Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. No problem!
      I love how perfectly Volks miniaturizes their bigger sculpts. I just got a SDM SWD Nana and she has the same teeth as her bigger and tinier counterparts :D
    2. from the pictures it seems like their tiny sculpts are super detailed! but i feel like that has always been a part of their main marketing campaign for super dollfie, the doll that ‘grows with you’ so it makes a lot of sense that they can match sculpts with smaller and larger counterparts.

      and because of this convo, if yosd dai is still in stock on the international site when they launch the july new outfit collection on the 14th i will get him! i am eyeing a pair of socks that are not worth the shipping on their own ! haha! :3nodding:
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    3. Hmmm need socks but don’t want to pay shipping for them...let’s buy a doll too!

      Great logic! :D

      (Not buying a doll but i have legit justified things this way before)
    4. haha! yeahh ...... it’s a bit of an impulse buy ...... but at least i’m waiting a week to do it !!

      but it is very similar logic to ‘you only need to spend another $99 for free shipping’ better go back and see if there is anything else i need ...
    5. My Kanon was actually an impulse buy. My friend was getting the black cat Renee and I was like... well I should get a new one too so we can open them together!
      So I got a mouse Kanon -_-
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    6. that is honestly so sweet !? and i love mouse kanon so much !! that outfit is to die for!
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    7. does anyone happen to know if the chibi tokyo shounen boys particularly tsukasa & shiro are on a regular yosd body or are they a little taller like the yo-midi body?

      I'm clothes shopping after (finally) finding my grail boy tsukasa on y!j :dance
    8. My yosd shirou are normal yosd body, same height as my kuuta.
    9. @shiroiku Yo Shirou and Tsukasa both have the regular length leg and Yo Isao has the long leg (which corresponds to their SD counterparts with Isao being the long leg boy of the group!)
      Congrats on finding your boy!
    10. pulled the trigger and got a yo dai from the volks international site! very excited about him!
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    11. I was actually going to ask if he justified the shipping for your socks!
    12. haha! he totally did! i snagged a couple other goodies too, but he will be the crown jewel of this package.
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    13. @c4tbus Did you get him a new outfit? Because every new doll deserves a new outfit! XD
    14. @eleniel , i didn’t! they didn’t have anything in stock that really struck my fancy, but i was planning on making him all of his clothes/shoes anyways!
    15. I'm sure he'll be spoiled :D
    16. @eleniel , he will be spoiled rotten! i’m very hyped about getting this sculpt in yo form! i always loved it, but it always felt off in msd size ....
    17. @c4tbus You definitely need to post pics once he arrives.
      I totally understand that feeling - I love the 4 sisters, but SD size is just too big for the sculpt (for me). That sculpt is perfect in mini or yo size :)
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    18. @eleniel , i totally will! he’s technically not my first bjd, but he is going to be my first volks doll, and my first on topic doll for this forum (i have a lil guy with no wrist joints) so he is a big deal for me!
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    19. @c4tbus watch out, a first Volks doll can be dangerous :D
      Not that I'd know or anything :sweat
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    20. @c4tbus, congratulations on getting a Yo Dai! IMO the Yo versions of Mako and Dai are much cuter than their original Midi counterparts. I speak from experience; here are my Yo Mako and Dai --

      In this pic you can see how differently Volks did their mouths, highlighting teeth in Mako, but not in Dai. I think Mako is looking at my ceiling fan; she seems quite fascinated by it -- kids! :lol:
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