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Volks to release snowskin Yuu at Tenshi no Sato Anniversary Event

Feb 9, 2008

    1. Tenshi no Sato Anniversary Event/ Kyoto Dolpa 5 Eve
      2008年3月15日(土) 18:00 ~ Saturday, March 15, 6pm. (?)
      ¥5,250 to attend

      Thanks to everyone who took the time to translate the article! I stopped once I saw "ドルパ京都5" Laaaaazy. :sweat

      Here is the link http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/volks/tenshinosato/zenyasai3.html

      And here is a screencap...

    2. this may be a stupid question - but will she be available like other yos are at dolpas (in that could we enter the lottery at volksusa to get one or order one from the site during the after event) or will she be limited to just people who attend the event? i ask because the kyoto dolpa 5 label is throwing me off (i'm used to the yotenshis being released at seperate special events - or am i wrong there too?) thanks ^^
    4. I think the white skin Yuu is probably being released for the Tenshi no Sato Anniversary event which is also at that time. ^_^;

      Is it lottery to attend and will there be more sakura wings?
    5. Actually, Tenshi no Sato Anniversary event is the day before HTD Kyoto 5, it's also written as "The Night Before HTD Kyoto 5 Festival" if you translate it literally.

      The white-skin Yuu is only available at the Tenshi no Sato Anniversary, not at HTD Kyoto 5 (as far as the information on the page goes).
    6. My understanding is the Tenshi no Sato Anniversary is an invitation event for Volks Members in Japan. I think I read it on the Sato Blog or elsewhere on the Volks International Site. Sorry I don't have the link now.
    7. Some are more invitation only than others. ^_^;;

      In March 06, I want to say all VIP/VS members were sent an invitation but either 100 or 200 VS/VIP members were chosen by lottery to attend and could bring up to 1 guest.

      In March 07, all VIP/VS members were sent an invitation and then when they came the day of the event drew a lottery # which gave them their position in line much like at a Dolpa.

      While not an Anniversary event the October Sato event followed a similar procedure to the March 07 one.

      I am curious if this event will be like the March 06 or the March 07 one. Having the names chosen by lottery in advance and all attendees being guaranteed a doll is much easier on possible attendees than lottery that day.
    8. Can someone translate and see if those wings will be available to buy at the event, or if they're only obtainable with the doll?
    9. It says that the pink wings will be available in limited quantities to those who attend the event on the eve of the Kyoto Dollpa 5.
    10. The Tenshi no Sato Anniversary event is, as rkold mentioned, held most years on the evening before the March Kyoto Dolpa. Most of them are limited in numbers of attendees allowed, around 100-200.

      This particular event will be decided by lottery. Applications are being taken in advance (now till February 28th) and winners will be notified by mail on or around March 3rd.

      The cost to attend is 5,250yen. This cost includes not only the food and drink that you'll partake of, but also the 'sakura' (pink) coloured YoTenshi wings. All attendees will receive one pair of these wings but they will not actually be delivered to you until roughly a month after the event.

      All attendees are allowed to order the white skin YoTenshi Yuu if they desire. However you have to make this decision when sending in your lottery application, rather than later. (This is customary for Volks events like this.) So in theory every attendee at the even could buy white-skinned YoTenshi Yuu, but the reality may be different. (Some people just like the events. ^^)

      Attendees can also bring a guest with them if they wish. You must name this guest at the time of sending in your lottery application. Guests will pay a fee of 1,575yen which includes the food and drink. Guests don't get the YoTenshi wings, nor can they choose to buy white-skinned YoTenshi Yuu. So ultimately although each application may be for 2 people, each application is for only one YoTenshi Yuu and only one pair of YoTenshi wings.

      You need to be a valid member of one of Volks' clubs (VIP or other) in order to apply for the lottery to attend. You need to include your club number with your application.

      Yuu's details are as follows: (further pics from Volks here)

      Price: 38,000yen (39,900yen with tax)
      Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
      Eyes: HG Glass Eyes, Light Violet, 16mm
      Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup, UV Coated
      Wig: W-111C, Ivory, SD Cute size
      Body: YoTenshi body, White skintone, UV Protect
      Comes with: 'Yuu' version wings, white

      So basically the same as normal Yuu, except that the wig is Ivory instead of Natural Gold.

      Oh, there's also a 'talk show' and exchange meeting, with guests including Akihiro Enku, Takashi Kitamura, Noboru Ohashi, Valico and Ciera. (^_^)

      Hope that helps! Feel free to ask me if you have further translation queries. :)
    11. Thanks for the translation Cassiel.
      We were discussing the doll itself in the Volks General Discussion in the tinies section
    12. Does anyone have the Volks page for HTD Kyoto 5? I had seen a link on it here back in Nov. or so, but I can't for the life of me find it. :sweat Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but it's relevant at least. :sweat