Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. @tiyama F#### plates are usually for Sato FCS dolls, but I'm not sure what the tenshi have.
    2. Joining in as I welcome my 3rd YoSD... mystery child. It was advertised as a Yuh on mandarake but I have one and know the face is not. DHL tracking says Boston so either tomorrow or Monday?
    3. So, he came home a little while back, but with the virus that shall not be named, I’ve not had time for much - pulling so many extra hours at work that I basically sleep once I get in!

      Here’s my brothers together. The only thing my SwD is missing is the white wig, but other than that he’s perfect and complete. Their names are Arthur (SwD WR) and Albert (WR) respectively.

      So happy to have them home. (@Bristol, here’s some spam for you! XD)

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    4. Awww, darling little bunnies! :D
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    5. @Lautturi They're so sweet! Thank you! :D

      My little sleepy White Rabbit arrived a few weeks ago. The sculpt is much cuter than the promo pics show, and right now I'm trying to figure out his style and looking at face-up artists.
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    6. Thank you everyone. <3

      They really are, aren’t they, Bristol? I think the White Rabbit and his sleepy twin are probably my favourite out of all of the YoSD sculpts.
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    7. I don't have a white rabbit, but I made some progress on my girls clothes. So I can photograph her with out blinding the camera again XD
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    8. Do you guys struggle to put on Volks default wigs on your doll? I don't know if it's just me I'm doing it wrong, but I straight up just want to cut the side of the wig just a bit so it's not so tight or something. Right now I'm actually finding my MSD size wig fits much more comforably on my YoSD instead of the default YoSD wig.
    9. I gave up on the default wig. It never looked right and wobbled. My Rinon's current wig was to small, even though it should have been the right size. Thankfully I could stretch it. I think they all have adorable bobble head that defy wigs.
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    10. My new-to-me Lin. Got off Mandarake, mislisted as a Yotenshi Yuh. Quite the steal. Arrived via DHL. Finally face-uped her and made a dress:

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    11. She's adorable!
    12. Very cute girl, Lin is a sweetie. My first Yo girl came from Yahoo!Japan and was advertised as Yuki but was actually Kasumi. It happens.

      My Calliope got a turn in front of Pam's camera:
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    13. I hope it’s ok to ask here, but how do I know if a Volks I’m interested in buying is legit? She has no headplate, so that makes me worried. She does have paperwork. Has Yuh ever been recasted? I’m hoping not, so then she’ll definitely be legit.
    14. Is it a private seller or a store like Mandarake or Dollyteria? If it's a private seller you an always ask them for pics of the stamps inside the head, for example. And show those here, people might be able to help you.
    15. Khell, it’s a private seller. I’ve asked her for pictures. Thanks for the help!
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    16. I changed the look of my Rengemaru. For some reason the wild thatch of hair he had made his head look too small. I gave him an old wig from my stash, and I think that makes him look more normal. Here he is with Puck (Kuuta):
      [​IMG]Puck and Rengemaru by spih_2, on Flickr
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    17. @Keri I bought a Yo Puff a while back whose headplate was missing but he had his box and papers... I have so many other Yos that I thought I'd take the risk, and mine looks and feels legit to me.

      I think that, if it's not a rare doll, the chances are they haven't been recasted (although this is by no means certain), and Yuh is everywhere on Mandarake...mine came to me without his box, but he did have his headplate. I guess you could check out Mandarake if you did want Yuh and were worried about not having the headplate...there are 5 on there now... search under Yo-tenshi Yu...
    18. I was able to get Reisner from the recent Volks cyber event and he has finally made it home. He has the larger midi head, the longer body and his wig and I don’t have styling down well. And I don’t have any on line accounts for photos so suppose that’s something I will be doing in the future. He’s joining a big family here but he does have Volks relatives among the hoard.
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    19. Can anyone give me some info on the Yo-Midi Boy Ryo Asuka? Most of the Volks yo-sds look to childish for my tastes, but the Ryo Asuka really caught my eye because his sculpt looks more like a mature character just in chibi form. Then the fact he is angel themed, the sculpt just screams to me. From what I have been able to research the head can fit their msd/midi bodies so it has a special neck kip for the Yo-sd body. Anyone got any input on how that aesthetically looks? Also, what is the Yo-sd body like as far as posing? It's single jointed right? Finally, from what I can tell the Ryo Asuka originally was released in 2013, so I take it the ones currently listed on the Japanese site are a re-release?