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Volks SD17 Cecile & Reisner, similar or same?

Apr 6, 2010

    1. Not sure if it's Ok to discuss here.
      I just saw the photos of SD17B Cecile in スーパードルフィー写真集 2009 もうひとりのわたし (Another Yourself 2), and was wondering what's the difference between SD17B Cecile & Reisner.

      So I just hope to see if anyone know further information about SD17B Cecile?

      SD17B Cecile

      More Pic of 17Cecile
    2. If you must know, Reisner the Scarface's face is quite different from Reisner (and I don't mean just the fact that he has a scar, his lips are different, more smiley than Reisner and his face is also smaller and he is a smaller head compare to Reisner) This SD17 Cecile was revealed a long time ago I think that's just Volks's way of hinting and try to tease us.

      XD I really think that SD17 Cecile is Reisner cosplay as SD17 Cecile. If Volks make SD17 Cecile to look that much like Reisner that's so twisted.....O_O

      So I think they will make a new SD17 Cecile as a different sculpt. Maybe tan SD17! *hopes*

      Earlier I did comparison. there are minor differences (besides, my Reisner's face is sanded a little so he is not totally default) but it could also just be because of the lighting and the way he is painted.....I hope Volks tell us soon. -_-

      this is 17Cecile, next to my 2 Reisner photos

      then i did an overlap of Reisner on top of the suppose 17 Cecile

      Really they look so similar. I don't know perhaps I am wrong it really is a suppose NEW head :?
    3. i just want to know when will 17C be released= =? (one said around Oct 2010) and how we can get one of it = = XDD