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Volks Super Dollfie Cute discussion Part 2

Aug 26, 2017

    1. I went to the Dolpa AfterEvent today so got the staff to help me take off Renee's hands. Turns out I am just an idiot after all - the problem was I just wasnt pulling hard enough. (the slight resistance I met when I tried scared me too much lol). It got ridiculously easy after they demonstrated it to me.
      I picked up these new MSD clothes for my Renee though and now he's a boy. I still can't think of a name though, and I'm still undecided on changing his eyes. Mostly because I still haven't even decided on the eye colour of this OC - I do like the brown though.

      -------------- Added notes --------------

      This is now a discussion thread for SDcute. Volks SDC Arashi, Miko, Kurt, Ren, Kaede, Kurenai, Renee, Ryu, Toki, Gretel, Hansel etc.

      Talk about clothes, eyes and wigs that fit.

      Volks SDC Wiki:
      Super Dollfie Cute - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      Body comparisons photos:

      Volks Msd hands compared to SDC hands:

      Different types of Sdc hands:

      Volks Sdc Ryu boy next to Volks Msd Boy posing

      Comparison DoC U boy with Volks SDC boy Arashi
      Problems With Volks Super Dollfie Cute Kurenai SdCute

      Sdc boy posing Nudity

      Sdc girl Sora posing body. (warning nudity)

      Msd head on SDC body
      Volks Msd Head + Sdc Body? Hybrid | Den of Angels

      Volks Yo/MidiVolks on Msd, Midi and Sdc bodies

      Sdc Ren and Msd Hisui

      Comparisons: Lati Blue Boy, Volks Sdc boy, Volks Msd long leg boy, Volks Msd long leg Girl, Yo Tenshi, Volks Msd Boy, Volks Msd girl,
      Serendipity 14 Mini girl, Orient dae Type, Custom House LJ
      Mini Height Confirmations - Please Contribute! - Upd 11/20/10

      Msd and Sdc heads on non volks bodies Hybrids:

      Clothes that fit Sdc boys:

      Posing Problems with SDcute Kurenai
      Problems With Volks Super Dollfie Cute Kurenai SdCute | Den of Angels
      Problems With Volks Super Dollfie Cute Kurenai SdCute

      Posing head problems Arashi
      Problems With Volks Super Dollfie Cute Kurenai SdCute

      Sdc girl Kurenai measurements
      Problems With Volks Super Dollfie Cute Kurenai SdCute

      SDC Girl Kurenai measurements:

      Height: 16.5"
      Eyes: 16 mm
      Bust: 6.75"
      Waist: 5.5"
      Hip: 7.5"
      Bicep: 2.5"
      Elbow: 2.5"
      Elbow flexed: 3"
      Thigh: 4 3/8"
      Knee: 3"
      Knee flexed: 4.5"
      Ankle 2.5"
      Heel: 3.5" (around heel & front of foot with foot pointed)
      Neck: 3.25"
      Front shoulder width: 2 1/8"
      Back shoulder width: 2 3/8"
      Neck to bust point: 1 3/4"
      Bust point to bust point: 1.5"
      Neck to waist: 3.5
      Back neck to floor: 14
      Front neck to floor: 13.75
      Waist to Floor: 11.5
      Hip to Floor: 10
      Inseam: 8.5
      Girth: 13.25
      Shoulder to Elbow: 2.5
      Shoulder to Wrist: 4.75
      Shoulder to Wrist, Bent: 5.375
      Mid-back Neck to Wrist: 7
      Wig: 7

      Sdc Toki Boy measurements:
      Neck : 8.5 cm
      chest/bust 18.5 cm
      shoulder 9.5cm
      16cm waist
      18.5cm hips

      Sdc Database

      Sdc Sora/Toki Database http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-Toki-Sweet-Messengers-of-Sato&highlight=sdc*

      Sdc Kurt Database http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...g-(Volks-SD16-Amelia-SDC-Kurt)&highlight=kurt

      Sdc Renee Database http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...ute-(Volks-Super-Dollfie-Cute-Renee-Database)

      Sdc Ryu Database http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-Sato-Messenger-a-Volks-SDCute-Ryu-Database-_

      Sdc General Database

      Where Angels Lie: Great Info about Volks Sdc by Cassiel

      Volks Mini Super Dollfie discussion Part 2:

      Volks Super Dollfie Midi discussion Part 1:

      Volks Super Dollfie Cute discussion Part 1:
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    2. Never thought that Renee would be great as a boy too :) so following the previous thread for Volks wig a YoSD size can fit her? but in other brands the normal 7-8? Still depends with the brands then? :o
    3. It seems like it does depend, unfortunately.... I hope someone with a bigger doll collection and wider variety of wig sizes and brands can give some insight. I cautiously believe that other company's 7-8 would be ok and only Volks 6-7 is big enough bbuuut I literally only have Volks and Crobidoll brand wigs to compare. (Volks 6-7: perfect, Crobi 6-7: impossibly small, Crobi 7-8: perfect with a wig stopper, Volks 7-8; haven't tried but feel it'd be big??)

