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Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. Since he's my first and only You, I have no idea what they are like. Do all of them have locks in their shoulder joints? Or is that a new thing too?

      @Yurikun Seems like a lot of owners are styling Blue Bird as a girl.
    2. Konomi has been on my wishlist for years, so I'm happy to greet one at home finally!

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    3. @St. James The locking shoulders were introduced in October 2010 with Tsugumi and Konomi. I think every release since then has had them. Dai & Mako just introduced the double-jointed elbows in March last year though.

      Congrats everyone on your new Yos! :aheartbea
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    4. I made my girl a small display case! It's to bright in my house, I'm trying to find ways to display my bjd's without subjecting them to too much light.
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    5. Sorry to post twice in a row, but I'm changing Klara's look and wanted to share the WIP!

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    6. @elfy016, her little dress is adorable! Love the spiral lacing.
    7. [​IMG]

      my sweet girl.><
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    8. Thank you!
      Her dress is beautiful!