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Volks Seitenshi (Spirit-Angels) Names!

Dec 7, 2004

    1. Apologies if someone else has already posted this in another thread (I couldn't see any references to this, but I was skimming quickly):

      In Volks's Dolpa 12 After Report, there are pictures and names for some of the Seitenshi (Spirit Angels, one size smaller than the Youtenshi/Infant Angels).

      This one is "Hoh" (to rhyme with "low". Um... awkward name choice, Volks.)

      On the left is Hikaru, on the right is "Hook" (with a long oo sound; does not rhyme with book or look)

      I wonder if these are the three that were given away to the Tenshi no Wa subscribers?

      (Edited to make them URL links rather than direct image theft... Maybe I should save the images and upload them elsewhere??)
    2. My goodness! If they make them any smaller, they'd hafta be embryos! Still cute-- any word on the price on these little darlings yet?
    3. Aww~ how cute!

      *also curious about the price* Also, does anybody know how big they are?
    4. I think they are, becuase in that same bank of photos it looked like they were giving one to a girl.
    5. EEEKS!! the one with blue wings int eh second pic has such a cute ickle grumpy face!!! :D :D

    6. Hikaru is so sweet. :chibi
    7. Life is too short to care.
    8. OMG Im in Love I want a Hoh.. ooo that sounds odd lol.. think may change the name.. but anyway I WANT the first ickle one ive fallen for.... oooo gotta hunt for money... need cash for my ickle baby...

      any news on prices or when yet... *sigh*.... so cute.....

    9. Call me biased, but I don't see much of a resemblence... That is, no more of a rip off of blue fairy than Luts is a ripoff of SD13. The seitenshi bodies are shaped very differently and the faces are only slightly similar.
    10. Seriously -- how are they that similar? The Volks body *is* really different (the blue fairy is really fat and differently proportioned, and the Volks of course is an angel. I believe they're also different heights), and the face resembles an MSD face more than a blue fairy. Moreover, it's difficult to say their faces are really similar without a good, straight-on photo of both of them. The photo of the Volks doll isn't nearly large or detailed enough to say.) Is it the wig color? I am honestly *really* not seeing it beyond the size, but if we want to start accusing copyright infringement for size/style/design issues, than every non-Volks company is guilty considering they're all producing ball jointed dolls in exactly the same sizes and styles that Volks pioneered.
    11. Ok, when can we buy them, if at all? I'd love to carry one of them around in my purse, like those little bunny palm pilots in Chobits. So cute! ^_^
    12. They're no more copies then practically all the other korean BJD are of Volks SD and MSD. Meaning: they aren't copies. Sure Volks is ripping off the *idea* of small dolls, but the korean companies have ripped off Volks' ideas over and over again. *shrugs* It's business and that's what competition is all about. It's perfectly legal.

      From seeing these pictures and all the other pictures I've seen of the tenshi I'd say they are definitely NOT copies. They have their own sculpt and faces. That first one looks more like a baby version of Kaede Cute then anything else (and I have seen other pictures of them too).

      Now if somebody was stealing an actual doll mold, that would be a completely different story. But that's not the case here.
    13. It was meant as a half joke,

      but if you want to discuss it go ahead.

      SURE they are all doing the same thing ball jointed dolls!! thats my point and my last word because threads are crazy things and I have seen some go nuts.

      So have a great evening all !!
    14. They are so adorable! :o I wants me one!!!
    15. :cry: I want one too! Where can they be gotten and how much are they?
    16. right now they are not for sale. there is no telling whether or not they will ever be made available.
    17. If anyone's interested in seeing how the magnets for the wings work I found this page with piccies:

      I'm a little disappointed - I thought the magnets were internal and couldn't be seen from the outside.
    18. GAH! That 3rd pic is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

      Look at that cute wee bum! :D :chibi :D
    19. awawwwwwwwwwwwwww