Volks Sei-Tenshi and Rei-Tenshi discussion part 1:

Nov 20, 2005

    1. I'm kinda in shock. I won one of ten sei-tenshi that were being given away as raffle prizes at the Volks thing. I am still trying to come to terms with it. I was wondering if anyone else here has one, or if the other people who won them will also post? I'll have pictures up ASAP. Mine has little green wings and the most darling expression. Haven't decided on a name/gender yet... but like I said, I'm still in shock **;

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      This is a discussion thread for Volks Sei-Tenshi and Rei-Tenshi.

      Sei-tenshi what fits and clothes help:

      Volks Sei-Tenshi and Rei-Tenshi discussion part 1:

    2. Do you mean this one? ~


      this is Barbara's Seitenshi, with my friend's one-off doll.
    3. or maybe it was this one? ^^; Here are the three Seitenshi that were on display near the kitchen --

    4. Why won't Volks release any of these little guys? Or at least some more Yo-SD?? They're killin' me here!! Cograts tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    5. Just saw this thread. The headcap has rubber band with elastic,no magnets. The wings are resin and are attached to not come off. There are rectangular resin tabs on the back with a wire that goes thru the tab into the wing and it's not supposed to come off.
    6. ^ Yeh I got a post card set too! But My sister won a sei-tenshi and gave me ownership! I was shaking during the whole friggin bingo!
      BTW- The headcap is only held on by yellow craft tape from Volks. I guess its too tiny to do the whole S hook with rubberbands through the headcap thing.
      The wings are resin, very nice and translucent.
      I didnt know there was a wire in the tabs.
      One of my angels wings came quite loose.. I dunno what to do about it though?.. Any thoughts? or should I just contact Volks about it?
      Oh and Volks announced in the special event issue of Fashion Doll Quartly that they have no plans to sell Sei-Tenshi as merchandise. :(
    7. Yes all the head caps are held on by orange tape they have no magnets at all. The wings are inserted into tiny holdes in the back of the body the wings have wire attached that goes in the holes. The wings are never meant to be removed.

      Sumomo I would suggest lightly coating the whole wire of the wing in super glue very lightly and then insert it and don't move it for at least 12 hours. The longer the better. Make sure you have the little guy laying on his tummy and then insert the wing and leave him well alone.

      Some of the wings are transluscent and some are not they are white and airbrush painted with color. The early ones came strung with elastic bands!! not elastic. Now they come with elastic. The faces are all one of a kind and even the same mold head will not come with the same faceup! so each one is totally unique. For instance some have mohair lashes and some regular lashes. I noticed at the NY event that the Sei that were won had lighter resin than my Sei tenshi. But the resin was not white although it was lighter than regular pureskin resin.

      I found this really interesting. One person that won had a beauty white doll with her and compared the resin it wasn't as white.

      They don't sit up well as the wings are SO heavy!! also the wings are fragile. I originally thought this is why they decided not to sell these little ones, though I have heard that they were originally created for a display only in Japan the one with mary. However I still think this may be a big part of it as they wouldn't want people contacting them and saying the wig fell out or broke etc.. or that they don't sit or stand without falling. They can pose the arms very well though! are able to touch their faces and they have a very cute body shape :)

      Also some Sei have different hand molds too !! such as a partly closed hand, I even saw one that has a thumbs up on here. Such fun!!

      Wing colors I have seen so far are, deep aqua blue, Pink, white with pink, white with yellow, yellow, blue, purple, white, peach.
      There are also different wing shapes! so far I have seen about 5 different shapes :)

      Yep I love Sei Tenshi.
    8. TreeLore- The wing has not fallen off, it just is very loose, like on the verge of falling off and she has been that way since I got her in NY, but I noticed on the way home from the event. I dont mess with it anymore though, but if it were to fall off I'd take your advice.

