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Volks Sei Tenshi- Clothes/Shoes/Help

Jun 25, 2011

    1. OK, so I used the advanced search option, and everything relating to Sei tenshi is usually a size comparison to another doll, etc. But if a thread like mine is around somewhere, kindly direct me and accept my apologies.:sweat

      I welcomed my first Sei back in 2005/06, and sadly, she is still nakey.:o I currently have 3 nakey, shoeless SeiTenshi in my possesion, and as adorable as their little bums are, I want to gives these angels some personality with clothing and shoes! Sadly I dont have any other tinies to compare clothing/shoe size with.
      So any owners out there have luck with clothing/shoes made for other tinies? Find a perfect match in foot size with another brands' tiny? These pants fit? These to short?
      Share your Sei-Tenshi info here!
    2. For shoes I found Madame Alexander doll factory fits. A.C.Moore and FAO sells them. The clothes though are too wide.

      If this helps DD-Anne 24cm girls have similar size. So what fits them will fit a sei.
    3. Strangely enough, I have had some stretchy Barbie dresses on my Sei. They are close in size to the Custom house Ange AI size.
    4. Before I buy a bunch of shoes from Kemper dolls and get the wrong ones and get it all shipped to the Philippines. >_< I'm hoping someone can confirm that Sei Tenshis can wear 32mm size shoes with socks on and not have it super loose?

      Does anyone know if this picture has the 32mm Shoes that you can find at Kemperdolls?


      (sorry for linking your picture without an actual permission Zingor, ^^; please let me know if you would like me to take it down.)
    5. nurie: 32 might be too big for maryjane style shoes it might work for boots. the length of sei foot is about 2.8 cm. 32 may fit with really thick socks but I think would still be super loose.
    6. ToT I see, it is so difficult to find shoes that would fit 100% well. I will just try it out anyway since this is the smallest size i could find and buy the really thick socks from kemperdolls and hope they will be ok and not dangle around.

      There are some few 29mm shoes but they look so tiny. I might consider getting a few as well just in case >.< Thank you so much for your answer. I really appreciate it!

      EDIT : I went around searching for the 29mm shoes in kemperdolls but they are actually not sold there. Only Jujusdollymall and Monique. >_< I will have to make a separate order to be able to get it. :(
    7. I tried a pair of Blythe runners on my girl at a local doll gathering and they fit really well. I'm wondering if all Blythe shoes would fit? Any opinions with this?

      Also, I was wondering if there would be any interest in some Sei-Tenshi clothing sets.
    8. Hi bunnywink!!
      I dont have any Blythes so I cant answer for certain, but I recon if one set fits they all should! :)
      I would be more than interested in sets for my Tenshis! They would have to be reasonably priced though, since I am not looking for anything ornate, and I'd need 3 of them! lol
    9. Not all Blythe shoes fit. Oversized ones do. I have a few pair of converse style though I restring them for better fit as they fit tight.

      Sei-tenshi clothes are hard to find so I'm sure owners would be interested in them but we can't really discuss sales and pricing in discussion.

      Most of the clothing my sei-tenshi wear are from Y!J or are made them. Though sometimes I've had luck with rement sets or dollfie pieces.

      Gally is wearing a rement jumper and Blythe shoes

      This photo Gally and Brooklyn are wearing fantasy set made by Dodona

      The issue with sei-clothes are the wings the back has to be low enough for wings pointed up or down.
      In this picture you can see Brooklyn's wing attachment hits more of her lower back more than Gallifrey's. The bottom of his wings are higher on his back.

      Some of the Y!J outfits I got have deep U shaped scoop backs. The safest usually are halters