little boyish. I love them both so much I won't part with them but they really do look a bit odd displayed together. Heaths head is smaller than the F-16 head. So just a heads up for you. My Lishe head is with Thren right now (YIIIIIPPPPPEEEE! and is looking great by the way!) so I'm not sure how she will look in scale with him. I stood her body next to his and he is really much taller! I thought He was the regular sized body, but I think he might be the tall one. He's at least taller than Jack.

      The other thing is be careful with the suspenders. One side of mine came apart when I put it over his shoulder and it was really hard to get back together .... but I did (phew!)

      All in all he's wonderful and I am very happy I took the jump!

    15. Congrats on getting your Heath. =^^=

      He does have the long-legged SD13 body, so he'll be taller than a lot of dolls. =^_~=
    16. Congrats on getting your Heath! I totally want one, and will have to pay outrageous second market prices for him after I've saved up enough cash. He's the second boy I've liked, the first one didn't work out, though. =/

      I look forward to seeing pics of him!
    17. Congratulations! :daisy

      He has a very delicate head, doesn't he. (and yes, long legs) I agree that it's a little strange when he's next to some other dolls...

      Here's a photo I took at Dolpa, of Janne da Arc's brand-new Heath with Kasumi. (according to their site Kasumi is a school head) Sorry about the poor quality, I only have the camera on my cellphone. :oops:


      I hope you can post pictures soon. :D
    18. Waaah~~ XD @ the 2 of them~ ne ne, could you provide me with the link to this person's site if she has one? Her dolls are gorgeously dressed and painted~
    19. http://jannedaarc.kill.jp/

      I really like this site. One of the dolls is styled to look like Hitsugi (Nightmare) and two others have replicas of Gackt's "Mizerable" costumes. :daisy But there's no Heath on the site yet...