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Volks USA "Website Renewal Special Event, Dolpa 15 Returns"

Jun 21, 2006

    1. Link: http://blog.volksusa.com/
    2. I couldn't access the blog :(. Anyone else have the same problem?
    3. I was there one day, then the next day it was totally overhauled lol It looks nice now. Well, mapetitemiette, right now the blog is working for me ^^
    4. Try again in a few minutes/hours, last night after they had just uploaded the new look I had some trouble accessing it but it eventually cleared up.
    5. When they say "We will be featuring Black Cat Lucas, White Cat Chris, etc, etc."
      Does anyone think that will include actual dolls?
      Hoping for a Carol....
    6. I'll ask my question again, since it was a question:

      Which dolls will they be selling? ect isn't really a good explaination, and it's not in the list of items linked on the blog (there are no dolls in the blog list).
    7. In Japan, Volks is accepting the order of Lucas, Chris, Carol, and Miko even now (at SR. They doesn't accept Ren.).
      So I think Carol will certainly come:aheartbea
    8. Does anyone know what exactly happens when the event starts? Will the Dolpa items appear in the various sub-sections of the website, or will all the items be together in one section?
    9. Are there likely to be unpurchased items left at the store on Sunday? Not necessarily dolls - more of the Dollpa clothing items and the like. They already had a few of those outfits there several weekends ago - Roo actually has that gray sweatshirt outfit.

      I'm planning on making a quick trip there this Sunday, but might not if they're going to stop selling the remaining limited items after Saturday.
    10. Lucas/Chris, Carol, Miko, and Ren are up.
    11. This is now in progress, for anyone confused about time zones. :lol: They have Shinsiya & Misia available, in both kit & assembled versions. No Nasia in sight. :...(
    12. Yukinjo, Picolo, Anne, Carol, Emma are there too.
    13. piccolo and anne were only available at the store (physical) and they only had one of each.

      cept for dolls, i wasn't too thrilled about anything else there.

      most likely, things that didn't sell today will be available sunday.
    14. Yo-SD Anne and Piccolo are back in stock at Volksusa.com
    15. That's right :). The employees work normal (I think, full time) hours, but the storefront is only open weekends.
    16. During the week, the storefront is closed, but employees work on shipping and receiving, processing orders from the website/weekend, stocking the store, etc.