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Volks SD16 girl "Olivia Morgan" Discussion thread

Jun 26, 2006

    1. Hm, I'm not too fond of her face, but I'd love to see some body pics. Also, why wouldn't Volks put something about this on their website or something?
    2. She looks like a resculpted Yukinojo to me too. So far both SD16s have default looks that just seem bland or too neutral to me... I'll bet an awesome customizer can do wonders on her though ^ ^
    3. I really like her but I agree...she looks like Yukinojo. I hope she diesn't have the big nose..

    4. I like her...and I am very happy at how different she is from everything else Volks has done. It is good to see the company moving in new different directions.
    5. Me too...I really like the idea of a more mature looking girl.

    6. I hope they post some nice body images before she goes on sale. St. James has been looking for a big girl to be Delphine, her brother Daniel is already slated to be a Yukinojo.

      I think Yukinojo and Olivia look a lot like siblings, more so than lovers, perhaps there's a very unusal discovery/twist to their story! High squick factor there. :sweat
    7. Sakaki + Madoka lovechild!

      Either that, or a large resin version of the 1/6 Century Model series, from her fashion-doll-style face to her (apparently?) non-jointed ankles and high-heel feet. Overall, I'm not impressed, but I would like to see a good customizer make her into a boy. XD
    8. XD I couldn't agree more, I think she looks a lot like Sakaki with touches of Madoka and Anais. It really looks like they made her with an American audience in mind. While her ankle sculpt is beautiful I would have preferred jointed.
    9. Well, they dont say they are lovers... only sole mates, and that she is a big change/part in Joes life. So there is a small chance that she *could* be a sibling or of relation..
      It would be kinda odd if they were lovers, because they do look related, but hey me and my fiance look related.. people think he is my big brother! Kinda gross... but it happens.
      She does look really different when you change her wig/eyes. I cant wait to see more pics of her body!!
    10. True, true. I may be reading into that. Sorry.:daisy

      I was also thinking:
      I really hope we're wrong about the fused ankle thing. It would absolutely keep me from wanting an Olivia. I don't look for a lack of mobility in my Ball Jointed Dolls. Perhaps fused ankles are acceptable and accessable in the general fashion doll market, but I don't think most ABJD buyers want that on their dolls. Sure, they might put up with it, but I don't think they'd ask for it as a feature.
    11. Because she shares my name, (Olivia) I'm interested in her now. Weird, yeah. *_* But I'll keep her on my list when I need a second girl.

      How much taller is she than the SD10 and SD13?
    12. Do you think perhaps they airbrushed or photoshopped the ankles for the intro pictures? I seems odd that they would give this big fancy girl less mobility. Does "Jo" have ankle joints?
    13. Where are people getting the idea that she has fused ankles? The pictures aren't clear enough to really see that *_*
    14. The pics are on the PDF order form:


      The non-ankle joints is interesting and I'm wondering if they did that to help her balance more since she will come with high-heeled feet. As for her face sculpt, I'm surprised that she looks very similar to Yuki. *sigh* While I love sd16 Yuki, I was hoping for something more feminine yet realistic. She's realistic alright, just a bit more masculine in the face. Wonder what her head would look like as a boy. LOL!

      I wish they had shown more pics of her body, unclothed! I want to see how she's jointed!
    15. wow she's gorgeous!!!! I love her, and I want her...gah why must Volks do this to me?!

    16. what I really want to know is what kind of joints she has. It's really frustrating that we can't tell if she has a dual waist joint (or a waist joint at all) and you can't tell about her shoulder or elbow joints.

      I think she's pretty in the vein of Madoka, I like her!
    17. Oh My God~~~~she Is So Woman
    18. Am I the only one that thinks she would look decent as a boy as well? :O I'd love to see how compatible she is with Yukinojo's body, or any other male body for that matter!
    19. She looks like... Yuki head + Model doll body. A bit too much like barbie for my taste. But maybe it's the wig. And the feet. Either way, I'm not a fan but I'm sure she'll be loved by those who like her style...