Volks Yo-SD questions (wig/shoes/clothes)

Dec 1, 2005

    1. Found this in the sewing section. Hope it helps! :chibi

      Height: 26 cm
      Eyes: 14-16 mm
      Head cir. : 17.5 cm
      Bust/Chest: 14.5 cm
      Waist: 13 cm
      Hip: 15 cm
      Across shoulders: 7.5 cm
      Arms (w/hands): 9.8 cm
      Leg (from hip to foot): 13.5 cm
      Front neck to crotch: 10 cm
      Foot length: 4 cm

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      This is a discussion of what fits Volks YoSd and YoTenshi.

      Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 4:
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    2. I double-checked those measurements against my Yo-SD, those are right ^^ And yes that's all the way around, the circumference.
    3. I'm planning on joining the Yo-Owner Squad soon, so I have some questions (I try to search if there were any threads about this, but I couldn't find any).

      What online shoe places carry yo-sd sizes? Are there any other dolls that can trade shoes with a yo?

      What online clothing stores carry yo-sd sized outfit? Are there any other dolls that can trade outfits with a yo?

      What online wig places carry yo-sd sized wigs? Are there places that can make a custom wig for a yo-sd (more of a color issue here)? Are there any other dolls that can trade wigs with a yo?

      Pretty standard newb questions. But, I'm having a hard time finding places that carry yo-sd stuff (especially a boy-cut wig in powder/baby blue) and finding threads that'll help me on this.
    4. Shoes: Dollheart makes Yo-SD shoes, you can look them up on eBay as hi-angel or check out their website dollheart.com. Also, you can try shoes for 10" Ann Estelle dolls, I've heard they fit very well and there are a ton on eBay.

      Clothes: this is trickier. Volks makes some, and Dollheart has a few cute outfits as well. I'd check the seamstresses section of the marketplace -- there are quite a few out there that sew for Yo-SD's. ^_^

      Wigs: I'd recommend Leekeworld's Leeke size wigs. A boycut wig in baby blue will be hard to find, though I'd suggest trying here first: http://www.cancan-jseries.net/ Cancan carries a lot of wild colors, and the wigs are very nice quality.

      Whew! That was a lot, hope some if it helps! :)
    5. wickedstitchery has a pretty cool blue puff wig. The smallest size fits yo's perfectly. My girl has three colors, and even though I thought I wanted her to have long straight hair.. she refuses anything but her fur wigs. ::sigh:: what's a mom to do but give in.
    6. Some Ann Estelle outfits fit as well, and can be quite reasonable. I've found that most 6/7 wigs will fit my Yo, Monique has bob style named Pinky that comes in wild colors, one of them light blue, you might try that as a base? The other standard wig I know of that comes in wild colors is the Trix wig, but that's a long straight wig with bangs.

      Tinybear here on DoA also makes mohair wigs for Yo and smaller, and she carries light blue...you could ask her if she could do a custom style?
      • Q. Are there any other dolls that can trade outfits with a yo?

        A. It looks like Bambi Crony dolls are very close to the Yo-SD in size. I've also heard that Domuya Bobo & Potpourri are very close.
      • Q. What online wig places carry yo-sd sized wigs? Are there places that can make a custom wig for a yo-sd (more of a color issue here)? Are there any other dolls that can trade wigs with a yo?

        A. Hmm, can't help much there. I usually cruise the marketplace here on DoA and ebay for mine. The Yo-SD wig size is the same as the Volks SDC wig size.
    7. Volks had a white pair this weekend. Check the website. My girl wasn't interested, so I didn't pick up any.
    8. Anne Estelle clothes do fit Yo-sized dolls . . . not sure about shoes, now I'm tempted to buy some and find out :>

      If you look on eBay under "Anne Estelle" (and "Ann Estelle," which is a common misspelling), you can pick up some really cute things.

      Also, I *love* Flonne's work -- her shop is called "Atelier Momoni", and I'm just in awe of the level of detail and sheer perfection in her dresses!

      CanCan does make great wigs, my (Yo-sized, although with a slightly smaller head circumference) Bambi Crony girl, Jennet, is wearing one now!

      -- Andi :>
    9. I have some Luts cutie delf shoes that fit well.
      And the 6/7 Cancan wigs are good, (though he might fit a 6 as well).

      For cheap clothing, try Mattel Ken (or whatever name for the male dolls). The pants just need the legs hemmed, otherwise it's a good fit.
    10. I was just checking that out today! They're way too small. :(
    11. Does anyone know if any of Happy Doll's wigs/clothes/shoes fit yo-sd? I think HDL is the smallest...
    12. Our own Bittenbefore also makes some really cute Yo outfits as well as fur wigs, if you like them. My Orihime is currently wearing a really adorable Miaka style wig Bittenbefore made. :cake:

      I love Leeke size Leeke wigs as well for my Yos. I personally find the SDC wigs by Volks aren't well proportioned for Yos (the bangs always seem too long to me) and Leeke wigs are much better proportioned.

      Dollheart shoes fit, but always seem extremely tight to me.
    13. Hi! Yo's wear the 6/7 size wig.(same as Unoa & SDC size) We have gotten some great ones from JPOP Dolls (DoA's Grael).

      Here is a gold label wig from JPOP (the purple one). Lily (unoa sist) is wearing SDC Ren's defult wig and Rosie Posie (Cumi) is sporting a lovely mohair wig made by Tiny Bear.
      The purple wig also fits SDC Ren. I think it is the Faith style wig. She has it in regular and fantasy colors.
      Here is Winnie in a fur wig from Aishiteru on DoA


      Here is winnie in a wig from the french company, Bravot. She can wear the Bluette size. It has a different sort of wig cap that is trickier to get situated but worth the effort.


      I have had some success also with the clothes for Kish's Bitty Bethany. She is a bit taller and more slender than Ann Estelle. The shoes from both girls seem to fit the yo's pretty well. I recently got "tangerine froth" Bitty Bethany dress and it fits Winnie beautifully!BTW Winnie is wearing another JPOP gold label wig, this one is Ginger style in the auburn color. It is really long so to show off the dress we put it up in a twist.


      As you can see I love playing with the wigs. Congrats on your Yo!!!
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    14. Boy clothes are more of an effort to find. I think there may be a boy doll to go with Bitty Bethany. The leg length will be more critical on the boy clothes though. I got a wonderful set of clothes from a DoA member who was selling her Cory doll. Anyone know who makes him? Delf maybe?His clothes are a great match for Yo's. His clothes fit Pippin & Robin well.

      Hope this helps your search a bit!
    15. EDIT: replied to the wrong thread~ but anyways

      Jpopdolls shoes fit YOs perfectly