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Volks SD17 Leg Exchange

Apr 25, 2010

    1. Continuing the chat over here ...

      Link to the DoA News announcement

      Announcement from Volks on Volks USA

      Models eligible for this campaign:
      SD17 Reisner / Dolls Party 17, May 2007
      SD17 Alain / Dolls Party 18, December 2007
      SD17 Reisner The Scar Face / Tokyo Bay Cruise, July 2008
      SD17 Hikaru Genji / Tenshi-no-Sato Event, October 2008

      Cost: $220 US

      Due Date: July 4, 2010


      I had no idea that the new SD17 Williams had a new leg. I'm really curious to see a comparison of old and new legs.

      Anyone going to do this?

      I notice it also doesn't say that you have to have won these dolls directly from Volks. So even if you bought them second hand, looks like we're eligible.
    2. I'm thinking about it, because although I don't know the exact differences, I know I *do* have some issues with my boy's left leg especially, bending in weird at the knee and not wanting to cooperate in posing sometimes. >_<

      It's a little on the pricey side though, so I'm probably gonna wait until after NY Dolpa, and see how much money I have left by then. :sweat

      I would love to see a comparison between the new and old though, if anyone has both!
    3. So why would they want the old parts? You paid for the old parts. But you pay again. Don't seem right. I only have an MSD Volks myself.
    4. I've got to agree with 2otaku on this one.

      I do understand the reasoning behind wanting the old leg parts back - Volks has never liked having bits and pieces of their dolls floating around the market, which is why they stopped selling optional limbs a long time ago (now only feet and hands are available). And with the history of other companies recasting their dolls, I can certainly appreciate that viewpoint!

      However, I also feel that (while the price for the new legs is not at all unreasonable), insisting that the owner return the old legs is essentially doubling that price, and I'm personally not willing to "pay" $400+ for a set of better-engineered legs. At that rate, I might as well shell out the extra $300-400 and just buy a full SD17 body with the new legs.
    5. Myeah I'm not digging having to pay a whole extra $220 and losing my old legs either. Kind of a pain.

      From what I've seen though, the new legs are engineered more like the SDGr's.
    6. me too. I will keep my doll's old legs and better buy another new SD17 Boy in future.
      Keep watching other's thinking.
    7. Thank you Kiyakotari for pointing out about the cost of exchanging old SD16 legs for new legs. And it makes better sense to me also, to buy a new Volks' SD16-17 boy's body with new legs. From photos, the Volks' dollfie can now cross his legs.

      Isn't Volks making these new-type "cross-over" legs for the girl dollfies of SD16-17?
    8. Perhaps, aside from always wanting the old parts back, Volks expects that they will be able to color match the new legs they send out to the old legs they receive.
    9. St.James, I don;t thunk so because they want you to ship the old legs after your received your new legs. So not really an interest in Resin matching.

      I just don't like that they ask for the old legs back... once you own a doll it's yours to do what you want with it. Demanding the old parts is basically claiming they still have ownership on your doll.
    10. "Step 5
      As soon as we receive the old legs from you, we will ship out the new legs."

      Volks always waits for the old parts to be returned before shipping any replacement parts...otherwise who would actually return them?
    11. Actually, the VolksUSA blog post about this says that they don't ship the new legs out to you until they receive the old legs. However, they do order the parts before they receive your new pair of legs. But asking for which doll you own is a possible indicator of how the resin would age too, so it isn't completely unlikely that they'll try to resin-match as best as they can with that information.

      I don't mind at all that they want the old legs back though. As Kiyakotari mentioned, Volks isn't in the habit of wanting random parts of their dolls floating around out there.

      While the cost is a little prohibitive, I still think it's not as bad as trying to get a whole new body. Secondhand SD17 bodies rarely go for less than $1000, and unless Volks starts releasing more SD17 boys *not* at special events (cruises, Sato events, etc.) that probably won't change anytime soon.

      (D'oh, St. James beat me to it about when they ship the parts...)
    12. With so many counterfeits and fakes out (hello) there I can understand why Volks requests such a thing. Now that there are fake SD17 bodies being made, I can understand Volks for doing this (not that this would really stop the counterfeits, but it makes it less accessible). This way someone cannot put new parts on a counterfeit SD17 body either.

      Besides, people must understand that it's an exchange service, so you send old part back in exchange for a new improved part. it's not the same as to buying just an "extra" part. It's the same if you were to send old damage head back to Volks in exchange for a newer head. You don't get to keep both new and old part in exchange service.......and because you are getting a newer one, you must pay something (not the same price as your initial purchase however, since you have already paid for it initially and mailing old part back is to prove you did buy it initially) Also this way people cannot cheat Volks out of an extra item for less. Volks is very smart about this.

      The old SD17 can cross his legs. What's girl dollfies of SD17???? ?_?

      Yes, very much so. After they release SDGR, I guess Volks decided to upgrade the SD17 body a little too.

      My opinion, I find the old knee look more natural when bent 90 degrees or 180 because the knee joint does not extent out vertically like a bridge like the new one. The SDGR also doesn't look natural at the knee because of the same new mechanism.

      Here is a photo of SD17 Williams new bridge-like knee mechanism. You no longer need to lock and unlock the knee for him to pose properly. I didn't take photo of the back though.

      The differences between the new and old knee is discussed here in post 18.

      Isn't Souldoll double body the first kind to have this sort of joint?
    13. Yeah the old SD17 legs could cross his legs just fine. They have all the same capabilities but with the SDGr leg engineering, it should just be easier to execute.

      I understand the desire to have the old legs back now I suppose though~

      Unrelated, but does anyone know if I can get a new upper torso piece for my SD17 body from Volks if I asked? The one I have is chipped. 8(
    14. You can send old broken part back and pay for a new one I think. Volks has such service. You need to fill out that form that comes with your body.
    15. This creeps me out. I'd hate to think of all the SD17 boys who will be sitting around missing their legs for months. >.< I guess I'm lucky I don't have an SD17.
    16. I hadn't thought of that! It's a good point.
    17. It would probably be more like a week or two, tops. :sweat Volks says on the blog announcement that they will not request that you ship your legs until AFTER they've received the new legs. Then as soon as they receive the old ones, they'll ship the new ones out.

      Thanks for the link! I can definitely see how stability would be improved with the new design. I always have a problem with the inner knee piece slipping outside of the top back piece, and causing my boy's leg to bend inward. >_<;
    18. $220 is a little too much for me just to change(not buy) a pair of legs for my Reisner. I don't need my boy to be perfect and the old ones work well IMO. I know the new ones are better, but I don't mind if mine are not that excellent. XD
    19. Thanks Izam and Nell for the links and photos comparing old and new legs!

      Kiyakotari, I never thought about it like that ... the added costs of originally buying the legs (with the doll/body) and adding the cost of new legs, especially since we can't keep the old legs! And of course, all the shipping back (old legs to Volks and new legs from Volks), plus in the case of some us, the custom fees we're likely to get hit with! :|

      I can see why Volks would want their legs back, either due to piracy/copy issues or people selling the old ones to other collectors to make hybrids and such (would be my guess).

      While, I'm not thrilled with the way the old knee locks, I'm not sure if I want to shell out the $220 plus shipping costs to replace them. I guess we have a bit of time to decide.

      I'm wondering if it would be possible, for those people going to NY Dolpa, to return the legs in person? Just to save on a bit of shipping?