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Volks SD13 Heath vs Madoka - same sculpt?

Jul 26, 2005

    1. is it just me or does Heath look like a male Madoka? :? i was looking at some unpainted heads,and it just struck me how the madoka head reminded me of Heath..... anyone else see it or am i going mad?
    2. They are rather similar. They have the same sort of longer face with narrower/smaller eyes, with more "European" features. Heath and Madoka look like they could be siblings, I think. :daisy However, they do not have the same head mold, if that's what you're wondering.
    3. You aren't the only one who thinks that - they look like brother and sister to me.
    4. Heath is probably a modified Madoka head... with smaller eyes, more defined Jaw, bigger lips and a bigger nose :D I love how they look together:D

      This pic really emphasizes the similiarities I feel.
    5. avvelenatto *whose website I dont have the addy to has a madoka boy and her heath repaint next to each other, you can see how different they are.
      Though they do have a simmilarly STYLED sculpt.
    6. They DEFINITELY look like brother and sister, possibly twins. It would be kinda creepy if someone had both and decided to make them a couple.... I mean... it would be like an unnatural union or something... :oops:

      God knows how their children would turn out! :o
    7. ^-^;;;

      well they do look related...but twins? >.<
    8. Well.... maybe just siblings or very close cousins :oops: .... I think fraternal twins can look very similar but not identicle, right? I dunno. *_*
    9. Oh yes, I've always thought so. Every time I see a Madoka, I think its a Heath for a split second, and vice versa. I am planning on eventually making Madoka into a boy, and when that happens, she will certainly look like Heath's long lost brother.
    10. They obviously look awfully similar :) But i think with the right faceup, they don't look too much like siblings but more like a couple that has seen so much of each other they sorta look alike :)

      I personally love Steph's madoka and heath, at first they seem as if they could only be siblings but after a while woah... you want them to get together :) such sweethearts
    11. I think they resemble each other as brother and sister too. *sighs* would love to own Madoka to go with my Heath.

      And as for the auction, that was weird. They put Madoka's head on Heath's body. And I don't think the head looks right on that neck . . . it looks kinda off to me. But did enjoy looking at the pictures. Looks like he/she is pretty popular too from the way the bidding is going.



      Like but undecided:
      Custom House LE Jun
      maybe a Kun

      :oops: Ohh yes lunarwhirlwind do you have a direct link to Avvelenato's website to see Heath and Madoka? AND lilevildolly . . . thanks for sharing your two pictures of Heath and Madoka . . . they are wonderful - I love them!!!
    12. Site: http://dolls.oheya.to/
    13. yea but it's some one off model. X_x why would volks do that? but it's nice.
    14. Oh, they definitley look related to me. This is why I could never picture them paired as lovers (it would totally creep me out)! xD

      I'm so glad Volks made a "male version of Madoka" for those of us who prefer Madoka as a boy. Heath was like the answer to my prayers! :D
    15. This is such an old thread^_^ but I'm like how my Heath & Madoka look together, and they've both changed quite a bit since that pic.

      I don't think they look like siblings anymore, do they?

    16. They definitely do not! :daisy

      What a beautiful, dark, perfect couple . . .
    17. I think Heath and Madoka look wonderful together. Their head scale works well. Here's some pictures I took when I first got my Heath at a meetup with my friend Nancy's Madoka. Tried to show different face angles to compare.