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Volks SD16 girl Olivia Morgan

Oct 7, 2006

    1. Just got her and think that there are lots of possibilities,but want to share with anyone else who has one. What are you going to do with yours? When are wigs and clothing availible? Is anyone making grownup fashions for her? Thanks
    2. I have one coming after a lot of internal debate. I too think she has possibilities, but i do not care at all for the way Volks has her done up. The eyes are getting replaced with something smaller, just for starters, and the wig's got to go too. I would assume her head would fit into the regular large size wig - unless it's too big? Some of the available wigs I have seen stretch to fit even non-BJD dolls with huge heads like Blythe so I would assume they would fit Olivia too.
      As far as grownup fashions, she's going to be the pantsuit sort of girl at my house.
    3. as far as clothes, I think take a look at the Yukinojo timeline since they should be similar in terms of releases for clothes and the like. Or maybe write to Volks and ask?
    4. This is whom I am transforming my Olivia into:


      Very different from the default! I also sanded down her lower lip before I shipped her head out for a faceup as I personally feel its way too big. Looks like she's been punched with a swollen bottom lip like that.

      Hopefully she'll come together before too long. I'm waiting for her faceup to be finished, waiting for her clothing. And I've had to re-order her eyes for her as 14mm EA's do NOT fit well. I'm also a bit annoyed that the SD13 high heeled shoes I bought from Dollheart aren't high enough for her feet. She can have them on and they fit fine, but its impossible to get her to stand in SD13 high heels due to conflicting angles. I hope Volks releases shoes for her that are very similar to the ones I have from Dollheart.

      I can't wait to see how she looks with a different face-up. I think Olivia is a doll that benefits immensely from a makeover!
    5. Thanks for the replys. I did try a wig I had on a Volks SD13 on her and it did fit. It was an elastic one.
      Agree about the bottom lip, although there's something to be said about being petulant...
      Think I'll wait untill I see more makeovers
    6. I have found that a size 8/9 wig seems to fit my Olivia best. I keep struggling what to do with mine as I LOVE the body, but am not fond of her face up as she comes from Volks. There is a brown shading around her mouth that to my eye is very unattractive......she just looks too much like Yukinojo to me and if I end up keeping her I'm sure I will send her out for a makeover at some point. I do LOVE the body so much though that I am having a hard time deciding if she stays or if she goes. I have seen a couple face ups done on Olivia that really make her look much more feminine and not quite as much like Yuki.

      As far as clothes go, I have found that the tops sized for the Elfdoll large busted girls seem to fit well. I also have a Cheerydoll skirt( black cargo) sized for regular SD that works for her....it's a bit shorter than on the other girls, but it's useable...the hips work ok.
    7. Olivia certainly interests a lot of us with Rainy dolls as she is sort of cut from the same mold. There are many people doing very adult things for the Rainy dolls now. Hopefully this will spill over on Olivia. The fashion type bjd is here to stay.
    8. St. John,

      I believe Volks will be releasing some very cool-grownup shoes for her !*!*!*
      It's part of why I got an Olivia..... for her shoe wardrobe alone !**!
      Not sure exactly when , but Iam so looking forward to it!
      There's bound to be some exquisite outfits in the future for her...
      if not on ebay, Yahoo!Japan for sure ! :D

    9. Thanks.
      I e-mailed FDQ and got the reply that Volks is planning to have Olivia items ready in December. Time to save up.
    10. i was curious if she would fit the dollfie dream clothes or if the dollfie dream would fit her clothes :D
    11. I'm pretty sure their clothes are a bit too thin for her, at least that's what I've heard from other owners.
    12. My Olivia...is a guy. Hated the sculpt as a girl, but it makes a hella hot guy. I can't wait for my head to get to me so I can pic spam away.
    13. I really loved Olivia just like she is. Dollfie Dream wigs fit great, and I've had really great luck with Luts shoes fitting her high heel feet.

      I took a chance and ordered a few pair from Luts' "13 doll" list, and all but one style fit very well.

      "Danseure Noble" is like a dressy T-Strap,
      "Winter Bell" is a suede pump that laces up the front & zips up the back,
      "Max Hill" is a pump with criss-cross straps
      "Slender" is a high lace granny boot.

      The only complaint I have with any of the above is that Winter Bell was just a bit of tight & hard to get zipped, but I think they'll stretch out a bit

      The style that won't work for her is "Wingtip". It's a two tone pump, and was way too wide and the heel height is too low so she won't stand on her own.

      It took about 7 weeks to get the Luts shipment from Korea, but it was worth the wait!
    14. Thanks for the tip on the Luts shoes. Have you tried any of them on her jointed ankle feet?
    15. I haven't even tried the flat feet, but since they are like the regular sd feet, I don't think the high heeled shoes will work on them. The Luts high heels acrually have the curve for the arch in the foot like human shoes, and I think the regular jointed foot would need straight sloping ones.

      Just as a side note though, the "Wingtip" shoes that were too wide and too low heeled for Olivia fit my SD13 with the high heel feet almost perfectly. The arch curve in the SD13 was much less extreme. And the shoes that did fit Olivia are far too high heeled for the SD13; she won't stand in them and they look goofey like she's standing on the heels with her toes in the air.)
    16. I also, got an Olivia; I am trying to find things that fit in clothing. Do volks SD 13 cloths fit her, and do model doll clothing fit as well too. Cuz I am lost when it comes to outfits. What do you find fits well on her. I don't have any girl dolls, she’s my first and I don't know much about the sizing in the girl dolls. :)
    17. Would Olivia fit into SD13 clothing?
    18. Olivia can wear some SD13 clothing, but it has to be looser or elastic - not the fitted stuff.

      She looks pretty good in Kohya's default outfit . . .