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Volks Tea Party in NY

Apr 18, 2006

    1. Would the original poster of this News Announcement please post the information again!

      I am sorry for the inconvenience!
    2. I wonder why this post keeps vanishing???

      Anyway, I was not the origianl poster but I am a contributor to FDQ Magazine. So here's the scoop dirrect from the FDQ website:

      Volks INC. New York tea party for Super Dollfie Collectors
      (July 29th, 2006)
      New York City

      Mark your calendars for a very special NYC event to be announced in collaboration with Volks INC. at which a new FDQ exclusive will be presented! You must be a subscriber to attend this event, so make sure you are in our database in time for the invitation!

      Here's the link:
      Just go to 'Events'

      Now there were many questions in the original post. I wrote to my Editor and this is what she is willing to reveal at this time:

      "Regarding the Volks Tea Party in New York City. Both Volks and FDQ will post the final information and procedures for attending in May. The date and venue have been set, but there are certain details that must be finalized before publicizing the official information. We wish to come up with a system that will be fair for all SD members and FDQ subscribers to attend that wish to, and allow time for any travel plans. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you in July!"

      So for now we all must be patient, this event is 3 months away and soon all will be revealled.

      Annmarie LaBella
      FDQ Contributor
    3. My fault ENTIRELY on the vanishing posts - I'm sorry. Thank you for reposting this information, Am! I hope you can keep an informed eye on this thread to answer relevant FDQ questions.
    4. Can someone point me in the direction of the Volks registration thread?
    5. what Volks registration thread?

    6. The SD Owners club
    7. I believe that it's been already close...the second time around.

    8. So if you are a subscriber can you go? I am waiting for my first Volks FCS Dolfie, she sould be here soon but I would also love to receive this interesting looking magazine!
    9. I'm hoping this won't get deleted, since I'm trying to answer questions posed in the current thread....

      Here's the link on Volks English site for Super Dolfie Owner's to register their dolls:


      Right underneath the title banner on the page, look for tiny little words to the right that say "Please go to see the Registration page from here" Click on the word "here" to be taken to the page where you enter your Volks doll info.

      For those of you looking to purchase a single copy of FDQ Magazine online, try Doll Market:


      Hope this info is considered helpful and will not be deleted.

      Juli DC
    10. Zagzagael
      Thanks for the explanation - and I'll try to let everyone know when more details are revealed.

      FDQ is aware of the Barbie Convention, as a matter of fact half the staff will be there. Volks chose this date - so what can we do? Sorry to all the Barbie collectors.

      Stella Maris
      Pat (the editor) has received a few emails from new SD owners who are not registered with Volks. She will be bringing it to the attention of them. We hope to have more info next month.

      Thanks for your links. FDQ is also sold in some Barnes & Nobles and Border Bookstores in the U.S, as well a few Doll Stores. There used to be a list on the website, but I can't find it.
    11. To get the list of retailers carrying FDQ, click on the tab that says back issues and scroll down. I was just in Gigi's Dolls and Sherry's Teddy Bears in Chicago this past weekend and they recently started to carry FDQ, but aren't on the list yet.
    12. So, does anyone know if you have to be both a subscriber to FDQ and a member of the Volks USA SD club to attend this tea party? Or can you attend if you hacw just one or the other? thanks - Alex
    13. i'm pretty sure you have to both a subscriber and a member of the club

      But i am not sure if that means we definetely get to go.
      Can anyone clarify if attendance is limited?
    14. Well, I'm not a subscriber to FDQ so I have no idea if I will be invited or not. My major question is if everyone is going to get slapped with NYC tax if they buy a doll at this particular event? :shudder If so... Web Dollpa for me thank you.
    15. I'm sure we will get hit with NYC tax, if you are a NY resident, as the people did at the Volks opening who live in CA.

      It says you must subscribe to FDQ to attend, also.
      Plus, the Dolpha is separate from the tea, isn't it?
      There will be a WebDolpha for the next dollparty, but I've seen nothing saying they will be selling any Dolpha dolls at the tea.
      Or did I miss something?
    16. No Dolpa dolls at the tea party, I think - it wouldn't make sense, the tea party is months after the Dolpa. Probably the only doll they'll be selling will be the "FDQ exclusive", although I'm going to keep hoping they'll give out a Sei-Tenshi or two...
    17. I wonder if it's an or thing on that list of eligibility? o_o Like you could be a registered volks member and resident of one of those four states OR a subscriber to FDQ? It just doesn't make sence that they'd limit the eligibility to one small chunk of the US if people from other states could make it.
      Maybe it's just wishful thinking. XD I can't wait to hear more about this in any case!
    18. I wonder how they are going to coordinate the list of Volks members with the FDQ subscribers. Volks never sent a membership card when I registered months ago. Has anyone in the U.S. gotten a membership card from Volks? I seem to remember something about membership cards. Maybe they did a lottery to pick the states. - Barb
    19. The new membership card design is not printed up yet, that's the major reason no one has gotten one.