Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. @eleniel , i’m already in too deep. i say that dai is my first but i totally ordered a sdm for the july fcs. he will (probably) get here first so technically he is first ....... *_*

      @beamlette , they are so charming! i do love how mako’s teeth are so prominent but still subtle !!! and they are both so individally expressive even though it’s the same sculpt!
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    2. @beamlette , they are adorable. There really is something very special about the Volks Yo children.
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    3. so, dai is here, and he came with an order form for some extra hand parts! but it is all in japanese! does anybody know if it is possible to buy these from overseas? or is it an impossible dream?
    4. It’s an impossible dream. The order forms from the international site are Japan only.
    5. i assumed as much. thanks for your help !
    6. LOL! My first arrived over 10 years ago, and Dai will be #32 of the YOSDs
      . I am addicted!
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    7. Hello to the yo fans! I love to read and see pics, but I don't get a chance to post too often as my 3 year old keeps me quite busy and not much time for dolls. But I got to have some fun and here is my crew!
      Ed, Hayden, Rini and Yuna!
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    8. Little Dai joined the family on Aug 3, 2018. He needs some clothes!

      [​IMG]Dai full by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    9. I voted for Yo HinaIchigo, Mimi, and Colin.

      My Yos: Rafael, Chia, Ren, Ducky, Ken, Koko, Vali, and Suki.
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    10. I love them!! Little Ken looks like a Yo Isao in this photo. The thing I can't quite get over is that they all seem so well behaved. That'd never happen in my home... lol.
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    11. I found a more suitable outfit for little Dai-and he met our pup Nana!

      [​IMG]David and Nana by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    12. @sweetiemom , that outfit is so cute on him! i am living fir that jacket ! :XD:
    13. @sweetiemom , so tempting .... if only doll clothes weren’t more expensive than my clothes ..... :roll:
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    14. Hello~

      I recently got an Isao Nanjo as the kid version of my Hijikata. :D
      His name is Jared and his chibi version is Yo!Jared. :D
      Do you have YOsds that are chibi versions of your big dolls too? :)

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    15. @shinkei They're so cute!! One of our Yos is technically shelling the same character as one of our big dolls, but it's been ages since they've not been in some sort of costume or another (she loves dressing up)!
    16. The newest addition to the Yo Unit of Troop Tiny has settled on eye and a wig color...she'll end up with a longer, more feminine wig, but the color is perfect.
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    17. My new girl
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    18. They look great together! Love the mini-me thing.

      The eye and hair color look wonderful together. Very striking!

      She looks so delicate! Her eyes are very mesmerizing. :)

      And, FINALLY, I get to join you all. I just placed an order through Mandarake on a Piccolo with box and company face-up. He (along with a Tanopopo) was my first in-person intro to Volks tinies in 2011. I loved him so much; they both belonged to a fun lady in my local BJD group. I loved the weight and feel, but at the time I was super new into the hobby and the only doll I had was a 70 cm Dollzone, and I thought I only wanted big dolls. ;) Fast forward several years, and I have had dolls all the way down to 7-8cm. I decided I was ready to revisit the possibility after taking a long hiatus from the hobby. I found my coming boy on eBay (under Mandarake's main store), but he was more than I wanted to spend, and I was worried that I just wanted one because it's what my friend had, so I spend a month or so wandering the Marketplace here and considering other options. Then after reading this thread (and one of the larger Volks threads), I realized Mandarake also had a dedicated web store. I signed up today and searched and THERE HE WAS! Exact same doll I've been stalking on eBay, but on SALE (spot sale for dirty legs...I know how to use a magic eraser...). The sale put him smack in the middle of the price range I was hoping for (I have saved for this purchase, but not as much as I had planned). I am so over the moon excited! I paid my emailed invoice, and now I'm waiting for full confirmation, I guess? (Anyone with Mandarake doll-buying experience want to give tips?) I will be back with pictures as soon as he is home! :love
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