Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. Yes, thank you for the link! Looks like everyone's still waiting, regardless the model, so I think Volks is just backed up on all the orders. I've participated in lotteries in the past (quite a few of them too) and I've never won anything. So I'm not holding my breath on my luck :( One can hope though...
    2. I finally did check and both of my "orders" say Lottery. Does anyone know what is going on?

      Added: I officially give up....lol. I can't stand the wait, soooo, I went on eBay and got a Tsukasa from my old friend. Gosh, I want to have at least one of these little guys. (Now, I'll probably win the lottery. If I do, I hope it's for Shiro.......or both.)
    3. I think the lottery is done and over and nobody won! ;; Not many dolls. Now I'm trying to decide whether or not to donate that kidney to YJ...

      Hey, can anybody translate the story-text on Yo-Shiro & Tsukasa's page? Or, does anybody know where there is a translation?


      VolksUSA site doesn't have a damn thing about DP33. I always look so forward to reading the little story-blurbs they write for the Tokyo Boys dolls.
    4. I keep coming back here hoping to find that some one won a doll.

      There really is precious little about any of this, and I looked on YJ through Noppin and I see only one YO SD from Dolpa 33. There seems to be several of Ami, though. (Maybe I lost the touch of finding stuff on YJ....who knows.)
    5. There were lots of YOs on Y!J same day as Dolpa and the day after (that's usually how it goes). Ami started popping up for the second wave just two days ago.

      So no, I believe your search is about right :)
    6. I'd like to ask for "yo" expert help please :) I recently acquired these two little darlings, and while I'm pretty sure who the sculpt on the left is (White Rabbit?) I'm really not sure about the little gal on the right- thinking she may be Papi or Little Lorina? If it helps, they have the numbers 65 and 67 respectively inside their head/headcaps:

      Thank you for any help you may be able to give!
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    7. I'm 99% sure the little one on the right is Lorina. ;)
    8. Yep, that's White Rabbit and Lorina :)
    9. Thanks so much guls and Motiko for your help, I really appreciate it^^ Now to give them face ups, I wish the rain would stop lol
    10. Here are my Lorina Laurie and White Rabbit William together.

      [​IMG]Lorina meets the White Rabbit by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    11. sweetiemom your Laurie and William are too cute, thank you for posting their picture :) Yep, I'm sure now my two are the same sculpts *happy dance*
    12. my little Alice also has the '67' inside her headcap. huh. I guess I hadn't realized that Alice & Lorina are the same sculpt.
    13. elf-ears: Yup, they are! I remember: I attended the last NY Dollpa several years ago, which was the official USA debut of the "twins." There was a lot of friendly debate at the tables as to weather or not they were slightly different or not. There are subtle differences in the face-ups, which made it sooo difficult to decide. If I'm remembering correctly: Alice was released with SnowSkin, and Lorina has FreshSkin (Normal).

      Incidentally, this isn't the first time Volks has released Dollpa characters who are the same sculpt with different make-up & skin-tone: Many years ago Volks released some spooky Goth themed dolls. All were "twins" in different skin tones.

      Now that Volks is offering Yo-sizes in their FCS (Full Choice System), we should be seeing Tinies in the newer "Sunlight" skin-tone. That would make a great comparison shot, Hint-Hint!!
    14. [MENTION=24775]GoodbyeKitty173[/MENTION] Where was this posted? I've begged Volks to add the Yos to the FCS lineup. That would be so amazing (and terrible for my wallet).

      Here are the resident Yos at my house:


      Koko, Vali, Ren, and Ducky.
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    15. Thirding? the request for the source of this information
    16. My little girl with new face-up ^^
    17. Hi!

      just dropping by to say hello and to ask something about YoSDs. Recently, I went for a holiday trip in Japan. I bought a yoSD Kuuta Ver2 in Mandarake Grand Chaos for a decent price. Of course before buying it I checked the doll thoroughly; the condition is good, no damage, it got a legit head plate and doll has minimal yellowing despite of it being 7 yrs old and exposed to direct artificial light. I checked the Volks stamps inside the head and body to make sure that I'm getting an original doll.

      However, when I finally brought it home, I showed it to my friend, who owns a lot of Volks, she noticed that the body is a yo tenshi body. I'm guessing that the body came from YoTenshi Mamu (1st ver) or Yo Tenshi Yayoi based from the time period where Kuuta ver2 was released [Dolpa 18 (23rd December, 2007] and the body has even yellowing compared with the head. I own mostly SD korean dolls and I only got 1 Volks SD17 in my crew, it is also my first time to owning a yosd volks and my 2nd time buying a 2nd hand doll in my 8 yrs of collecting BJDs. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to YoSD Volks.

      The question is if you're in my situation, will it bother you? aesthetics? value? etc?

      please do share your thoughts. Thank you
    18. If anything, a tenshi body would raise the potential value of the doll. It definitely won't damage the price.
    19. CathyM your yo's are an adorable bunch, posing so well for the camera^^. May I ask which sculpt your smiling Ducky is?
      xibita your little girl looks very friendly with her new face up, beautifully done eyebrows!
      Bluesand congrats on your Kuuta- if you are sure of his/her legitimacy and don't intend to sell the doll on, it really doesn't make any difference? But if you may sell in the future I guess you would need to disclose what you have above to any potential buyers as they will then decide on the doll's value based partly on its provenance. Someone with more yo experience may be of more help :)

      Edit: like eleniel above!