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Volks Williams SD13 vs. SD17

Feb 2, 2010

    1. I read on Angel Den that the SD17 Williams head was sculpted to better fit the SD17 body. Does that mean it won't fit the SD13 body anymore? Does anyone know what the SD17 head looks like on an SD13 boy body? Is he still a good fit or is he now a bobble-head?

      Also, does anyone know what the physical differences are between them? It looks to me like SD17 lost some of his youthful angst and replaced it with sullen melancholy. ~laughs~ I just can't put my finger on exactly what features were changed, though.
    2. I don't know anything about Volks changing the shape of the neck to better fit the SD17 body. I have a 13 version Williams on a 17 body and it fits just fine. Maybe they opened the neck hole a little but it can't be by much.

      The only difference I see in the face is that the newer version's cheeks look a wee bit thinner which makes his jaw look stronger. His eye shape also seems ever so slightly altered, perhaps a bit more squared off along the bottom lid. The changes are so minimal it could be hard to see them even if you had the two versions side by side.

      That's all I got. :)
    3. Bump! Does anyone else have any input or info on this subject? Or perhaps even some comparison photos? Thanks!
    4. Semi-old thread, but I thought I'd put in my two cents! My friend has a SD17 Williams and she got my SD13 Williams head off of Y!J for me. She compared them before sending mine out and said the sculpts looked identical.

      Personally, just from looking at photos, I doubt there is a difference. I think their faceups just make it seem like there are subtle changes, when really it's just a visual trick with how it's painted. :sweat The only way you could really compare them is by having them blank side by side, and I've yet to see a blank SD17 head. (Nobody wants to wipe that beautiful faceup, huh...? :lol:)
    5. I think it's quite visible that SD17 Williams has loss his baby fat or something coz as idrisfynn said, his cheek seems to thin down a bit :o but yes, I'd love to see more comparison too just to prove my theory wrong or something XD *leaning more towards SD13 Williams*
    6. This is half-remembered and possibly wrong, but I thought someone asked Volks and was told that they were different sculpts - like SD13 and SD17 Tsukasa.
      I've never seen them side-by-side but the SD17 Williams I saw IRL looked different from the SD13 One-offs I've seen.
    7. They definitely are not IDENTICAL. The eyes nose and face-up are altered a bit. I think SD17 version will fit fine on SD13 body however.
    8. Well, like I said, I'm only speculating based on photos :sweat I personally think it's just a matter of faceup and photography that make them seem different. /shrug

      Izam, don't you have both? Why don't you take comparison shots of their heads so we can all see for sure? XD
    9. I'm sorry if I made you feel bad about it so I apologize T_T I can understand how it looks the same to some people though! I thought it was the same at first too! So I bought him even though I have the SD13 version. Then when I received it, immediately I could tell they are not the same. The number inside the head is also a different number. So I decided to not keep him since I like SD13 version better. I never did comparison though, I didn't even really take photos of the SD17 Williams.

      I have talked to a face-up artist who has painted both versions (she owns the SD13 version herself) and has painted many of both version of Williams. She said there's definitely a difference also. SD13 head is actually more masculine than the SD17 one since SD17 is a little more polished. Sometimes though the face-up can make it hard to distinguish between both.
    10. You could also email Volks, they'd probably tell you. Even side-by-side photos might not be completely conclusive.
    11. Well, I was too curious so I emailed them! The Williamses are indeed different, but what those differences are, VolksUSA cannot say... XD Here's the quote:

      "Yes, the SD13 Williams and SD17 Williams have different headmolds.

      The SD17 Williams, having been designed after the SD13 Williams, was
      sculpted to appear as a more mature version of the previous Williams
      and was also changed somewhat proportionately to fit on the SD17 Boy

      As far as any more specific differences go, we really couldn't say, but we
      do know that they are different."
    12. volks heads in general are on the larger size in comparison to, for example, a delf doll from luts. I would imagine a sd 17 head on a sd 13 body would look a little bit large but nothing to drastic.
    13. i really hope someone can post a comparesion photo with these two together, i have a 17 w and want to buy a 13 w but if the different is not that visible then i can save the money XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    14. I'm bumping this cos I am desperate to see the differences. I have the SD13 version on the way but I think the boy I'm imagining is the SD17....
    15. I have an SD17 Williams on the way and plan on swiping his original faceup :sweat So I will be sure to take faceup-less shots of him from all angles before repainting him! Hopefully we can have an SD13 owner do the same, and then compare the photos?
    16. Actually, I have both of them but my SD17Williams is still with default face-up and my SD13Williams alrealy has new face up. Anyway, I will do my best on the comparison shot!
    17. Posting 2 separate photos of them and compare them is not going to be accurate. Heck, for the Osaka release of dolls people even mistaken the new girls for Luna and Kurumi re-release by the photos when in fact they are not so XD The best way is to have both and see both together. The differences are not MAJOR, they are subtle but there. SD13 head is still more sought out for than SD17 version for this reason being.
    18. Bumping this up because I'm curious too.
    19. Thanks so much pastelflower!