Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. It all depends on the color. I know you can hybrid them with Momocolor NS...I have one of my Momo heads on a Yo body, and the color works well. They have 26cm and 29cm "mature" bodies.
    2. Thanks a lot.
      I actually don't mind too much about the colour, I just wanted them to physically fit.
    3. lavandula: Are you familiar with the photo-sharing site called "Flickr"? You don't have to be a member to do a photo search.

      Some head-comparisons that have been tried are, MomoColor:

      Also, Bluefairy, AI (Customhouse) and Minoruworld have worked for some people - sorry I can't find the photos right now to link to.

      ⬇︎ A Friend of mine from Meets has used a Peapod Mermaid body for their Volks Yo-Lillie hybrid, maybe a Peapod human body would work too? My Lillie is on the right:

      Comparison #2: by Mandasmac, on Flickr

      • Be aware of what type of hardware each company uses to attach their heads to the bodies! Some companies use smaller or bigger S-Hooks, which might lead to incompatible holes in the neck.
      • Some companies use an O-Ring instead, and may require re-stringing to change hardware, or creative problem solving inside the head.

      My Ideal body for a Yo head is Fairyland: Their joint system is one of the most fluid and most attractive (no ugly corners sticking out anywhere)! And I have been thinking of trying a Dollmore "Narsha" body for my Lillie, since she looks a bit older than the other Yo's (before they started making mature Yo heads for the Midi bodies).

      A.) Fairyland resin doesn't match Volks – but you mentioned that you don't really care about that,
      B.) Fairyland doesn't sell bodies separate from their heads, although you can certainly find one for sale in the MP, or sign up for a "Group Order" or a "Split".
      C.) Both FL and DM are more expensive doll companies, like Volks.

      DoA member spindlewood has already posted a picture request for compatible Yo-Bodies, but she hasn't had many answers lately...

      Good Luck :sumomo:
    4. Yo-SD heads fit many other bodies, as Yo-SD satrted this size after all :)

      I'd guess Luts Honey Delf would be very good, but I *believe* the Luts resin is a touch lighter.
    5. [​IMG]

      Picture spam! Yuuya has decided my little Wing Gundam model is his now. Can't complain too much as the scale size is rather perfect. :)
    6. Oh man I have some of those little Gundams. :whee: Nava has not shown interest in models yet, but I should go dig them up for him! Everybody should have a Gundam friend. How cute is Yuuya with his big sneakers and big hair.

      I don't think Nava even gets bored, with or without toys... he can dance anywhere!

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...e-of-the-urban-sprite-(Nava-Volks-Yo-SD-Isao) (<= more dancin' in gallery)

    7. Thanks so much for posting the photos!!! Was there nothing on yo una?
    8. A little Vali spam since this thread has been so quiet

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    9. So-- *trumpet fanfare*-- how about that Yo-SD Tsukasa & Yo-SD Shiro! :dance: I was simultaneously dreading and anticipating this. xD I didn't guess that both of 'em would be released at the same time... looks like I have a lot of shelf-clearing to do all at once, because Nava does need both of his BFFs with him!


      (link to decadentarisu's scans from the Dolpa 33 discussion thread)

      Anyone else springing for the two Tokyo Chibis?

      And, can anybody read very small blurry Japanese so we can see whether Shiro & Tsuka-pyon have the Long Legs body like Isao does? Their price is less than Isao's, but I couldn't guess whether that meant less leg-resin or just fewer option items (Isao had an extra wig, fancy boots, etc).
    10. CathyM, as usual Vali is such a cool and cute little boy! :D

      If I decide to go for any of them it's probably going to be Tsukasa! :)
      Haven't decided though, we'll see how my doll plans develop ;)

      Couldn't see Tsukasa's details, but for Shirou it says "幼SD L-01" which would be the normal leg (and they both look the same height to me) :)
    11. It looks like both of them are regular leg, which I guess makes sense since OG Isao had the half long legs that made him a little taller than the others.

      I have a friend going to this Dolpa. Definitely going to bribe her to try and get Tsukasa for me.
    12. Thanks, I figured as much-- if they had made Shiro & Tsuka the same height as Isao, that'd be OMG CANON VIOLATION!!1!!! :D And I sure hope they make the faces just as happy as Isao's, too, because OG Isao was always the serious one, but his Yo version is grinning like a maniac. (That Shiro needs to look at least as daffy as Sora.)

      Good luck [MENTION=3679]Kim[/MENTION] bribing your friend.... I will be stuck scrambling for whatever chance we get to order them (they still haven't said anything about afterevents or USA lotteries) or else carving out a kidney to get them on YJ.
    13. After owning my YoSD Kira for over four years I've finally figured out who she is. So glad I never gave up on her.

      Anyway, here's my girl:

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    14. I'm reimaging my yoSD Lorina, Sylvie-Anne! I just ordered a wig and a pair of makoeyes for her ^^ I'll post pictures once she's complete <3

      Olivia is such a cutie! I love yoSDs with short wigs ^^
    15. Thanks, [MENTION=30116]taintedrose[/MENTION]. :) What color Makos did you order for your Sylvie-Anne? I own a few pairs of their eyes and love 'em.
    16. [MENTION=42740]PeppermintPocky[/MENTION] I got AM-017 and AM-013. I couldn't decide on a color so I got both! I like the Amaryllis eyes the best.
    17. So much cute spam!! :D Been a few months since I ventured back into the BJD fandom with my newest YoSD girl in tow. Just as my funds have been recovering, Natalie from DollfieWorld posted on FB a few weeks ago of some new pictures from Volks' latest issue - as I've noted more in my blog entry.

      I'm completely fangirling over chibi-fied Yo-SD Tsukasa! He was my grail doll, and I couldn't have been happier when I got him all those years ago. He's never been officially rereleased since his debut in 2003, so these photos have me in an excited/anxious twist. REALLY MUST HAVE PORTABLE TSUKASA FTW. If they also release him as an official SD17, and not a teaser... I'm screwed.

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    18. Yikes, sorry for the double post - should've read your post before I posted, but YES!! Springing like I've never tasted chocolate before! Leaping straight for chibi-Tsukasa!!!! Saw photos on FB a few weeks ago, and reposted it in my blog. Unfortunately, the photos aren't much bigger so I can't quite read whether they'll be normal legged or long legged. My guess is normal too. someone on here might have better eyes than me as I'm a four-eyed beast, so if anyone can see the tiny print it, please let us know!