      I think, since alot of people dont know/understand how Volks feels so personally about SD and the SD world (a reason why they put out the Another Yourself bookset), they wanted to do/make something really special to share with SD fans.
      I also heard they are about twice as hard as making an sd-sized doll since they are so tiny and delicate.
      I do wish they would release them though, I'd love to have a little Sei Tenshi army!
    9. First of congrats to all thoee who were lucky enough to win sei and rei tenshi at the NY Dolpa

      12 sei-tenshis wer given out total 2 as the customiziing contest prize the rest were lottey prizes

      10 rei tenshis were awarded as lottery prizes.

      Mr Shigeta announced that zoukei mura is working on even tinier dolls than a rei tenshi expect them out at the end of the year

      My comment rei-tenshi are so cute like an embryo. i'm wondering how smaller they can get.

      Those who won feel free to post a pictureso we can admire your lovelies

    10. You said it right. I can't picture howsmaller these could get they are so very very tiny especially the curled up one


      I was able to take a photo of the reis but I didn't get an opportunity to take a picture of a sei tenshi
    11. [​IMG]
      Here's a picture for scale on how tiny they are
    12. One of my friends (Lady Saiyuki) won a Sei-Tenshi. They sent a picture to my phone of the cute little thing cause I couldn't make it. Anyway, here's the picture of her..! Her name is Nana..at least I think she's a girl >>;; It's not good quality cause it came off my phone..!

    13. Haha, the dreaded Rock Paper Scissors! XD That was comical!

      I got the grumpy Sei-Tenshi. I was joking to myself earlier that day that if I got a Sei-Tenshi, I'd like that one. I admit I was hoping to get the 13 boy, but my little Sei is a very special gift (and a much more portable one, too!).

      Ah, so that's the "fetus" Rei-Tenshi. It's quite sweet and round. I wonder just how small these things can get! I guess at some point they'd be more figures than dolls.

      When I came home I was greeted with an accusing "What did you buy?" XD


      I wonder what I should name it...? Maybe Putto, after the little putti you see in so many paintings.
    14. The Sei tenshi are jointed at all the normal places as bigger dolls, but the wrists and ankles won't flex because of their hooks. The Rei Tenshi have joints at the hips, shoulders, and neck only. I don't know if you can change their eyes or not, I assume so since the headcaps come off. : )
    15. I saw one personally and I can say they have limited joint system and are way tinier than a pocket fairy. It will be dificult to dress them because they do have non removeable wings.

      They are cute nonetheless

      Rei's are this small

      Info from Cassiel's site:

    16. The one on the left is my little angel :D
      I feel so lucky and happy that I won this cute little rei-tenshi!!!
      My friend and I asked Mr. Shigeta to sign in the box of the rei-tenshi, and he wrote"いつまでも あなたの側に", which means"By your side forever", along with his signature.
      This make this tenshi even more meaningful to me:)

      Here is another picture of my friend's rei-tenshi and mine. They are so cure together :aheartbea

      And this is the picture of the rei-tenshi with my SD10 Boy.


      By the way, did anyone take the picture of the four rei-tenshi together?
    17. Oh those Rei-Tenshi are adorable! Congrats to all who won! :D

      As for Sei-Tenshi, don't even get me started! LOL! Even though I didn't win this year, I'm still on a high from winning my Gotham at Bingo last year. He wore his little "Angel" Friends 2B Made t-shirt that I cut wing slits into, and borrowed some MSD sized panties, because the ones I made for him mysteriously disappeared while I was packing....hmmmm...my little Sei perfers to go "Commando" I guess. ;)

      Anyway, it seems that some Barbie and Ken separates also fit Sei-Tenshi. So if you wish to clothe your Sei, try cruising the Barbie aisle in your local store.

      Hugs, Juli DC :)
    18. :fangirl: Hi everyone!! After all this time I finally have pictures to put up.

      Ok, I went to the Volks dolls party 2 in NY and entered the fairy tale contest. I won first place and got a Sei Tenshi which I named Agony. I know it's a silly name but I was thinking of Adams Family Values when they were trying to name their little baby boy.
      But it sort of fits because of it's little pouty expression. Heres some pics of my little angel with Marius.
      (:| P.S...I'm very new with using Image shack: you'll have to click on the pictures to see them with better resolution)