Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. A big *squeee* for you, originalcyn! Congrats on winning that adorable Yo Megu and her tiara! :dance I think she'll let you know her character -- that's been my experience with Volks' Megus of any size ;)

      *sigh* I put in for her, but haven't gotten any e-mail yet... :sigh
    2. I just adopted YO Elena so I'm really excited about her so I was wondering if anyone has any Elena spam to tide me over while I'm waiting for her to come home. Thanks
    3. [​IMG]

      Hi everyone :) I am still pretty new to here... I want to introduce my Volks YoSD Colin ^_^ His name is Maro~~ His cheeks are very chubby~ He loves hugs and kisses >3<
      Nice to meet you all~~

      Elijah~ your Kanata is very cute ^_^
      originalcyn~ Congrats~~ none of my lottery won ; 3; .... I guess that can help me save some money
      Yurikun~ I have a YoElena too >3< She is so cute but I have not develop her character yet~~

      I have a question but not sure if I should ask in this section... I want to put my YoSD into a hybrid body and I was thinking about SQLab's KSG-L body... does anyone have reference pictures for me to see if the head is suitable for the body? If not, I need to consider the KSG-Ac body ; 3; Thanks very much~~
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    4. Honeyrainamrita- thank you :) Maro is really cute too-- I love that little smile! :D
    5. Welcome to the thread, elijahfeathers and Honeyrainamrita! Your Yos are just too cute!!
    6. Hello everyone ^^

      I'm new to the YoSDs, having been away from the hobby for several years. However, I decided to fulfill one of my doll dreams, which was to own a YoSD. And now I am hopelessly addicted. They are so adorable!

      The first YoSD I adopted was a Volks YoTenshi Yayoi. For some reason, it was love at first sight with her, and I feel very fortunate to have gotten her at the time when I decided to get back into the hobby.

      (She is wearing an outfit by Kalcia on DoA ^^)

      I have named her Yumiko, although I think her Volks name is really cute too and use it interchangeably. I have since adopted a few others (Yumiko, what have you unleashed?!), although my boyfriend keeps telling me that I should get them a mother first xD However, Yumiko always makes me smile when I look at her, and I consider her the most special. I did not create a character or personality for her, and I feel more like I am getting to know this adorable little girl. The only thing I decided to try with her was to let her have fantasy-coloured wigs, which I previously did not do for my other BJDs.

      Since I'm still relatively new to YoSDs, I've found the information on DoA very helpful. I hope to befriend all of you fellow YoSD owners ^^
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    7. Welcome Nilu! Yumiko looks very sweet in the pink hair! :)

      I see what you mean about Yayoi, that sweet smile makes me smile every time I see my little Mika as well!

      I got a photo of Mika the other day together with my Alpaca prince :lol:
      I think they go well together with their lace :)
      [​IMG]Mika and the Prince! by Motiko, on Flickr
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    8. Thanks Motiko ^o^ Your Mika is adorable~ especially with her alpaca prince! x3
      I really like the combination of her purple eyes and dark hair ^^ I haven't been bold enough to try removing the hot glue from my Yayoi >n< I suppose I should get around to that eventually, when I find a guide.

      For now, I just have her (and her siblings... I haven't gotten round to naming them) sitting on my desk, so that everytime I feel stressed with work, I look at her/them and feel better xD
    9. Well I received noticed that they charged my card, followed by the shipping notice two days later, another two days later the charge finally showed up on my card! I was worried there for a moment. Looks like she shipped on the same day as an non-doll item I ordered from Canada. We'll see what gets here first!

      Side Story: I once won two non-doll items on ebay on the same day. One from the US, the other from Japan. They were shipped on the same day... yet the Japan item arrived first! The race is now on for my Megu and the non-doll item!!
    10. Thank you! :)
      Her eyes are actually the "rosewood" from Volks, but I guess they do look a little purple in the picture.
      Thankfully Mika's eyes were already freed from the hot glue when I got her :sweat

      Glad to hear the little ones help relieve your stress! My favorite to plop down on my desk is one of my SDs, I guess for the size :lol:

      originalcyn, let's hope she ships quickly then! :)
      When I got my Yo Isao from Volks I believe he got to me in a week, so pretty standard :)
    11. I just saw the new chibi dress outfits from the next Dolpa! I hope I'll be able to snag the pink one (at least!) for my Suzuna, it's so cute!
    12. :blush:blush Thank you so much about my Lillie, she does look old soul to me too, though I do want her more new age. I like her but idk, I like different volks yo compared to her, poor baby. I just bought her some new stuff and it should really make her pop! Like a hot pink wig XD let's see how that looks.

      WOW! Congratulations to everyone who are just (re)entering, your dollies look lovely <3 and congratulations on the wins! I just won a giveaway on Tumblr ^___^ so I understand the happiness of a win for dolly stuff lol. I can't wait to show Eliza off again when she is all decked out in her new things.
    13. [​IMG]

      I thought I was a little overdue in sharing a picture of my YoSD Ayumu, Yuuya. So here he is! :D
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    14. Very cute!!!

      More spam is needed...my seldom-seen Kasumi, Twilight
      Twilight by clochette62, on Flickr
    15. "I'm not that droid!" Mikkey's playing Star Wars:
    16. Hi I just thought I would post a pic of my Yo Elena here. I hope you like my newest little girl! Her name is Rosalie.
    17. Hello... does anyone know if Volks YOSD heads can hybrid with other companies?
      Luts? Fairyland?

      I love Volks YoSD but I actually can't afford the full doll.
    18. Yurikun: Rosalie looks adorable! I love that outfit x3

      lavandula: I am pretty sure you can match them with other similar sized bodies. I came across another person on DoA who got a slightly more mature body for her YoSD. I can't remember the company though >~<