Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. Thank you! Congratulations on your new incoming Yo...Yo size is the best! Piccolo is a very sweet sculpt, I'm sure you will love him.

      Very cute Remi girl, you don't see that sculpt very often.
    2. @clochette I love the colors. That bright wig is great.
      @Coco loh She's adorable!

      My Mako, Guppy

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    3. You always have the best names, Cathy. Guppy is very cute.

      Thanks! I know Megohime's standard wig is dark, but she just needed brighter colors. I did the same thing with my Soah, Moira.
    4. Lol, you can blame @eleniel for most of my dolls names.

      I have a Megohime at my house, and I think she's the cutest thing.
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    5. Thank you, Clochette! I rather agree. Between the LTF and the Magic Mirror Fairy, and the coming Yo, I clearly gravitate to this size, now. They have such personality, but are also very portable. Hopefully we'll see you at the next Austin BJDC. :)

      I love Guppy. I've enjoyed seeing Guppy's pictures as I've caught up on the threads. Such a cute outfit! Heck, I would wear those shoes... :D

      I got my official shipping notice for Piccolo! He's coming from Mandarake, and I'd read that sometimes they tell you the doll was already sold out of the store before you placed the online order, and then they refund your money, so I've been holding my breath. But he's really coming! Now it's time to start seriously planning names. Originally I was thinking he might be a kitsune (all of my tiny dolls, past and present, are some kind of legendary creature: oni, fairy, jinn, selkie, faun...), but he doesn't look sleek enough or sly enough for that. Now I'm thinking--tanuki! :)

      Edit to add: He’s out for delivery!

      Second Edit to add: He's here!!! He arrived safe and sound, really fast, with no problems.
      Welcome Home, Rin! I love him to pieces already. :)
      Box Opening here: https://denofangels.com/threads/tin...olks-yo-sd-piccolo-2nd-makeup-release.784588/
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    6. omg he looks sooo cute~
      I finally brought my first Volks doll after looking around at my friend's volks doll
      I brought dai as my first volks doll.
      i own other dolls but this is my first time owning something from volks after 10 yrs in a hobby:lol:
      i brought my from dollyteria on saturday and hoping it will arrive somewhere this week:dance
      will post updates on dai..
      and now i have to think of a name for him:sweat
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    7. @ameratsu Thank you so much! I love him to pieces already. His wig should be coming early this week. His head is so much bigger than my FL LTF heads that none of the wigs I thought he could try out would even go on! :)

      Congratulations on your Dai! I hope the wait will be short. It’s a very sweet sculpt. Look forward to pictures. Are you doing the faceup yourself?
    8. I got Dai a month ago and I love him. I named mine David.
      [​IMG]David and Nana by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    9. The little Mako and Dai yos are so ridiculously cute. I don't have a picture, but we put @CathyM's Mako with my Kanon and YoMegu and the three look really good together - I suspect its the grumpy little lips.
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    10. It came with its original faceup so i need not do anything to his face

      Omg ur dai is sooo cute!!
      Cant wait for mine to arrive!!

      Yea its the grumpy lips that caught my attention.
      Hoping when he arrive i can take triplets pic with my friends mako
    11. MORE YOs!


      The Megohime belongs to @InvisibleWings

      The rest are mine. I may be obsessing over here. An intervention may be needed. Maybe.
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    12. @CathyM, nawwwwww, no intervention needed on account of Yos; they don't take up much space. That's my reasoning, anyway :XD:

      I found a reason for keeping my Yo Mako; she's the 4 year old self of my SDGrG Chiyo, Ayame --
      Getting MSDs and Yos to be younger selves of my SDs is my justification for buying them ;):lol:
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    13. Were you considering not keeping her? Perish the thought. That has always been my justification...tinys don't take up much room, so it makes sense that I can have more of them :D

      Cathy, if *you* need an intervention, I'm in deep, deep trouble. ;)
    14. @clochette, yeah, I was thinking my Mako would be a body donor, for her double-jointed elbows. It was Dai who I preferred, from the promo pics. Once they arrived here, Mako got very busy making me see the error of my ways :kitty2

      Poor Dai, he still doesn't have a character or name yet. :sorry
    15. He's awesome! I love his casual outfit and friend. Definitely a sweet sculpt.

      Nice; at least for me, I find it helpful when they arrive with a face, even if you decide to change it later. I think, honestly, all the dolls I've bought without faces, I've ended up selling. And yes, Dai's pouty lips are adorable.

      What an amazing group! So many bright, cheery eyes and faces. :) You have a lovely collection!

      They are a perfect mini-me pairing! I fully agree you shouldn't split them up. :)

      My doll's wig was supposed to arrive today, but when I checked the tracking, it says "Held at post office at customer's request," which *I* certainly did not request. I'm peeved; it should have been here when I got home. :P Have to call tomorrow and complain!
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    17. He's definitely very cute :D
    18. @ameratsu He's precious!!! Congratulations. :D His fancy outfit is just so perfect. Will he stay in that kind of style, or will you be changing it out for a different look? Also, I just have to say: LEGWARMERS! Does he have a new name yet?

      Rin's wig finally arrived. :) I called the Post Office and they told me it didn't arrive because the mail carrier was sick and her sub was too lazy to bother. WOW! Much honest...very shock... :P Oh, well; normal mail carrier lady delivered it properly. It's a size 6-7” Monique Jessica in Light Brown, although I trimmed away the tiny curls that came from the edges to make a more traditionally little boy styled cut. I thought it looked too baby-ish with the curls for my personal plans (I bought it with the intention of removing them, but I'm delighted with how well it actually worked out!). It fits properly but snugly, with the inner adjustable strap at about the midway point. Even more in love! (My mother dropped by last night and said, "Oh, he's quite ugly." *eye roll* She doesn't get on well with the aesthetic of BJDs; too girly for her, I think)

      Here's Rin:

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    19. Thank you:D
      His name is daisuke~
      i have a clothes for him but i was too tired to change him yesterday so mayb ltr tonight i will change his clothes
      will most prob try around to see what he likes
      and yes legwarmers!!! he looks so warm in them:D

      and rin looks soo cute with that wig.
      my parents dont allow me to buy anymore doll but i still buy but in secret
    20. I love the name you gave him. Cute nod to the sculpt while giving him an identity all his own. :)

      Also, thanks! I’m so happy. I still pose Rin differently every night before I go to bed. It’s up to me to make his actual clothes, though, which I’m hoping to have done before this weekend, since the local group is having a Halloween meetup! *fingers crossed*