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Volks Sd13 Kohya eye question

Mar 4, 2005

    1. Alright, I ordered some 19mm Sharingan eyes from Masterpiece Eyes. I'm looking at them and they seem overly large. Anybody know if these will actually fit in a Kohya head? I wanted Kohya to cosplay as Itachi, but if the eyes don't fit... can anybody recommend another company that makes Sharingan eyes, possibly out of glass?
    2. 19mm Masterpiece eyes will physically fit in Tohya's head, so I imagine they'll fit in Kohya's.
    3. Iris-wise, the 19mm is the exact same size as an 18mm eye- Masterpiece eyes have larger white areas around the iris, hence making the total size 1 mm over the standard sizes. ^^

      Hmmm.. I don't think I know of any place making those type os eyes in actual glass though. XD;
    4. IIRC, Souldoll makes Sharingan eyes.. oo I don't know if those are glass, tho..?
    5. Souldoll's eyes are all acrylic, to the best of my knowledge.
    6. But they are hard eyes, not soft ones like Masterpiece, right?
    7. The souldoll Sharingan are GORGEOUS!! I have an 18mm pair, with a 16mm pair on the way. They are indeed acrylic, and if you'd like I can snap a picture of them next to a pair of 19mm masterpiece eyes (pink lavender star), as I have a pair of those as well.
    8. Yes, please if it isn't too much trouble. I'd really appreciate it. :grin:
    9. Ok, now I'm sold on getting some Souldoll Sharingan eyes for Vincent. He does have a fairly small eye opening and I want as much of the red iris to show as possible... whenever you see Itachi or Sasuke use the Sharingan you see the whole eye when they activate it. So should I get 16mm eyes or 18mm eyes?
    10. Your kohya's default eyes are size 14 if im not mistaken 18/9mm is a bit big for him - you could do it but a 14 or 16 mm would look more natural in my opinion.
    11. Yeah, I would say go with the 16mm eyes.