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Volks SD13 Tsuyoshi Maki. Similar mold?

Sep 27, 2008

    1. I understand he's limited. ^^ My friend really liked this mold though. I just wanted to know if there are any similar molds to him? Kind of the mature and slight masculine look. Not sure how to describe it. Anything remotely similar or in likeness would be a great help~ I'm just trying to get an idea. Thanks in advance.

    2. I think the new FCS F40 looks similar,like a brother to Maki.
    3. Didn't find any mold very similar to Maki, but I think qiaobian is right, SD17 "Hikaru Genji (光源氏)" does look a bit like Maki. Actually I like "Hikaru Genji" a bit more~ Wonderiing how much it will be.
    4. F38 looks very similar to an older version of Maki.
    5. Thanks guys this is very helpful. I can't help but ogle all of them~ They are handsome molds.
    6. -heart drops-

      every time i see him my breath is taken away. i really like him! When i saw him i was like "that's exactly what i want my doll to be like! that's exactly who i want to be my treasure!"

      I really really love the Genji doll too! I think he really fits what I am looking for. I'm also thinking he's out of my reach.