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Volks standard release of SD Boy Mark & SD13 Girl Elena

Jun 23, 2007

    1. Volks releases New Standard SD Boy "マーク(Mark)" & SD13 Girl "エレナ(Erena? Elena? Ellena?)" on 14th July.

      At first, their "First Limited Editions" are sold. At the same time, the pre-order of Standard Editions is started, too.

      Mark First Limited Edition
      Eyes : Citrine with Black line 18mm
      Wig : Mark Original, DD size
      Body : UV Protect

      Elena First Limited Edition
      Eyes : RoseWood with Black Line : 18mm
      Wig : Elena Original, DD size
      Body : UV Protect, L Bust Body

      Mark Standard
      Eyes : SD-01 Blue (acryliceye) : 18mm
      Wig : DD-No.94 Long Shaggy (Sato FCS exclusive wig) / Colour 27 Natural Gold
      Body : UV Protect

      Elena Standard
      Eyes : Citrine with Black line : 18mm
      Wig : W-115-D (?) / Colour 10 Classic Gold
      Body : UV Protect, L Bust Body
    2. Oh wow *-* a new SD boy..finally! Any idea if he'll have a jointed torso or different hands from Ryo?
    3. Thanks for posting this, ria_ria <3.
      Finally a new SD10 boy! He looks a bit like a brother to Luna and Kurumi to me. And the girl is giving a strong Kun vibe. Looking forward to see more pics of them, they&#180;re both quite beautiful.
    4. Ahh~ New standard dolls! <3 I love Mark, he looks handsome. 8D And it's awesome that there's no limit to getting him! Can't wait to see more of him! <3

    5. Umm, this poster has no info about a torso and hands.
      But "The First Limited Editions" will have special wigs (and maybe HG glass eyes) like as Yori / Kun First Editions.
    6. Thanks so much for sharing Ria! Finally, new standard models! Finally, an SD boy! ^^ I can't wait to see more photos of them

      Mark reminds me of the F-33, particularly the kitty one-off at NYDP2. ^^ I did a comparison, they have a similar eye shape and jaw --

    7. Mark looks adorable. :o

      I..can't think of anything else coherent to type-!
      I'm definitely looking forward to more news about him. *is totally enthralled*
    8. Oh, Nena! Wonderful :o :love
      These new models look very nice for me, too :D
    9. Mark is cute, but Elena is totally up my alley. :D The last thing I need is to see more dolls I like. X_x

      Thanks for the information, Ria! :)

    10. Elena is lovely. Mark is really cool too actually. He did remind me of that FCS head. It's nice to see new variety injected into the Standard releases.
    11. ei! what's funny!!! their called like me and my exboyfriend! LOL

      I love Elena ( my future mini Me)! at last new standar models of volks :aheartbea
    12. wow they are gorgeous... & as standard models? :fangirl:
    13. I'm so happy to see another standard girl...she is just lovely! :aheartbea
    14. I always told myself that I would never get a Volks doll until they released at least one standard head sculpt that I really liked.

      So now I'm doomed, as I really like both of these so far (my wallet hopes that further pictures will reveal that I don't actually like them much at all :sweat )
    15. Cool! I can't wait to see "real" photos of them. It's been ages since an SD boy's been released. :)
      It makes me wonder if they'll introduce new standard minis any time soon as well.
    16. OMG !! :D They are GORGEOUS ! :aheartbea
    17. Wow this is so exciting!!! I love them both. New standards seem a rare thing? Yori and Kun were introduced right before I fell under the BJD spell; and under the Volks bus ;)

      Hikaru-han thanks for your photoshop skills!!!! I felt I was looking thru dirty glasses (not a rare occurance here)
    18. Mark is like a F33...They're too similar; well I think that they're the same head mold. O.O
    19. Oh my ! Oh my !!!! I'm interested by both !!! That is not good !!!! (LOL)
      Thanks a lot for the information Ria_Ria !!!
    20. Oh! After missing out on the F-33 at Dolpa (and being stupidly distraught over it, heheh), I'm thrilled to see Mark! I hope we'll have a chance at them right when they're released!