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Volks Standards SD13 girl Rinon and SD boy Kanata

Sep 14, 2009

    1. Didn't see a discussion thread for these two cuties so i thought I start one!:3

      I really like Kanata's wig. I don't really keep up with the Volks releases, but is that a new style? Anyone know where I can get it?
    2. Rinon has definitely jumped up to the top of my 'to buy' list!
      I just love the cute look on her face!
    3. I agree! That's one of the best boy-styles they've come up with in awhile! They've got it on Volksusa.com... check the Dollfie Dream section. (Looks way cuter on Kanata, imho. ^^)

      Kanata is absolutely adorable. :aheartbea Sort of Junior Ryoya...
    4. Yeah, so many Volks releases only get chatted up in the Events threads and people rarely think to start discussions for them here. :(

      I think these may be (okay maybe for just my purposes) the best standards I've ever seen them release! The sculpts are just beautiful! He has sort of a Tsukasa-ish feeling about him and she seems to have some kind of relation to Pearl. I wouldn't mind having both of them! :aheartbea

      The wig looks like it's going to be the default all Kanatas will come with. I've never seen that exact cut from Volks before, it's awfully cool, huh?

      If Volks has them in the stores mid-month rather than at the end of October - we're buying him in Japan and shipping him home! Then my Michele can have his fraternal twin Dorian, though he will technically be owned by St. James. ;)

      edit : JN, is it the same wig as the DD version? They have such tiny heads! I assumed it would be a new size better suited for a resin head...I wonder if that means he's a bit of a pin-head?
    5. Thanks JennyNemesis! Yes i love that style :D! Do you think it will fit a larger head though? like an SD13? (don't know much about DDs :sweat)
      And your right, Kanata does look like a baby Ryoya! I think Rinon looks like she could be Okita Souji's sister. The lips kind of remind me of Okita :)
    6. Yeah I think so too! I really would love to have Kanata, but Rinon is really growing on me as well :sweat
    7. It's very rare that I take a strong liking to a Volks doll, but Kanata really is adorable! I might be adding him to my wishlist! :3
    8. Kanata just went to the top of my list :o I was going to order a junior delf next month which I kind of liked, since I wanted that size range, but Kanata is perfect :D
    9. Kanata is really really cute and Rinon could definitely be Pearl's sister. I am definitely liking the direction Volks is going in with their sculpts.

      4 of 6 of the last boy releases (Genji, Maki, Ryoya and now Kanata) have been must haves for me. My wallet will definitely be very unhappy with his release. At least he isn't lmtd. :)
    10. Kanata is doomed to come home as my Nayru. xD But, but I have to wait. T^T Well, he's next! :3
    11. Kanata is probably the first (well, to-be) standard that I actually fawned over upon first sight. If all goes well--or not well, depending on my stipend--I just might have to put him on my wishlist! :P Really though, he is wonderful. Have they always had that wig color, though, or is it totally new?
    12. Rinon is my cup of tea
      How i wish she's taller *sighs*
    13. i want them both! :aheartbea
      oh geeze....

      first thing i was reminded of when i saw them was tsukasa and pearl xD <3
    14. They are both adorable! Can't wait to see more photos, the ones on the Volks page are rather limited >_<
    15. WHYYYY omg they're both cute =_+.....I wants..I luv them both!
      Will they also be part of the FCS option?
    16. I think quite a few of their recent limiteds have come with DD sized wigs, Michele is listed as having a DD sized wig and he's never struck me as too much of a pinhead. I actually have no problem getting DD wigs onto my Kun, and she is the queen of melon heads.

      Kanata is absolutely adorable, he's definitely on my wishlist for a grown up version of my BF May boy. He's giving me this nice Tsukasa/Hewitt lovechild vibe.
    17. Kanata looks like a cutie! I'm really looking forward to seeing him with different faceups, and some eyes that aren't acrylics. :sweat It's very exciting that there's finally a standard I might want to add to my collection! :D

      Almost all the new Volks dolls fit DD wigs best, since they've been making them with smaller heads than they used to. My two new boys, my Sch C & Michele, both wear that same wig, only in Pale Ivory. It's a really great style!
    18. rinon is lovely! she reminds me a bit of kun. so sweet though. i would love to see what owners would do with them.
    19. I'm so impressed with these guys. I was loosing my faith in Volks, but it's definatly renewed.
    20. I've never wanted a Volks doll so much as I want Kanata! He's absolutely adorable!