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Volks USA Website Now Open

Nov 29, 2005

    1. Volks just made an announcement of their new US website on their international site.


      So far they only have the items listed to buy, no pictures. Maybe Bailey can give us a bit more insight on what to look forward to. ;) <3

      (So exciting to see the dolls in US $ now!)
    2. Hmm, interesting that they don't list any of the clothing, wigs and tools for either SDs or 1/6. T_T I suppose they will expand the website with pics and the other stuff eventually.
    3. I hope they have pictures soon. althought... I wonder if I'll ever get one... Love Magical Mikael though
    4. Yeah, I'm hoping for pics soon. I really like the simple layout though, I'm not too into the complicated (read: Domuya) websites ^_^;; I just wanna see nice big doll pics! XD
    5. I think it's really neat how they have some of the limiteds that they offered at the LA Opening still for sale in the new US Website. It gives those that weren't able to go have a chance at buying a Toppi, Magical Michael, Kohya, etc.
    6. OH MY they ship to CANADA~! By UPS and it's not that horrible! Although customs would be >_<
    7. im trying to do the puppy-eye trick to convinve my parents that I want only for christmas a sweet dream rengemaru ;_;
      I want one so bad :cry:
      yaaaayyy!...finally US dollar style! ^0^
    8. ... XD; amusingly, my friend Amyhead is in charge of the website;;;;;
    9. Thats kinda a neat website. clean and crisp. THey are even using a yahoo storefront and shopping cart!

    10. oo cool! i like how simple it is.
    11. I like the simplicity too, their other site is so busy x_x This one loads reallyreally fast too <3
    12. I'd like to see pictures also. Still, this is good in that we don't need to pay crazy EMS shipping rates.
    13. I wonder if we'll still be able to order from the Japanese website(And have it shipped from Japan)? Unless my math is horribly wrong, it'd cost me about 80 bucks more to order a SD13 standard boy from the US site than from the JP site. >_> And I'm assuming a lousy exchange rate and the fee Volks charges you besides the actual item cost to be a big amount. >_>;;;

      Mind you, it's not so bad if you don't live in California. XP

      It's just kind of annoying when it's cheaper to have something shipped from overseas, by the most expensive method possible, than to have it shipped from inside the country(Using IMO the worst possible method outside of drop-kicking it from place to place). >_>;;;

      Plus I trust EMS to get my dolls to me in a reasonable time frame and in one piece. I don't trust UPS to get a brick made out of solid iron anywhere within an even remotely reasonable amount of time. I have yet to ever have a good experience with UPS, and I've used it a third as much as I've used EMS. >_>;;; UPS is nothing but things taking forever even within the same state and things arriving broken. *shiver* I would never, EVER have a doll sent to me that way, nor send it to anyone else. *shudder*

      I wonder when they'll put up clothes/eyes/wigs/dollfie optional heads? *amused because Neo EB Go guys don't come with heads, yet you currently can't buy one for them*
    14. magical michael....oh so tempting....glad im poor right now so i can't buy him, lol
    15. lol, could be worse, they could use DHL!!!
    16. I'm sure eventually they will have clothes, shoes, etc. Well, at least they had it all written up there before they announced it publicly. :/
    17. I'm wondering that about the Japanese site too, hopefully if they do restrict us to the US site they'll at least have all the products on there by then :\
    18. Or FedEx, for that matter. It was their best option, considering. Using UPS they can track and insure packages, see who signed for it and so on.

      One time I sent a few Blythes with FedEx and 3 months later they showed up on my doorstep with no warning. Boy was that buyer mad! It all worked out in the end, of course.
    19. I m suprised some limited are still for sale...are they really in stock or just an error....(*o*) Pity they just ship to USA...
    20. THANK GOD they aren't using DHL! :barf