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Volks SD13 Nono - SD10 Ryo eye size?

Dec 15, 2006

    1. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search and all I could find was threads about if they are the same mold :lol:

      So, for all of you, SD13 Nono/ SD10 Ryo owners, what eye size is your doll wearing? Is 20mm too small? And, now that we're at it, where should I go to find 22mm eyes? So far, I've only looked at Volks Usa and Dollmore.

      Thanks! And if this has been asked before, please direct me to the light XD
    2. 22mm is my SD10 nono's default but i can usually make 20mm work if they are angled properly.

      20mm schwarzaugen eyes

    3. According to the DOA FAQ, standard Nono takes 22mm, and SD 13 Nono takes 20 mm.

      I can vouch that std Nono really does need 22's, but I've never taken my SD 13 Nono's eyes out. I believe they are 20's in her head, though.

    4. Ryo/SD13 Nono takes 20mm by default (I have them laying around somewhere), but 18 can work. I usually put 18mm in mine unless I want her irises to be bigger.
    5. My Ryo head takes 20mm and 22 mm BUT she can also wear my Mimis default Volks which I *think* are 18mm glass
    6. I believe 20mm is the default size for Nono13/Syo, but I was happy with the 18/10mm I put into mine:

    7. Ohhh, thanks everyone for their responses! I think I'll try some 20mm and see how they fit! :D
    8. She is pretty! I love the eyes.
    9. So 10mm eyes will work for Nono?
    10. No brykat, you would be very sad with 10mm eyes. What Marilyn meant was an 18mm eye, which would be on the small side, with a 10mm iris (the colored part in the center of the eye.) Good luck finding eyes you like! :)