Volks Super Dollfie ~ SD, SD13, SDGr, SD16, SD17 & FCS - Part V

Jun 15, 2012

    1. Yay new thread. I might start saving for a new FCS
    2. A new thread. Yay!
      More Isao

    3. Yay I can actually join a Volks thread now :D
      This is Fi, my SD16 Kira. Still figuring out her look but I just love to stare at her hehe

    4. CathyM, Isao look wonderful, I just love Hijikata and its wonderful to see another handsome boy onboard ^^ And Happy birthday to Rei XD, XiaoCream.
      Fi's faceup look really good, love to see more of her, elsii.

      Just to share picture I took of my 2 boys today. Wanted to create a Japanese Meiji times feel so please meet My Lieutanant & Swordsman ^___^

    5. Everyone's Volks dolls are absolutely gorgeous! The Volks website has NOTHING on all of your photos (their photos are very lackluster ^^;; ) I cannot wait till I can pick up my Nono Winter Smile in a few months! Looking at all these photos is getting me super excited. :D
    6. elsii: oh your kira is so beautiful! omg i love her faceup~
    7. My boy is schedule to arrive today, so I'm haunting the mail lady. Can't wait! :)
    8. [​IMG]

      Drive by Shinji spam for new thread.
    9. He arrived! He's such a work-in-progress. I love it! He definitely needs new string, cleaning, some kips/sueding/hot glue and of course, a new faceup. It wasn't so bad in person but not what I envision for him at all, so it had to go. But before I wiped it off, I took a picture of it. He has no eyes in (he didn't come with any) and I was too impatient to put some extras I had in. haha


      I'm packing him up right now to get his new makeup. :)
    10. Congratulations! Even without eyes, he's still a cutie. :chibi: And, bon voyage to Lucas & good luck at the faceup spa. I hope he comes home with the j-rock makeup of his dreams.
    11. Thank you! He is such a cutie! And now without his makeup, I'm all :D over him. I love his face sculpt so much. His skintone is amazing, too. I was expecting him to be really yellow, since he's about ten years old, but now that his face is clean, he looks as pale as my 2007 School C's skintone.

      He didn't come with a Volks headplate, but isn't it normal for really old Volks dolls not to have them? Even if they were part of fullsets at one point? That's what I thought I read somewhere.
    12. XiaoCream: Your Rei is just utter perfection. LOVE that color on her~ *-* I never knew SwD Nana could be so mysterious and sultry.

      derilan85: Hooray for drive by Shinji!!! n__n So nice to see some F36~ He's got the cutest smile <3

      agashi: Whoever did Sonata's face-up did a MARVELOUS job. They totally brought out everything that is wonderful about Elena. I have Elena on my wish list and your pictures make me pine for her even more. I hope you will share more of her.

      krissi: Hope your handsome boy enjoys the time in the spa, can't wait to see him when he returns! :)
    13. So many gorgeous dolls in this new thread already wow!!!!
    14. All the dolls are so beautiful! I love the photo spam guys, keep it up! ;)
    15. Okay then, here is another Shinji.


      He has a new purple kimono made lovingly for us by a friend; I'm still working on the photos so he can show the rest of it off properly. <3
    16. [​IMG]

      my homie wanted to say "yo" to everyone....
    17. Dybbuk- Thanks, I love my little man very much, hope hubby won't get too jealous over him;)
    18. I love how this thread started off with a bang!

      Here is that gown I made for Daria that I promised. Finally took the pictures :D

      Daria by designbasia, on Flickr