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Volks SD16 Iris and Johanna

Nov 15, 2008

    1. News announcement: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=249743

      I think it's a shame that the Volks limiteds never get their own discussion threads because they are tangled up in the event, so I'm starting one. :)

      SD16 Johanna is being released Dec 7th at the Tenth Anniversary Dolpa. It looks very much like she's white skin rather than pureskin. This is a possibility since Kurumi and Kohya are being rereleased in white at the same event.

      I think she looks related to the Crystal/Eden sort of sculpts and I can't wait to see more of her! I am pretty much doomed, I think. I can't usually tell if I'll like a Volks doll from their grainy little photos, but this time...:love
    2. Count me in the doomed list. I need that body!! *_*
    3. volks certainly does keep us interested.. I can't wait to see more as well
    4. errr whyyy now?? I really love beauty white anything. simply because it's beauty white I am so much more tempted to get the doll than any other dolls. But it looks like the same sculpt as Iris. and I certainly love mature sculpts, double temptation!
    5. You have no idea how long I've been wanting a BW SD16 girl, & now here she is! Of course, she'd be relelased at the one Dolpa I'm absolutely unable to attend :( But I can't wait to see better pictures of her!
    6. I just can't stand it! The white Kurumi AND Iris- man, I wish I weren't so broke! :...(
    7. I am so excited for more pics of the new SD16 girls. Johanna looks very promising from those grainy cell phone pics, I love that happy little smile! :aheartbea I really need more happy dolls. *looks at Hewitt and Kira* :| I wonder if she and Iris are the same mold?

      And great idea for a discussion thread, thank you for starting one. :D
    8. Hmm, upon taking a closer look it does seem like Iris and Johanna are the same sculpt. It threw me off that they had different names, but Volks did set a precedent with Tohya/Kohya. This doesn't bother me one bit, as that means that fans of pureskin will go for Iris instead. ;) I suppose there will also be a lot of floating Johanna heads on Y!J since so many people have been waiting for a white SD16 girl body. :sweat
      I'm glad I have a few weeks to figure out how to scrape together the cash...or calm down and realize that this is just a crazy impulse! *_*
    9. These two are so lovely... I can't wait to see more pictures of them! Volks News, where are you???
    10. I'm thinking the same thing, neverything. :)

      I hope it comes soon, I wanna see the new dolls!
    11. Iris is looking great to me, I love WS but can never really bond with a doll that is WS. Iris' face is feminine and sassy. :D
    12. :) That's exactly what I'm looking for for my girl! I finally admitted that my F-30 was too calm and mature looking for the character I had in mind, so Johanna might be a more appropriately vivacious replacement!
    13. So, looking through my News, and I just realized their fingernails are painted! Has Volks ever done this with an SD16 before?

      And for anyone who's wondering, they're part of Journey to Dream Nights Chapter 3: Little Snow White.
    14. Iris is stunning, is she sunlight skin?
    15. You got yours, Neverything!? Darnit! I'm only a few hours north of you! ;_;

      Does JP deliver on Sundays? ;_;
    16. Iris is normal skin, Johanna is white skin. They are both UV protect resin.
    17. Thanks for the info! Ooh! I had a suspicion that there was a fairytale origin there somewhere! Johanna has such a unique and curious outfit, so I was wondering what her story is. Since Iris and Johanna are presumably the same sculpt then would they be Snow White or possibly the Queen? Im leaning more towards the latter, since Johanna's outfit is dark and foreboding, which would make her seem to be the disguised version of the Queen, who seeks to kill Snow White. So Iris would be the Queen's normal form then.

      If this is true, then I wonder if they will ever release Snow White. We already have the Seven Dwarf YoSDs in the upcoming February 2009 Volks Tokyo Disney Party.

      Also, I think that Iris is sexy, sophisticated, and regal in her appearance. She looks like a goddess. She is perfect for the goddess that looks over my SDC boy, so I hope to win her soon! And Iris is much too perfect to be the wicked queen who attempts to kill Snow White.
    18. I hope Iris will be availlable for purchase at Volks USA (via lottery of course) I might just order her.
    19. I think I"m glad I passed on entering the lottery for Pearl. I really like Iris much better. I"m not sure if my wallet willl be recovered from Genji enough to try for her though............sigh...........I think it's wonderful that they are releasing a white skin SD16 too. It gives me hope for a sunlight SD sometime in the future.