      Also its kinda an honour to have my Renee at the start of this new thread 8'D
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    4. I still recommend 7-8 for most SDC heads, preferably with a silicone wig cap underneath. Sometimes you can get a stretchy 6-7 to fit, but it's been my experience that unless it's a Volks Yo-SD/SDC wig, it'll be a little too snug. My SDCs are Kurenai, Gretel, and Mina, and that's been the case for all three of them. The 6-7 wigs I've tried on them that were too snug were from Monique, Luts, LeeKe World, and For My Doll (Fortunately I have some Bunny Nine dolls that can wear those happily~). The Nine9 Style 6-7 wig that came with one of my Bunnies DOES work on the SDCs, as it's a stretchy one. Hope this is helpful.
    5. Yep. :< I tried for a second Renee so that I could have a girl as well. They probably only had 1-2 in stock. I decided to try to today and see if I had anything in mind for a girl Renee with the spare clothes/wigs I have (even Mamu's), and they look super cute, but... my Renee can't be anyone but Jules haha. I have a very special connection to this doll and almost feel like having twins would be wrong- edit to clarify: didn't get a Renee on the website. Was thinking about trying second-hand if I wanted a twin. ;;

      Speaking of another Renee boy- here is Jules. Sadly the background was dark so you can't see his ears and I didn't catch daylight when I remembered to take a picture to show my friend (I cut the wig myself. It was too long when I got it. :| Still can't see the detail that well.) I was wondering if I'd like this set from Volks or not, but I did so I placed an order for the girl's red set ha...ha... (I don't even know when I'm going to use it.)

      #5 pinksugar, Sep 3, 2017
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    6. Wow, Renee does look good as a boy too. She's got that spunky look that suits either gender.

      It turns out that Volks had the same stock at 2017 LA Dolpa, in terms of hands, that they did for the 2015 event. Just the hands-01 for SDC Girls. Although I had hoped for a full array like is present on Renee's Japan-only owner order form, the hands-01 are still the most useful of the choices if they carried only one style. I went ahead and bought a pair for Renee so she could hold stuff when not doing kitty poses.

      Her hands are easier to change than I initially realized, with the little notch that you set the S-Hook into. I learned how to take them off in order to slide on the wrist cuffs of her default outfit.

      Sadly, because of being physically away from a computer at the LA Dolpa on the selfsame weekend Volks Japan did the Renee clickwar (scheduling!), I wasn't able to try for a second one myself either even though I wanted another of her too ^_^;.

      To follow up on the feet question I had from the previous thread, I got my first SDMidi body and was able to compare directly with Renee's. The bottom of the feet are very nearly identical, so shoes would certainly be cross-compatible. However the ankle joint is fairly different, with SDMidi having a much fatter ankle ball than Renee and the top part of the foot shaped differently to accommodate. Even if the MSD foot might hook onto SDC's ball joint, it'd probably gap enough to look odd. So, yep, I think that's out, just like the pudgy MSD hands don't quite fit SDC's look either.

      I'm really liking Renee so far. I've always wanted an SD catgirl, and her mischief kitty expression puts a smile on my face every time.
    7. Wasn't someone here looking for SDC H-03 hands? There's a pair on Mandarake right now for 1500 yen. まんだらけ通販 Hopefully they'll still be there when the person sees this!
    8. Volks Msd F-13 (Echo) on (Sdc girl body)
      and Msd Hewitt (on Sdc boy body) dressed as pirates for Halloween.

      Echo wear a 1/6 "pirate of caribbean" shirt/jacket/vest Jacket.
      Her skirt is a "fairy skirt" by @Sylphide .
      Hewitt wears a Tonner Pirates of the Caribbean outfit.

