Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

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    2. @beamlette WOW!!! How adorable.. I love the details in the pirate outfit, and she looks so unexpectedly charming as a tomboy lol :D

      @elfy016 Those oscar eyes are beautiful, btw!
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    3. Hi. How are the yo midi bodies different from the regular yo bodies and can you put a regular yo head on them. I have an idea I want to try but I need to know if you can put a regular yo head on the bodies. Thanks.
    4. YoMidis come on a regular YoSD bodies (some have magnets, but are still Yo bodies). They use a silicone kip for the Yo S-hook inside the head as the opening is larger.
    5. Thank you for the info @CathyM. That’s great so I shouldn’t have any problems with putting yo head on them.i thought it was probably the case. I wanted to make sure.
    6. @Yurikun No problem. I've had 2 YoMidis, so that was an easy question for me. (I still have my Akira, but he rarely gets into photos :P)
    7. I'm in love with them. They weren't what I thought I had ordered. But they were perfect for her!
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    8. @Cirnoe Yeah, I can attest that the wings can hold themselves quite well through about 2 layers of clothing, 3 if they're thin. Our girl tends to wear little backless dresses anyways though so I'm not sure I can find a good reference pic. :sweat They are just magnets, so pretty much any physical force will bump them right off, but they're perfectly fine with gravity.

      @beamlette What a cutie!! :love
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    9. I was able to order a Bluebird Yo in the lottery, yay! Such a pretty face. Did anyone else try for him?

      Beamlette, I love seeing the outfit on your Una girl. Can I snag the photo for my files?
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    10. @clochette, congrats on winning a Bluebird of Happiness! :cheer

      Yes, you may "snag" my Una's photo -- seeing as how she's wearing one of your outfits! :3nodding:;)
    11. Thank you!!
    12. My new YO-SD kid Rengemaru arrived today. Puck (Kuuta) is pleased to have a new brother. I'm not sure yet what Rengemaru's name will be. And he just borrowed some clothes from Puck until I have time to make something just for him.

      [​IMG]Puck and his new brother by spih_2, on Flickr
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    13. Congrats on the cutie! I was going to try, but decided to go for my Rinon from the marketplace instead.
      Bluebird looks super cute though. I'm regreting not trying my luck too.
    14. That Rinon was tempting! I'm glad she went to a good home.

      I think my Bluebird boy will end up being a Bluebird girl, I may make a skirt to go under the tailcoat.
    15. I'm trying to decide which eyes look best on Rengemaru. The ones he came with are those on lower right.

      The alignment of the eyes may not be perfect in any of the cases, I'll try to get a perfect position once I have made up my mind about which eyes look the bests.

      [​IMG]Rengemaru eye test by spih_2, on Flickr
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    16. In case anyone was interested, the Yo list of models Volks is advertising as "currently available" either online or at the store (other than the standard models): Cyborg 009, Cyborg 003, Devilman, Satan, Neon the Mouse, Yo Dai, Hinata White Snow 2nd Makeup Ver, Mamu Sweet Dream, Ken.
    17. I personally like the upper left ones.
    18. I like the ones in the lower left.
    19. I like the ones in the upper right. . . . but he'll look cute no matter which you go with. :)
    20. Congrats on your win! :) I was quite surprised to win him as well. I never thought I'd own a Yo, but I guess I just had to wait fifteen years for the right one! :XD: