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Volks Website Change?

Apr 11, 2006

    1. Not sure if there's a thread out there. If there is, I'm sorry, I honestly didn't see it. -.-;;; So mods, feel free to do as you wish with this then. ^_^;;

      But, I went today to my usual "www.volks.co.jp" .. search of what's new.. and found that now, their site is in complete Japanese! O.O! I understand they redid their website, but now, are they not offering international orders to be placed from their website? Or has my internet gone wonky? :?

      Please someone let me know, i'm really interested to find out what exactly is going on with Volks. I know they have a store in LA.. I just cannot remember the LA site for the life of me. Is it possible they're only allowing US orders to be placed there instead of the official site? I'm so clueless. *_* lol.

      Thank you kindly!
    2. I was JUST about to fix my post, cause I remembered the website, when I refreshed and saw you both posted it. lol awesome.

      in any case, no, it's not auto resolving. >.< dern computer *kicks it* :P .. Thanks again guys. I'll be SURE to fix it. I'm such a dork. ^-^;;; Thanks so much!!!!!