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Volks Souji - anybody got problems with the wig?

May 11, 2008

    1. I'm not sure if this should be here but.....

      My friend and I have a Souji and we tried to put his clothes and wig on.
      but his wig is a little strange (well, at least I think it's kinda strange)
      the size is right, but there is some space between his back head and wig
      (it seems like a DD size head wearing a SD size wig)
      we can't move him around 'cause his pony tail is too heavy and will drag the whole wig off his head.
      and endless short hair falling off from the wig when brushing......

      Souji's back head....

      anybody else has these problems?
    2. I have both an Amakusa and an Okita and they both have near identical wigs and both are slightly temperamental. From what I've experienced it's just a case of figuring out what works for you to get it stable by messing with it but yeah, it's not a great wig to work with.

      I find that putting on the headband does help keep it on but yeah, I guess I'm glad I never really planned to keep my boys default very often. Good luck with it.
    3. Maybe a velvet/wig grip helps to keep the wig from falling. All my boys have it on their heads since most of them use long heavy wigs, and I don't have any problems with falling wigs anymore. :3

      The thing with the picture is that the wig is too much... 'in the front'. With the wig grip you'll be able to 'push' him down a little, without the with falling.

      I hope it helped... ;-; I don't have Volks wigs and dunno if that works in it. ^^' (and sorry for the crappy english >.<)
    4. A friend of mine suggested using that self-stick fabric bandage wrap to make wigs stay on. It's about an inch wide. I tried it on my SoulDoll Lune.


      Now his fur wig doesn't budge. And my other dolls' wigs don't ride up on the crown of their heads any more. This stuff works GREAT.


      The tape doesn't stick to anything except itself. By the way, I found a version that says it is latex free, if anyone is allergic. I will be watching it closely, though, to make sure it doesn't have an adverse reaction when applied to resin.

      Linda S.
    5. You said you'd keep an eye on it, how's it going so far? :)