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Volks SD13 Shinku - Rozen Maiden Dolls

Jul 31, 2006

    1. They're personal creations made out of Volks Super Dollfies, I don't think they sell them. The only official Rozen Maiden doll is Volks' Shinku collaboration from last year.
    2. Omg how pretty *3*. I saw a doll in one of the volks stores in Tokyo that was dressed up as Shinku and had a little plastic Shinku figure at her feet... but it wasn't as pretty as that o.o!! And her hair was braided too instead of pigtails... *drools on Shinku*.

      And to anyone that can understand the website: Did this guy sculpt the heads himself or did he just mod some volks heads? If so, which ones? *Volks noob*.
    3. Buaaaaaaaa. .non they are able to use those website Japanese :(
      on website volks the shinku… the equal coast to 900 euro… but not there is more hour. .because the little that are in turn sell them more than 2000$? she is too much beloved :sweat
      to CHRISTMAS them I want… I have 1000 euro to spend ^0^
      they are enough? to the limit I make to add some money us in more from my Boyfriend
      but nobody on doa has to us here? a girl sells it seems to me… but 2800$ me seem exaggerating :o
    4. I can't really understand all of what you said :sweat but the reason Shinku is so expensive on the second hand market is that she was very limited, I think to either 100 or 150.
    5. I know, but it is however beloved… and me it does not seem just to sell it a lot :|
      but to an just price… the truth is that I would want a Shinku but to sure figures I surrender :...(
      if he cost as the Lucas black cat or white cat volks. .o also a of more I would take it more… but than 1500$ not :|
    6. I don't really know whether you'd get it for something like that, to be honest. There are only 100 signed Shinku made, and the regular Shinku limited was only for sale at one event in Japan last year (if I remembered correctly). She is really quite rare.....
      In addition, there will be two groups of people competing for her: SD fans and Rozen Maiden fanatics.....
    7. They are all modded old F-13 heads, the old Mimi head that used to be available as an optional part.
    8. She was sold at the Dolpa, the after event and also online here.
    9. If you find the Volks Shinku dolls too expensive, you might consider one of these:


      They're ball jointed dolls, but their hair is molded plastic, rather than a wig. They were released specifically for Rozen Maiden, and Shinku is the only one (as far as I know) that was made. They vary in price - this auction is just an example. I don't know if theyre elastic strung, or if their jointing system is more like that of a DD2, but if I recall correctly they are made of resin (I could be wrong on that).
    10. I think Shinku was made about 600~800.
      Comics "Rozen Maiden" fans had bought her as their first SD when she was released and it was really difficult to get her then...
      But she was made many, so several years later, you might get her easier than now. (But of course some dolls will be more expensive, so I can't declare...)

      I believe if we eager the doll, he/she must come to our home someday :)
      Good luck to you!!
    11. If you really wanted a Rozen Maiden doll, you could buy an appropriate Dollfie Dream (I think that's the kind?) BJD with the anime-eyes head and then pay a comissioner to make you one.

      It wouldn't be "official" but it would probably be more affordable.
    12. Ooo, I like their outfits ^^
    13. I used Babelfish for translation and here it is. The originals for the dolls are:
      Sinku - Old option 13th head, old standard SD body (at body and foot total approximately 4cm weak shortening);
      Suigin Tou - Old option 13th head; Old 3rd body (ocean equipment division); The old 3rd leg (slender it is thick thing seeing use); Old 2nd leg (only long leg use); Old 3rd arm (slender); Old 1st foot (normal);
      HinaIchigo - Old option 13th head, old standard SD body;
      Suiseiseki - Old option 13th head, old standard SD body.

      I've nothing to add. These guys are SUGOI :drool
    14. Old option 13th head... if it's an old head can you still get it @__@;? What does it look like un-modded? Hahaha *super volks noobs*... I dunno where to find updated info on Volks stuff =3=;...
    15. I'm pretty sure pony_gery just bought a shinku off of the marketplace a while back, maybe you could PM her and ask for pictures if you want to see more of her?
    16. Ria_ria has pictures of her old Shinku on here too, I think she was even more gorgeous than the default :)

      Old FCS F-13 was Mimi SD10's head. Nowdays you can still get either normal SD10 Mimi, or go through Sumika FCS and get the head F-09. On the pages I have linked are a lot of promotional shots, one-off pictures, and owner links, so hopefully that will give you a good idea of how she looks. I think the doll Ria would also be good for Rozen Maiden dolls but she's a lot more rare.
    17. -Makes grabby hands- And I just finished watching all the show <3