      #8 ginarolo, Oct 9, 2017
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    9. I keep seeing an SDC girl on some of the Japanese selling sites, and my iPad translates her name as SDC Sky. Usually the face-ups appear to look as though they might have been re-done, since they never look exactly like any of the SDC default face-ups. I'm having trouble seeing through the face-up to the underlying face-sculpt, so I'm having a hard time figuring out just which one of the SDC girls she actually is! Please, does anyone know who SDC Sky is?
      #9 JRyu, Oct 11, 2017
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    10. Sky is the translation for Sora! Where Angels Lie - A Super Dollfie Database - SD Cute
    11. No problem, @JRyu. I bought a Sora once for her body (I had purchased a Mina head) and was surprised by how much cuter Sora is in person than in pictures. She has a lovely unique face :) If I’d had the funds at the time to buy another body I probably would have kept her head X3

      Edited to add: I finally got my hands on her ; w ; My Renée's name is Maaya, and she's a redhead!
      Here she is with my other SDC girls.

      #11 RamenDoodles, Oct 11, 2017
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    12. My Renee's head actually seems smaller than my other SDC girls'. I haven't taken all their wigs off to compare, but just from trying different wigs on her, it seemed much smaller. Possibly a true 6-7.
    13. Ooh that's interesting, I often hear about how big her head is.
      Does anyone in this thread own Renee and 1/4 dolls/heads from other brands? I'd love to see comparisons of anyone has them.
    14. Ok, so here are some comparison shots. I didn't include my Mina because I lost her original head cap in a river, and the substitute I made for it is absolutely hideous and likely nowhere close to the proper size :lol:

      Renee | Kurenai | Gretel





      It's true that on the whole, Renée's head is bigger than the other girls'. But the crown of her head, where the wig sits, is smaller. I think the fact that her (human) ears are much higher adds to this. It's funny, even though it looks like Kurenai has the smallest head of the three, I have the hardest time getting smaller wigs to fit on her noggin. Who knows! (Also, Gretel's plate fell off AGAIN as I was taking these pictures :doh)
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    15. In the river?! Oh no :c
      Thank you for the pic, though! I didn't realize Kurenai's head looked so small. If Hansel is the same size as Gretel I think he'd look perfect with Renee though.
      But I'm still open to other companies too for my Renee's friend, so does anyone here with SDCs also have any 1/4 dolls from other companies?
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    16. Great comparison photos @RamenDoodles.

      Can someone who has an older Sdc girl body compare it to the newer Mina, May or Renee bodies?

      I have been trying to find comparison photos or more detailed photos of the newer Volks Sdc girl body.

      I was reading a Japanese Volks page using a online translator when Mina and May came out.
      SDCute「メイ」「ミナ」ちょこっと改良ボディにつきまして: ボークス VS/VIP ☆ Dollfie Members Blog

      It mentioned the Sdc girl body was updated or improved for Mina and May. But I don't know what those exact changes were.

      If you have the new Sdc body...
      Check out the shoulder or inside shoulder joint and back of knee. The May/Mina body is suppose to be more stable and pose better than the earlier versions.
    17. Thanks! Since my Gretel is on an old Renee body and my Mina is on a Sora body, I can look into those comparisons for you. I’ve definitely noticed the new Renee’s shoulder posing is more solid, but I haven’t really looked to see what changed. I’ll look into it tomorrow :)
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    18. I'm glad theres more Renees here now! I'm excited to see what gets done with the new ones.
      I got the new hand parts for mine but I've only tried these ones so far.
      I also ended up getting the ''boy/girl clasping'' ones...just in case I do end up getting that Gretel ha...ha. (And well, even if I dont, a single doll can use them too - I haven't looked that closely at them but even if one of the hands is meant to be a boys one they dont look that differently sized from my brief look)
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    19. @Torino the clasping hands are one male hand and one female hand. The male hand is larger.
      I am reworking my photos of sdc hands slowly as photobucket lost them all.

      But here is one with sdc boy side showing.

      Compare for size Msd, Sdc boy Kurt, Sdc joined hands boy side.

      @RamenDoodles Any info/photos about the different with the new SDC girl body would be a great help.
      #19 ginarolo, Nov 14, 2017
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    20. @ginarolo Sorry it took me a couple days! Also, apologies for the poor lighting. This is the best I could do :yawn

      So to the comparisons! The only difference I was able to find was in their shoulder joints. First up is the old Renée body, from 2007.

      As you can see, just your average ball joint. Nothing fancy.

      Now, here is the 2017 Renée body.


      There's a little hook in the ball part of the joint.


      Peeling back the KIPS, you can see there are grooves in the socket for that hook in the ball joint to lock into. This is what helps her keep her arms raised (though honestly I feel like the KIPS are almost in the way for this to work...).

      Hope this helps! Sorry again for the lateness.
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