Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

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    1. Once upon a time i had twins... I still have the rengemaru girl on the left. Her name is Haruhi

      [​IMG]haruhiandyostuba008 by Irene, on Flickr
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    2. I got to go on a trip to Japan and of course stopped at Tenshi no Sato! That place is incredible, and my YoSD Nono got to come with me because she is the only doll that is anything close to travel size. They have lots of furniture you can pose your dolls on, so here she is resting with Stormy the cat. [​IMG]
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    3. Gave my Yos some love recently

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    4. Can anyone of you confirm that a Leekeworld wig in the size D 6-7 inch fits a YoTenshi Una head?
      I've been searching the web and the forum for an answer but can't seem to find one:sweat
    5. @Ayanami 6-7 should be the correct size, but I don't have any Leekeworld wigs to verify.
    6. I have a 4 sisters yo (same sculpt as Una) and she does indeed take a leeke 6-7.
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    7. @eleniel Thank you! So I can buy the wig from Leeke that seems to be the perfect choice for my Una:D
    8. I'm waiting for my first Volks YoSd! Took over 10 years and a 6ish year hiatus, but I'm finally getting one of my dream dolls. I'm glad it worked out this way though. I'm getting a Rinon, who wasn't even on the market when I was first in the hobby!
      I always wanted a yosd I'm so happy she can be the first in my fresh start
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    9. Congratulations elfy016!! I got mine not too long ago a Chika. Now I have Little Fee and Yo-SD!! Very happy!!

      I have a question about wigs. I bought a wig on Etsy specifically for my Chika and received it yesterday. I have tried today and yesterday to get it on her head and it will not go on no matter what I do. With a wig cap, without a wig cap. I tried so hard I slightly ripped the mesh that the hair was attached to. I also tried it on my Little Fee and the same thing happened. I can't return the wig now that it is damaged and it won't fit my girls so I don't know what else I can do. BTW, it slips every time I try to put it on. I know they are supposed to fit snuggly but this is ridiculous. The other wigs I have and the default wig from Volks fits fine. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    10. If you can sew,heres what I'd do. Very carefuly snip along the tear till the wig fits your bjd. Then snip a tiny bit further. Sew in a gusset(a triagle of fabric that fits in the cut. Then use fray check to help prevent further tearing. If its a little to big you can add a tuck in the gusset.

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    11. Thank you so much for that information! I think that will work with that wig!
    12. Hi! I'm not (yet) a yosd owner and mostly collect 1/4 and 1/3, but recently I've been really eyeing Yo-tenshi Una. I am a little bit conflicted about expanding to a different size, so I'd like to hear all of your thoughts on the pros and cons of volks YoSD to make my decision :) thanks in advance~ <3
    13. @cirnoeI I just got a Rinono off the market place. Personally I prefer Yosd size, they fit in your hand, can be easier to transport, are super cute, and can be displayed in all kinds of small nooks and crannies.
      The only issues I've run into is her not wanting to stand on her own, which maybe a stringing issue and the sticker shock of all their accessories costing the same as Sd and Msd dolls :shudder
    14. @Cirnoe I love the Yo size, they're fantastic little posers and they're super fun to play with; I've never met a yo that doesn't have a ton of personality. The tenshi in particular are a lot of fun as they've got back magnets so they can wear their little resin wings which I just adore. However, depending on the style of stuff you're looking for, they can be a little difficult to find clothing for - we like a lot of casual boy stuff which is just not easy to find in the smaller sizes. Cute, light, girly things are usually the norm. And I'd definitely recommend a stand if you're looking at posing them long-term; their balance can be a little fiddly due to the chibi design. They're small and fairly light though, so stands are easy to find, and you can definitely get cheap ones (vs. Volks' SDs which really require a heavy-duty stand).
    15. @elfy016 and @ekala thanks so much for the replies!!!
      Might I ask though, for the wings, when you attach it through the cloth of the clothes does it actually manage to stay? Also I think I'm quite convinced~ the small size and flexibility is really such a great temptation T_T
    16. @Cirnoe my Yosd is a regular one so she doesn't have magnets built in.
      But the tenshi have really strong magnets so they hold one pretty good. I remember(this was over 6 years ago so they may have gotten better or worse) one lady had a tenshi in a shirt, vest, and cape and the wings were a little prone to falling off. But once she took the cape off they were solid. They won't hold up to getting smacked off or might fall off if they bjd falls over, but normal bumps are fine.
      I admit I've been tempted to make a magnet harness for my Yosd so she could wear the wings lol
    17. @elfy016 woah~ I see! I totally expected the wings to be flimsy but that’s seriously a nice surprise >_< thank you for the reply (and good luck with making your harness if you plan to!!) if I manage to get the little una I’m eyeing on mandarake I’ll come back with pictures lol <3
    18. @Cirnoe, I hope you get the Una; she's a darling Yo, with or without her wings!

      Sharing a pic of my Yo Tenshi Una, dressed as a pirate; they're not always all about being sweet and pretty! At least mine isn't, lol!
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