Volks "Tokyo Shonen Monogatari" (Tokyo Boys manga)

Sep 9, 2004

    1. The Rinkya newsletter has a big ole' thing on Super Dollfies as many of you likely know already. I was suprised to see the author state that Volks' "Tokyo Shonen Monogatari" series of Super Dollfies 13 was based on manga of the same name. There *is* a comic published by Flower Comics with that same name and kanji, but can anybody confirm that if I were to go buy it at Sasuga this weekend, I could spend the afternoon reading all about the adventures of Tsukasa, Shiro, Isao, and ______? Would I be reading about some other completely unrelated boys' stories? Please let me know if this is fact or honest mistake.
    2. I don't know if it's the same one you mention, but there's a comic in the Hana to Yume line by that title. A small picture of the cover can be seen here, if I copied the link correctly:


      Unfortunately, there's no blurb to give one an idea of who the characters are, but at least you can get an idea of the art. Sorry I can't be more help.
    3. I'm not sure either, but here's the kanji if you wanted to look it up using Japanese.
      It's the same kanji that appears on the Volks' website.

      A bigger picture of that manga cover can be found here.
      http://www.maillist.com.tw/maillist/file/ishtar/20030725092056.html on the left.
      The ISBN number is 4592176006.

      I'm curious about this series as well. It'd be nice to see the character influence for the dolls. :wink:
    4. (I refer to the Asahi link posted, not to any possible manga mentioned on the Volks pages or Rinkya)

      I believe it is unrelated.

      I have the manga in question, it is by my favourite artist, Ragawa Marimo. ^__^

      But it is also a very old collection of her one-off stories, published around 1991, and doesn't contain anyone that looks remotely like any of the Tokyo boys so far.

      ^_^ It's probably a coincidence as the name is so generic...Tokyo Boys Story.
    5. Hi, I'm the author of the article. ^_^

      I'm seeking to confirm or deny. My understanding is that there is a recent Tokyo Shounen Monogatari and that the SD13 dolls are derived from it. I can't find where I read that (I spent about four months immersed in Japanese SD sites, so it could be on any one of a hundred pages). There is a drawn image on one of Isao's many pages on Volks's site (scroll down to the bottom), and I haven't seen that with other dolls. That's hardly conclusive, of course, but it is suggestive.

      Anyway, I'm looking into it and will post again when I know more. The article's no use if it isn't right.

    6. Hallo Uriko,

      Wow, I'm glad you stopped by and saw this thread here! It's one of those things where I actually really, really, really, really want it to be true, but pessimism gets in the way. It was the first I'd ever seen of it, hence the post to this board to see if anyone here could fill in the gaps. No offense was intended.

      The article was great, by the way... really informative and I'm so greatful for all the links that were included. I've personally been referring back to both parts quite a bit for reference :) The information collected on whole is great and it's very well presented. Hope there's a part III sometime.
    7. they have made a few little mini comics and drawings of the characters though, (like Tsukasa had a cute one of him with a dog) I'm not sure about whether there's an entire comic... We haven't seen one yet anyway...!

      I think some of the stuff in the rinkya letter is a little inaccurate? :oops:
    8. No, certainly no offense. If it's not true, I want to know.

      I did my best to confirm everything I could on Volks's site. If I couldn't find something on their site, I went out to collector pages. I also tried to indicate in the article which information came from which source. For instance, SD13 Megu's eyes: "Her eyes are Dark Blue; per collectors' sites, they're 18 mm." The color is from Volks's specs on their site; the size they didn't have, so I got that from collectors' sites.

      I never imagined all of it would be correct; you can't put that much data together and have it all be right. A refining process is necessary. I'm glad to be getting some feedback. I did get some right after I posted about the article to the Yahoo! Groups mailing list, but I haven't seen anything else since.

      Thanks again! More about Tokyo Shounen Monogatari when I know more! ^_^;;;;

    9. I sent you a detailed email just now hopefully that will help! :)

      but you can find almost all the information on our site. (perhaps you could link to it?) :) we try to cooraborate as often as possible, so most of the information should be accurate! again, if I can help more let me know!
    10. I used to know a link to a site where it showed the drawings and short comics of the Tokyo Boys (and there was one on Lucas and Chris) but I lost it. Does anyone have a link, or the images?

      Oh and what was the special nickname Tsukasa has for Shirou? I thought I read it on the Tsukasa bio on the Volks site but it's no longer up, and I didn't see it on sd.net either.
    11. Although I'm not on Volks dolls, I must confess I'm curious about that comic...
      (sorry I'm not helping you,but at least bumped the topic :oops: )
    12. Actually it's Shiro calling Tsukasa "Tsuka-pyon"

      Shiro didn't a comics and nither did Isao (-_-),so for now Tsukasa is the only Tokyo Boy who does.

      I hope that the 4th boy will have a comic. Tsukasa's comic is so cute.

      Kat ~ running off to look for Tsukasa's comic ~
    13. Thank you! No wonder I couldn't remember it, "Shiro-pyon" isn't half as catchy :wink:

      Yeah sorry, by comics I mean just the one with Tsukasa, and the Tokyo boy drawings, plus the Lucas/Chris one..

      but if you can find it I will love you forever :)

    14. Where did these comics show up? I need leads for looking for them. I'm desperate! ^_^
    15. Someone told me you can order the original (boy's love, isn't it?) manga from Acclimate Solutions:
      "Tokyo Shounen Monogatari" by Marimo Ragawa (Hakusensha)

      The website is:

      Yep, that's the way it's spelled. I don't know if it's the same as the dolls though, it's just something I read on a website about them.
    16. That manga doesn't have anything to do with the Volks Tokyo boys though, does it? "Tokyo Boys Story" isn't exactly an unusual title...

      I'd love to have a peek at these comics too. ^_^
    17. With witch version of Chris/ Lucas was the comic included?

      Ps. I will scan in Tsukasa's comic tonight. :grin:
    18. I had them on my site at one point... but :oops: I cant remember where I put the files! gaaah I suck. if someone could rescan the tsukasa that would be awesome.

      the chris and lucas was on a website I think somewhere?
    19. PS,... the tsukasa one, came with his limited backpack
    20. Don't forget the comic! I must see this comic :_;

      Man, if there is a regular manga starring thiese boys, it will almost make up for the fact that I have none of them!

      Which reminds me....

      A frind of mine (who has two of them!) has the theory that they are all part of a band. Tsukasa and Isao have "guitar hands" and Shirou looks like he'd be pretty comfy with a mike.