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Volks Spring Stroll Version Liz

Dec 12, 2005

    1. Hello all,
      I just received my copy of the December Volks News and saw this GORGEOUS new doll----Spring Stroll Version Liz!!!

      She is part of the Maidens Promises series and her make up is gorgeous. Her dress is to KILL for. Its gorgeous.

      She is going to be released, limited to with the new book Volks is publishing with the publisher of Dolly Dolly called The Super Dollfie Kingdom.

      I am hoping to get the pictures scanned soon!

      I ran a search through the news section and nothing came up...hope it is okay to post! Its really amazing...really!
    2. another Liz, this is too cruel, hurry, I want to see the pics!
    3. So you have to submit and order through a dolly dolly form by the sounds of it? do you have to be in Japan to order? sounds beautiful !

      How do you subscribe to December News? I am signed up on the volks sight and registered with my doll. But I didn't get that.
    4. Oh Liz!! My heart *clutches chest*
    5. Treelore, they only mention that the doll is coming out with the book. No mention whether it is like the U-noa boys where you can order as many as you would like or like other past LEs Sasya and Nono Sweet Dream(where they are limited in numbers) There is no price either.

      I got to subscribe with the Volks Japan...so I got the Japanese copy. ;)
    6. If its like the gothic sleeping nono and noel, she will probably be limited to something like 30, and you get a card to sejnd away for a chance to buy her.
    7. O My God !!I want Liz !!!
      Any pics?
    8. Here is her picture, I saw her in a BBS this morning.

    9. Well the outfit is nothing special from that picture. But her faceup is really beautiful.
    10. Oh wow thank you! Her faceup IS adorable. Me want!
    11. I love that there will be more of Liz in the world! She's the only girl I have my eye on. :love
    12. Did they give any indication of when the book/doll would be released? (I guess Spring? :oops: )
    13. she is so beautiful :D
    14. Cute cute! I think Liz is one of those dolls who looks 1005 BETTER in person so I can just imagine. Swoon!
    15. *L* actually her outfit is my favorite part about her! I hope it shows up on YJA so I can snatch it! XD
    16. I've been wishing for a Liz for a while and gave up the chance to get her at the Volks opening for another dream doll. *sighs* But the 'want' for Liz hasn't gone away and I do love her new faceup. I MUST GET this girl in 2006. Am determined. ^_______^
    17. me too i want a liz so bad i can taste it! i would sell plasma to get her rofl and i hate needles lmao! she is the real only other doll i want i do wish for a boy doll someday but i would be happy to have my bella, liz and unoa
    18. Hey, what's "Volks News?" Is it a newsletter or something? How does one get it?
    19. it's a newsletter (with pictures) that Volks sends to Volks club members in Japan. So you can't really get one unless you live in Japan (they sometimes show up on YJA though...)

      But we're hoping that Volks USA club members will be able to get it eventually. ^_^ (and hopefully other countries soon after that!) but we dont know.