Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. [​IMG]7C0F34A7-389E-4E4D-8B0E-64D865B497F2_1_201_a by Elena Utemova, on Flickr
      That's my boy Dumpling cosplaying famous person from the Chinese drama series. This doll is 15 years old, the oldest in my collection, and I still love him. As you can see he is YELLOW, but it doesn't bother me at all. And I'm lucky person, I don't want to buy more of them, looking at others' dolls is enough)).
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    2. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone is trying for Lulu or Rick. I’m thinking about Lulu but I haven’t decided yet.
    3. I think in all the promotional photos that Volks released of Rick and Lulu, there's something off about their faces and heads. To me they look like tiny bobble headed aliens....lol. More the Lulu than Rick. The Rick looks closer to the traditional Volks doll look. My theory is Volks knows they look weird which is why they turned the yo's heads to the side or 3/4's in the pictures.

      But this is coming from someone who has a yo-sd Kira, Megu, and Una......my bias might be showing a bit.
    4. To me, she looks much more childlike than many of the others but not bobble-headed. I think what you may be seeing is the squarish face shape, which makes the head look wider than it likely is (Nono has the same wide jawline). Usually they have more of an oval face shape. Lulu's promo pic on the Kyoto 17 page actually has her facing straight ahead.

      Yurikun, I put in for Lulu. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :D

      Edit: I just submitted payment for Lulu, yay!
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    5. Has anyone won a yo-sd Lulu from the VolksUSA lottery yet? That's who I entered for and am anxiously awaiting results one way or the other *fingers crossed*
    6. Two of my friends got winning emails for Lulu and another is getting Rick.
    7. I did! I already sent payment, I'm so excited :D