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Volks SD16 Girl Garnet

Jan 25, 2009

    1. When it comes to SD 16 i am a personal fan of this beautiful dolls. I love my dream doll Amelia (Sakura) she is a perfect beauty for me. I have saw them all and there is one which is not the prettiest but for me she is interesting and very exotic.

      I like her personally and for me she is beautiful. If any owner of Garnet or any person who have seen the doll wants to share his/her opinions, you are very welcome to do it.
    2. Hmmm... I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about here. Could you perhaps clarify the title of the thread? (E.g. "Do you like SD 16 Garnet?" or "What do you like about Garnet?")
    3. A Very simple thing. I am just talking here about all kind of opinions of Garnet and i have saw she is not that famous as other SD 16 girls.. So that's why i put, not much fans of her?

      Because people i have seem that talk about her, they are people who think same or very closed to me.
    4. I have a Garnet. She just needs a good wig and a nice dress and bam she comes alive. She is my strong girl, my goth girl in my family. I Love her to death. One of my favs in my family. It's all option, when I got her I saw instant potential. Some people just don't like her, which is cool. I think more people would like her if they saw her in person more. The volks shots didn't do much to show her off and that wig she came with is not the greatest for her. I love my Garnet. :D
    5. Great to see another one who love Garnet! and yes it is nice when we have a doll that is not the most popular. In my case my Amelia is my Victorian Goth Girl but i am planing to get a Garnet and she will be my modern Goth girl.

      Thanks for your reply.
    6. Well, when I first saw Garnet from the official photos, I was very skeptical. It was the default faceup that wanted me to veer away from her. But then, I saw her in person with different faceups at LA Dolpa, and I felt that she can be transformed into a girl who I'll like. I gave her several different faceups and the current one is the one that I feel displays her beauty appropriately. Also, I didn't like the original outfit and gave her something that suits more towards my tastes. Now, I love her to bits and appreciate her a lot more.

      Garnet is a well-rounded mold that has potential to be customized into something quite magnificant if you put the time and effort to do so. Wigs makes a huge difference on her. I found that darker wigs made her look more masculine and older while lighter wigs made her look more feminine and younger. Darker faceups also make her look more masculine while lighter faceups make her more feminine. There's like a formula when working around with her.
    7. Thanks for the info Midori. I always have see Garnet as a very beautiful doll and a unique model. I most agree with you when it becomes to custom make-ups.

    8. I did not like her at first. I thought she was too harsh and almost mannish. She has the stongest jaw of any Volks mold which can give her a very masculine appearance and her default make up did not help as it was pretty graphic and bright with very arched eyebrows.

      However, one day I was surfing ebay and I came across a Garnet mod and fell completely in love. She had been sanded (quite a bit to soften her up) and given a more natural basic face up. I thought she was stunning and even to this day I just love looking at her face (of course I bought her). It totally changed my opinion of the mold. Now she looks strong but beautiful to me. Greer is my steeley warrior girl. Where I used to see a too masculine jaw now I see a charming characteristic that defines her from other molds (kinda like Crystal's distinct nose).
    9. The pics originally released of her don't do her justice. She is much prettier and softer in person. The other SD16 where the photos didn't do her justice is Pearl. She's also much prettier in person. Just need to change the wigs and find the right outfits to bring their beauty out!
    10. I am so glad that i will finish to pay for this beautiful masculine girl on April. We have good plans to how to make her look. Thank You for sharing your Garnet's experience with me.