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Volks Tokyo Boys Tidbit

Sep 4, 2005

    1. Ok, now maybe this is supposed to be a secret... but I get the feeling you all need one more reason to be more excited about the release of the next Tokyo Shonen.

      While I was picking out my FCS at Tenshi No Sato with Akari-san, we both kept saying that it sure took a long time to decide!
      Later driving in the car together the topic came up again. I wondered aloud if it took so long just for me to decide which peices of the doll to put together, it must take her forever to design a whole new doll! She agreed and said there was a doll she had been working on for the past 1 1/2 years, the fourth Tokyo Boy. I said wow, that was a long time- it must be a great doll! She said she hopes so, but that part of the reason he was taking so long was because, well, the other three Tokyo boys were *SD13*... (dot dot dot). And the fourth is not. Somehow I get the idea that he's not going to be SD, and he's not going to be MSD, or Yo-SD, or that little tiny fairy thing. She didn't say anymore about him. But I had some of my own speculations!

      What do you all think?

    2. Oooh, mystery!

      There were speculations a long while back of a new "SD16" line to come...
    3. Thats exactly what came to my mind!

    4. Sounds scrumptious. <3

      (Not that I need to even think about another boy... XD)
    5. oooo I think SD16 too. *getting all excited*
    6. Oh shit. (o_o) Maybe I SHOULD sell my Jun to get the funds to buy him then? x3

      I'm going to hell. x3

      I can't wait!!!

      Why do you tempt me so!? X3 Wow... to meet mikey... I'm still so jealous of you! In a good way. (^____^)

      I don't have the sillohette picture or whatever it's called, but I think it indicated that it would be full sized... and Jun wasn't a boy, she was released as a sibling...

      I think you'd probably have a picture of it Valentine.

      What do they usually retail, the Tokyo boys, after the event where they're released?

      How do you go about buying one through people that buy it for you without an auction?

      Where can I sell my soul? Where have you heard news or rumors about SD16 bodies?
    7. *gives you a cookie*
      Yes..feed my thoughts of conspiracy! XD

      To me it don't matter as long as he's a new face..not a smaller version of an already existing doll...or maybe sunlight @__@ yeah...sunlight would be good.

      Wait, what's this about SD 16? *dies*
      So I'm thinking about auctioning my kidney on YJ... XD
    8. SD16?! Oh my! I can't tell you how happy a SD16 line would make me!
    9. Volks released a semi-creepy brochure with the stages of one's life plotted out with super dollfie. Above SD13 is SD16 then "mother SD'. The mother SD is Mary and won't be released, but we've heard that the SD16 will be released. No further information on size or design has been given. My personal best guess is that they will be slightly taller than SD13s and the boys will have a more "ripped" build, a la Souldoll or maybe even Bermann and the girls will be even more curvy (even though SD13 girls are fab because they're so pretty and yet so realistically proportioned. >.<)
    10. And just as we thought that the Hounds/Bermanns would stay the 'tall boys forever'... *grin* May not for much longer!

      Wow. From the looks of this one, I might have to plot and scheme to get him instead of Ru (Ru is unlimited, patient, and probably would be gleeful to have two wonderful big brothers). Hopefully he won't be out for a while...might be the first Volks doll I get!
    11. Thank you Sarah for sharing this juicy tidbit! How exciting!!
    12. Haha- the thought of a MSD-sized Tokyo Boy is just brilliant. Some kid (I keep picturing Hewitt) giving Isao, Shiro and Tsukasa lip. *is tired*
    13. Wow, that's interesting. :daisy
    14. It would be so cool for them to finally release a SD16 boy! :D I've been waiting for a while to see what they will look like. I hope they aren't TOO much different from SD13s, cause really tall, really muscular guy dolls creep me out just a little. :oops:

      I never thought about the forth Tokyo Boy being anything other then an SD13 boy, but actually, having him be older is a nice touch (if he really will be a SD16, that is). :grin:

      Can't wait! :D
    15. Hahaha, boy thats a funny picture!
      Isao says "Go home twerp!!

    16. *whimper* I already have huge dreams of eventually getting money and being able to get an Isao, but now I might have to add another one?

      *grins* I need to get another job...
    17. Ooooh, yes. It would be SO cool if the 4th boy was the flagship for a whole new doll size. <3
      (New being relative, of course, with Bermann and Hound being bigger all ready.)
    18. SD 16 is just SD +6cm...not that much eh? So hurrah!
      Sarah I owe you a dozen cookies for sharing this. XDD

      People start writing your predictions!

      I predict the fourth Tokyo boy will be have glasses. They all have different styles right?
      Shirou-bad boy

      Please let him be a geek boy *___*
    19. It sounds so cool!!! I can't wait for knowing who he is!