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Volks SD17 boys- what are you hoping for?

Jun 12, 2009

    1. Well now i am goint to the point directly. Which many of you will like to see this year alteast one new SD 17 boy from Volks? no matter what a new one or a re-released from the ones already made. If a re-release happens i will like Alain to be re-released since he along Hikaru Genj has been my favorites.

      I must admit i will like to see fresh meet. Let see the other users opinions because up to date they are just 4 boys and we need more. Everyone's opinion is welcome :)
    2. I agree with you Soma. I would love to see more SD17 dolls. Genji is one of the most beautiful dolls I have seen. I would like to see new sculpts as well. I am not certain I would like to see Alain back. ~Gus
    3. I'd LOVE to see a new SD17 boy. However, I'd really like one more similar to Reisner in style than the Alain or Genji, as I prefer more stylized sculpts to mature/realistic ones. I know I wouldn't mind seeing that SD17 Tsukasa that was displayed at Dolpa 21 released, if he is indeed a slightly different sculpt than original Tsukasa. (Though I love original SD13 Tsukasa, too. :sweat) But I'd definitely go crazy for a new sculpt in the same vein as the Volks "classics" like the Lucas & Cecile families. :)
    4. I really wish they would release a standard SD17 guy...............or at least offer the body in FCS. My dream is a SD17 guy in the ebony or sunlight skintone. Sigh..........a girl can dream, can't she? I would be in big trouble if that happened, LOL! I think Genji is one of the handsomest dolls Volks has ever done. LOVE him! But I would prefer another new sculpt as opposed to a rerelease of a sclupt they have done before unless they put Yukinojo on the SD17 body or one of the FCS heads.
    5. Thanks a lot for your opinion Gus. I totally agree with you with Genji. In my honest opinion i think new ones will be the best. Let see what happens :)
    6. thesaraghina: I saw the Tsukasa and it will be great! i can understand you about the styled and realistic looks. I love boths and all i can say about all SD 17 been made are a work of art with pure beauty.

      JinCincy: You can drem all you want and what will be better than to have a standard SD 17 boy to buy and then you can make him all you want without entering a lottery etc. Wow an Ebony or Suntan one will be something that will make our pocket completly empty for this year xD but it will be worh. I hope that happens because it's gonna be something more than just new :)

      Thanks for making this post interesting and i am so glad to see how many like me want one of this boys to be made this year.
    7. I agree with JinCincy on the tan skintones, as well! :love

      Actually, while we're dreaming here, I'd really like a sunlight SD17 F40. :drool
    8. I could really go for Williams or Maki on the SD17 body too...........
    9. I've been longing for a sunlight SD17 f-30 since the beginning of times... honestly, now that the new bodies have been released, it seems a bad joke that Volks keeps doing their FCS only with the definetly outdated sd10-sd13. I do refrain myself often from getting the f-30 because I seriously, seriously cannot justify a price near 1000$ in a body like the sd13, specially when the company already has newer, and in my humble opinion, much better alternatives. So, if I am about to spend that money in a volks doll, I will wait for a limited with such bodies, instead of paying for the old ones. I do not find any justification to keep selling the really hardt to get and expensive FCS dolls with the old bodies.

      My hopes? A Sunlight SD17 boy, even if it's a limited one. I can totlaly envision this year, for the cruise, a Reisner Scarface Deep Black ocean in tan color. I can envision what price is he going to reach, too X_D
    10. It would be great if Volks would put out at least one more SD17 boy this year. I know that a lot of people are just after the bodies when they buy SD17s so making a few more to meet that demand would be great. I've always wished for a tan SD16 boy myself but an SD17 with a tan would be awesome too. :aheartbea

      I do wonder if they are going to focus on putting more SDGr out instead since it's newer and they already plan on using it for all future limited release boys.
    11. I don't know if I could handle owning more than one SD17 boy~ But if they did release another one, I'd love to see one done in the style of the SD17 Tsukasa they released. I love the street style look and I feel it would be very different from the previous SD17 boys they've released.

      Also, I'm always up for tan or ebony skin~ That would be the only thing that I think might push me over on wanting another SD17 boy.

      Also, more SD17 clothes! I can never find enough outfits I like~
    12. I'd like to see option hands for the SD17 since I am not fond of the veins at all and they are one of the reasons why we can't put our one character on the SD17 body even though he needs to be taller than his SD13 partner. They release some different hands and we could finally have the heights right.

      I actually thinks it's a bad joke that the rumour is they are only going to be releasing SDGR limited boys in the future. There are plenty of people, myself included, who do not like the new body and love the old one and it makes me sad that if I am to fall for any new limiteds, I am going to have to pay more for a body I don't like. Perhaps if it was the same price as the SD13 body, I wouldn't mind as much, but the leap in price tag is disheartening.

      I wouldn't expect another SD17 though until either special event like the cruise or the next Tokyo Dolpa. They seem to offer them for the bigger and more special occasions. I think a white skinned boy isn't that far out of the realm of possibility.
    13. Kim: You are very right. The SDGR is beautiful but i like better the SD 17 ones. A white skin SD 17 that will be so great!

      Nanyalin: You are very right that they most add more choices for the full choice system and not only the SD10 and SD13. Sunlight or Ebony will be perfect and even with the very big cost $$$ x.x
    14. SD17 body is fantastic!!
      I'd like to saving money for it!
    15. Me wants Williams!!!!! on a SD17 body with sunlight skin .... yes that is my dream FCS LOL
    16. OFFER IT ON FCS!!!! Seriously, my F38 needs a SEXY body.

      ...........oh and SD17 Williams. *hopes he appears*
    17. Oooh an SD17 sunlight or ebony boy would totally destroy my bank account :lol: *has SD17 body addiction T_T*
    18. I'm another one who could use a sunlight SD17 body out there . . . there's a character I'd like to use F-36 for, but he's definitely taller and more mature than SD13.

      I saw the SD17 Tsukasa IRL and y'know, I still can't tell if they changed the actual sculpt for him or it's just the faceup/hairstyle that makes him look so different from the original Tsukasa ^^;. Regardless, he was so amazing that I'd be doomed if they released him as an LE . . .

      I agree with Kim - I doubt we'll see an SD17 for a while, and white seems more likely than sunlight or ebony. But maybe Volks will surprise us?
    19. How about SD17 girls anyone? That would be exciting!!!!

      It would be nice to see an SD17 boy elf though....
    20. An SD 17 girl will be a very nice addition and an SD 17 boy elf too AAA+++