Volks Yo-SD leg issue

Oct 25, 2006

    1. So, I noticed my Tinatsu's...left leg doesn't pop into place well. The right thight gets flush with the right calf but the left leg pops outta place which makes posing her difficult (she'll randomly "pop" then topple over.). Is there something I can do about this? I am going to the Volks party sunday...can the doc fix it? Or is it a "live with it" issue?

      Or is this considered a "non-issue/stop complaining...?"
    2. Mine does it too, but it doesn't look nearly as off as yours. Penelope couldn't pose for beans when I first got her, but the Volks doctor fixed her and she's much better. So hold out for him. ^^
    3. I am just worried 'cause it was just sorta annoying at first but tonight it seems like it has gotten a LOT worse. I could put the joint into place and it would stay for awhile but tonight, nope. Not at all.

      Relieved to know my girl is not the only one and that she can be fixed!
    4. gweyn poses horrid too, she can't sit up normally by herself, and her legs like to pop in weird positions.
    5. I guess I am lucky with mine, she poses, sits and stands just perfectly.
    6. My Rengemaru's left leg does it too! Yet my Tinatsu is fine.
      IF you see the Volks Dr. please ask him what to do to fix it and post here.
    7. I've had no problems with my Piccolo or YoTenshi Kasumi. I'll look at their legs a bit more carefully though as now I'm nervous. ^^;
    8. Ha, I just checked my Tinatsu and yes, her left leg does that too! Not as much, but it's there. I'm not a fan of the YoSD knees in general - the 'locking' part is far too harsh for such a small doll - the knee bending movement on the MSD and SD13 is so much smoother.
    9. :o
      I hope my girl will be ok! I am still waiting to receive the payment email from the after event
    10. My SDC has started to do that (had her a year now and I assume she's just gotten a bit loose) though I haven't noticed it on my Yo.

      I think it should just be a matter of a tightening, and you should check in w/ the Volks Dr. (lucky you!) It could be that the elastic shifted a bit the last time you posed him, causing that leg to be a bit looser, and the knee problem more pronounced.

      I wouldn't worry. :)
    11. I just bought a yosd Suzuna from the market here at DoA~ when she arrived I carefully inspected her.. she has the same issue on her left leg I am sad about it... T_T I even thought of buying her a new body~ I hope is something that can be fixed! Please, do post after you see the volks Dr~ thank you for bringing this up~!
    12. maybe you can also try to suede the knees? If you're willing to do this obviously
    13. yes, please find out from the doctor! :) and sometimes when she is sitting in the cute cross legged position, her string will pop out, and it freaks me out! if i put her in the pink sailor boots i got for her, it makes it even harder for her to stand! i personally don't like the locking knee either, and i think the two piece torso sucks, it would be better if they had one piece imo. :)
    14. Same problem with my Rengemaru!!
      I found the problem to be the "teeth" on the joint, if you compare it to the right legs teeth, the left one are nore blunt so they easily slide out of the ridge/indentation that would normally "lock" the lower leg into certain positons.
      Maybe we should notify Volks about this problem!
      I had just thought maybe it was from play wear, but I am so gentle with the little guy it was hard to believe at first.
      I am glad to know I am not the only one.
    15. Hmm, I'll check mine when I get home. We should let them know, sounds like a mold issue since it's consistently the same leg.
    16. Her legs are sueded.... I thought maybe that was part of the problem.
    17. Okay, I am far to lazy to reply to everyone indiv. Thank you everyone for commenting. I will def. post back and let you know that the doctor said. I'll take pics too if it looks like it is something we can fix. Also, since so many of us have left leg problems, yeah, sounds like a bad cast mold or something. I am gonna to print this conversation out and give it to VOLKS. Everyone post if they have left leg problems! This isn't a petition or reg. complaint list. I love Volks and feel like if there is something I can do to help them, I should.
    18. I just looked at my kid and she also has this problem, but on both legs. The left leg actually seems better than the right, although could this have something to do with the right shin being from a different batch? I don't even think the right is the same resin (I got it long after they switched to uv cut yo's)... On mine, the teeth of the right are blunt, almost round, while the left teeth are sharp. Also the lock part(the back part that looks like ( > from the side) is definitely thicker on the left leg.
    19. My Yuki's knees look pretty identical and have no popping problem. However, her feet look different! The toes are longer on one foot, and the "arch" of the foot goes in more than the other. I didn't realize it when she first arrived, but I noticed it when I was removing her seems. I can't stand the weird foot and want to replace it. :( I don't know if it's an all Yo's thing or just mine.

      As far as the knee on your girl, it sounds like it's an issue with the mold, for sure, since several people mentioned the same knee having a problem. If the doll doctor can't fix it himself, he should be able to tell you how to fix it. Good luck!
    20. My girl kneels and sits, but she doesn't stand like she used to. I use to just put her on a surface and say "stay?" Nope, not now. I can wiggle her into place (I had practice making my sd13 stand on her HH feet XP ) but.... feh. Hope the doll doc can help. Even if he can't whatever. My knees don't work well either! This just makes her more like my own daughter!