Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. I am so excited!!! I scored a Tsukasa, and he is on his way home from Japan...I am so in love with his sweet little face!!!
    2. :dance: Congratulations! Pics as soon as he's here! I can't wait to see him.

      I am dying for a chance to get these guys, but Volks hasn't yet announced the plans for the After Event -- I'm still hoping that they'll offer these Yos to the USA, so that I don't have to go chase them down on YJ. But I sure hope they announce it soon, because the YJ prices are already going up. ;;
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    3. I just saw thse little guys!! They are so adorable and I love the photo of them with Isao and Jun. Hopefully they will be offered to the USA, too.
    4. YESSSS!!! Thanks for the links guys! Gonna give it shot too ^^ I've never won the lottery before, so I'm not too hopeful.. Worse comes to worse, I'll try YJ or marketplace here, but praying I get to win Tsuka-pyon!!
    5. Congrats! I also second photos when he arrives :D
    6. Thank you JennyNemesis for the link. I have to admit I want both, too.
    7. My Tsukasa arrived this afternoon and he is gorgeous! My Jun Tachibana immediately claimed him as her very best friend...now what is that girl up to? They do look adorable together!

      [​IMG]Tsukasa and Jun Tachibana full by Rosanne, on Flickr
    8. *squeeee!* Chibi Tsuka-pon is entirely too cute! Lookit the little miniature silver-trimmed sneakers and those big serious green eyes. :chibi: And I love that their hair is so spot-on like their big versions' hair.
    9. He really is adorable-and the whole outfit is so well done...he even came with socks! I always love getting the full package! Here he is up close...[​IMG]Tsukasa andJun Tachibana close up. by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    10. Congrats sweetiemom. You really did score .... and I love the photo of both Jun and Tsukasa.
    11. WOW! Congradulations everyone!! And good luck to those who are still waiting for the lottery to be called ^^

      Just wanted to share a photo of my Eliza, volks Lillie, I was just playing around with the wig box and decided to plop on the brown wig and a bam! I thought it looked so cute on her and thought of a story lol. Eliza has been watching a lot of Jem and the holograms and has become obsessed with it so she wanted to dye her hair pink to look like Jem. The problem is, she's too young and her school would never allow that shocking color so instead she wears a wig the moment she is out of school lol.

      [​IMG]A little info on Eliza! by until_fullmoon, on Flickr

      I think I want to get her new eyes but I have to go hunting again to see what size eyes she holds again XD
    12. Ballet: Eliza is truly outrageous!!:fangirl:

      Here is a photo of my Lillie, "Imogen," in a memorial to our deer-ly departed Iris bed: This year they were eaten by the deer before they had the chance to bloom…

      Think Purple ~3 by Mandasmac, on Flickr

      My Lillie is wearing 12mm EyeCo silicone eyes in "Frisco," BTW :wink
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    13. I for one would LOVE to see a Lillie painted up with the Jem space-debutante makeup job...! And the magic earrings & pink hair, of course. Showtime, Synergy!

      (I was too old for Jem's target demographic back in the day, but I babysat for an awful lot of Jem wannabes, so I sometimes STILL get those damn songs stuck in my head to this day...)
    14. Congrats!!! So cute together!!! The results for the US lottery should be posted some time today... Cross your fingers! Hoping we can bring more tiny Tsuka-pyon and Shiro-chan into our midst~
    15. Anybody have receive the lottery result?
      None of my friends have got reply from Volks....
      Also, I didn't see anyone said they have receive the mail. I am wondering whether Volks have start sending the mail or not....
    16. Everybody's still waiting! Volks has been having a rough time with notifications lately, so I won't hold my breath for like another week.
    17. @callasdoll
      Thank you for the DP33 thread ^ ^
      Sometimes I think DOA is just so big that I forget to visit some parts XD

      Hope Volks will start send email soon. It is a hard time to wait.